Earth Allies: Make one step back to BE the Jump forward

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Many Lightworker complain about how hard it is to live on Earth, saying they can't wait to go home though all know they came here choosing to come and have this experience. Some say that this world of polarization is not worth a try, boring, frustrating, full of hate and "low vibrations". 


I'm not going to focus on the Home being already Inside this time though. I'd rather focus on another aspect I guess not so many payed attention to. The astonishing experience of having a human body. Living in a solid world where things do not materialize in an instant and where one can be drawn away by e-motions... Has anyone ever seen a Wonder in all this? 
An eternal Soul, a Sparkle of God, have the experience of... not being God! That what Is Pure and Unconditional Love, able to experience the opposite of Love, and for some the experience was so strong they had no clue that Love even existed! 
Instead of simply sharing our Feelings we need to get to Know ourselves and dig into it to start even trusting there's something more than flesh. We had to develop a system that allowed us to share information that was not telepathy... and our immortal soul was suddenly in a solid body that had to interact with its surrounding in a physical manner. 
Joy could become sorrow, and pain, Love could become hate, and rage. Instead of Being One we divided into many seemingly separated minds that separated countries of One Being Planet. And what is even more astonishing... HUmanity believed it to be true! 
And then...
And then it believed in it so much it could not get out of the dream...
And more Beings had to come to get them out, and got caught, and those that did not get stuck into it were used against the Truth by those even more attached to the polarised experience. So much that even those that Know, deep inside, who they are, still doubt it because of of the external stimuli. And though it is said and quite largely accepted that we're all Souls into a HUman vessel... few really grasp it's meaning. 
And even Now, with the amazing Energy increase that is literally showering the Planet and all Beings on It, instead of letting it go with the Flow and enjoy the time left, some keep their focus on the duality perception, trying to battle against it instead of simply letting it go. You're a High Energy into a lower energy body that is an experience vessel. It's like a car. You would never identify with your car would you? Though sometimes it allows you to reach places you'd not reach on foot, allowing you to enjoy new places and experiences. Your body is your Soul temple. It's the mean by which a Lightworker interacts with this vibrational standpoint and brings Heaven on Earth. It's the Bridge between Reality and the dream. Here is where you're useful, Here is where you wanted to come and bring God's Love to all to help them wake up. Here is where you need to ground yourself to bring that Love into manifestation. Here and Now use your Vessel for the Highest Good of All, as this IS YOUR HIGHEST GOOD. 
As long as you see God as something separated from you you'll not understand that God's will IS YOUR WILL. You'll perceive it as someone else's will. Though it's not. It IS YOUR WILL. How could it be different if you're One with God(Love)? It's like saying that your finger's best will can be different from yours. It serves the whole and is at its best when it's in Perfect Harmony with it all. 
So make one step back and start seeing the wonder of being in a body right Now, thank your body for the opportunity of letting you Serve Your/God's Higher Purpose. Stop seeking Home out there somewhere... Simply Be. FEEL Your Soul Inside and Feel your body housing it with Service and Love. Come back to the Ground so that you can lift the Planet into it's Real state of Being. And by doing it... EnJoy it. All these emotional whirlpools are heading to an end, and once we'll be over it the whole of Creation will be in a row wanting to hear what it's been like. A spinning experience of Wonders. 
Fasten your seat belt, we're ready to Land.
Love, Andrea 



That was beautiful and so

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That was beautiful and so much of how I've been feeling lately. It's not an easy task to ground these higher energies into the lower dimensional experience of every day life. It's what we came to do though and it's the only way to bridge these worlds together.

It's also very exciting when

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It's also very exciting when it becomes easier to do even in the harsher situations because you see just how powerful of an impact you can have just by being who you know we all are anyway. Pieces of god that have forgotten that truth.


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Thanks Andrea I needed that snap back to reality..... Randy

How can that be?

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 We have been asked to follow the voice of our heart to know the turth. How is it possible when our own heart is filled with neagtivity and confusion and conflicting experiences?

It can't be your Heart Love,

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It can't be your Heart Love, it's the mind program that covers it and overrides it. And therefore the emotions that come out from the heart feel heavy. When so many experiences block it's expression it seems difficut to Feel it.

You can ask your Heart. Ask your Heart what it's Real Feelings are and each time a fear tries to get in between breath that fear out and Light in. When you feel Joy, it means that comes from your Heart. 

Sometimes we have been used to shut up the Heart for so long that we have to learn to trus it. If it feels Joy for something that surprises you don't push it away if it's not part of the program, it never is. Explore it, softly if it's something new to you, follow your rithm and never forget you're doing your Self a Great Service by allowing it to gloom right through the layer of pain. The more you do it, the more your pain will dissolve and let space for Truth.

Love YOU

As You Know, or Not

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We/You who are truly awakened,  God I Am giving... will be the Ascended Masters acting as,, or after 2013 rolls in.  The Earth just ascends in note-able frequency. The dark, (your) family; will still be here to be given a time to turn to the Light. This is my Love. I have chosen this; with big help. One of your truest fears show up when you put on your grocery list and buy my precious wee ones' , animal flesh and put them in your stomach. It is the truest fear because whole continents of people—even you my precious "awakened ones" believe they/you "need" to eat my little ones for your satisfaction. This is one of the lies that you so love to chat about, but do not. (( As is written here, "...we need to get to Know ourselves and dig into it..."  You shall have more time after your December 22, to work many things out.  ...................................... ' I AM,' The Truth.        Bless You    

May I ask you where in this

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May I ask you where in this message it was spoken about your "precious wee ones'? 


It ((the where in this

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It ((the where in this mesg.)) came from You Master. We all know of your great Love for the "little" four-legged ones, and your admiration and great Love for the winged ones. This mention of the ongoing act of raising our precious wee ones; birds and fish and others just for slaughter is something that humanity must be given a few years in the new Frequency to come to terms with. Though to answer Here is where You typed it; 

   "As long as you see God as something separated from you you'll not understand that God's will IS YOUR WILL."     This act of mistreating the little ones is just one of a few things that must be Loved Free into my next expression. We all know of your great integrity of Being ANdReA