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Children of the Sun Humanitarian Foundation ~ March 27, 2011



Children of the Sun Mission and Protocol  


  • Externalization of the Masters of Light 

  • Forcefield of Radiation   

  • Return of the Electrons

  • Our "Forcefield Symbol"        
  • Our Role as a Calm Conductor      
  • The Maltese Cross and Group Forcefield Activation 
    with planetary service to assist Japan  

    New Moon Sunday, April 3...  see end of mail   

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Beloved Family,


The March, 2011 Equinox was a pivotal passage into a new unity of dimension. As a Group Body, we have been immediately re-positioned for streamlined action due to the acceleration of Earth Changes and the unique challenges that we face to advance the human race.


Everyone's heart energy, purity of intention, calls for action and constant New Earth visioning is absolutely paramount to help shift the building and unleashing discordant energy.  All potentials, which are clearly not in alignment to the Divine Plan, can be re-molded, reduced or completely dissolved by the time they materialize. This we know to be true.


Children of the Sun Foundation outlines some protocol for addressing Earth Changes as this is in alignment to our foundational purpose and mission, as guided by our  lead sponsor, Saint Germain, and the great Host of Ascended Masters.


If you are in resonance to the following direction, please distribute this missive to all associated networks, geo-groups and team members who are involved in this focus of humanitarian service with Children of the Sun.


In the fullness of my love and
appreciation for your mission
of service with us,



Tiara Kumara, Founder 

Children of the Sun Foundation



We Serve as an Externalization

of the Masters of Light     



 One Family in Service to Raise the Life



We must powerfully know ourselves as an influential "Forcefield" used by the Masters of Light as one of their mighty channels through which the Divine Radiation pours through to give assistance to the Earth.


From each side of the veil we now stand, side by side, co-creating as One from an instantaneously manifesting field of pure God energy. All comes together in this long awaited cosmic outbreath. We have full support from Gaia and the powers of the elements, the Holy Spirit and the legions of Masters, Elohim, Angels, Cosmic Beings and Star Nations in which to help raise the Earth and all choosing Humanity.


Our grounded role is to move together as a powerful celestial influence through physical time and space while simultaneously moving forward the consciousness of our planet. Serving as the divinely attuned "conductors", our task is to invoke the quantum energies in the form of Divine Intervention and the transforming Sacred Fire. This Divine Intelligence then knows exactly how to act when called into discordant energy and chaotic situations.


We are a Forcefield of Radiation


The "spirit" of Children of the Sun has evolved into a living breathing entity, a Forcefield, which serves as a tangible point of transmission focusing in great synergism with the Holy Spirt and evolved Light Intelligences. This Forcefield is now firmly bridged with the higher octaves and ensouled by the angelic and elemental devas giving us great strength and radiating influence upon Earth dimension.


As we advance into our fully gathered momentum in cooperation with the powers of nature, we are both a Liberator and Comforter in times of crisis.  Through our calls, we can literally stop storms, prevent earthquakes and bring greater ease to unfolding events. In so doing, we first qualify every request to be in alignment to God's Will and the highest good of all to insure that no mistake is ever made.


The Group Forcefield is one of our most powerful tools to assist chaotic upheaval upon the Earth. It is up to each and every one of us to feed, nurture and empower our expanding service and sphere of global influence.


The Return of the Electrons


It is by Divine Decree and the unmerited Grace of Dispensation that  just over 50% of all mis-qualified energy/electrons in the entire history of Planet Earth are to be redeemed and returned back to the Great Central Sun to be re-qualified.


This redemption process happens in order for the Earth to shake off her needed level of density and to ascend with the Solar System. This process of redemption includes the liberation of trapped and forced elemental life.


THIS is one of the main reasons for Earth Changes, so that the electronic patterns of perfection may once again be restored and Divine Love returns as authority.





Children of the Sun "Forcefield Symbol"

maltese cross 500   

The Maltese Cross, living light electronic pattern of Saint Germain



Imagination's Window 



 With a mission to assist with the stabilization of Earth changes, the Foundation, at its core purpose, focuses on this redemptive activity. We have been passionately guided to use the talismanic symbol of the Age of Freedom, the Maltese Cross, in which to give added strength and power of radiation to the transmutation of all discordant energy streams.


The Maltese Cross is the living light substance and electronic pattern of Saint Germain, the emblem of LIBERATION. This means that all of the electrons which make up our beloved Saint Germain's energy field are countless myriad replicas of this symbol. All of the God energy that Saint Germain draws forth immediately takes on this pattern.


This symbol represents the perfect balance of the eternal God Flame, "as above, so below",  providing an energy container whereby the ill effects from Mother Earth's releases can quickly be brought under control and the power of Divine Love released in its place. The Maltese Cross is a symbol of God Power through which the Violet Transmuting Flame and its fiery rays of Love, Mercy and Forgiveness is represented.


We are encouraged to use and energetically stamp this symbol everywhere as we intimately maneuver into the energy behind Earth Changes... to transmute the record, core, cause and effect of planetary discord. This electronic pattern, as a live tangible symbol, will give us unlimited alchemical support and the magnetization of the Sacred Flames to empower our every intention. 


Through projected consciousness, we may travel in this symbol to command our invocations and decrees right into the activities which need the assistance.








Our Role as a Conductor 

Conscious and Calm

zen monk 


Emotional and mental preparation is now needed to appropriately deal with bombarding chaotic energies, back-to-back Earth changes and many people in our lives who are in great states of pain, fear and distress. We must have the capacity to hold our peace, inner stillness and tolerance so that we can remain in highest service as a conduit for the incoming streams of supporting energy.


The total momentum of Divine Intervention is accessible and available at the moment of any planetary crisis. The Cosmic Beings use the bodies of harmonious Light Servers to funnel constructively qualified energy into these situations. If we are not able to hold a calm, centered focus, we are temporarily cut off as a channel as this would only amplify our own distress.


The importance of holding ourselves in a state of sustained harmony and peace at all times, cannot be emphasized enough, for the sake of our Group Body! Being calm and stable together is our sustaining power to create a wider and wider conduit of transforming light. This is especially relevant in considering the large numbers of people that will need our energy transference and conduction of instantaneous healing.


There is no limit to what can be released by the Great Ones, through us, to benefit the Earth.







japan culture 

The Planetary Crystalline Grid

Also referred to as the Unity Grid and the Grid of Christ Consciousness    



Children of the Sun Foundation places great attention upon the bi-monthly Planetary Grid Transmissions in order to concentrate our power of energy transference for the greatest efficiency and effectiveness, in accordance to the Divine Plan.


Following are some important reminders as to why we continue in our 4th year of this most influential planetary transmission program.


  • The Crystalline Grid has been created to develop Humanity's potential by linking the higher consciousness center to the energy of the Christos, or, Unity Consciousness. Our creative focus is to build and strengthen this new consciousness matrix for the next evolving race on Earth, the I AM Race.
  • Our unification on the Crystalline Grid connects the higher consciousness of humans all over the world. It allows us to continuously receive and exchange information in telepathic union which is essential during Earth Change and in the real likelihood that machine communications break down.
  • The purpose of the multi-layered grid system is to coordinate the energy resonance between levels.  The Grid is the key to antigravity and our transcendence into expanded dimension, in order to be free from this time/space continuum of duality density.
  • As each of us enlists our services with the Great Ones including the assisting Star Nations, we reinforce the planetary network of light while strengthening the creation of the inter-galactic bridge. We are developing ability to connect to and through this Crystalline Grid Matrix to its faster vibrating aspects in which to bridge our consciousness to the Solar System, Galaxy, Universe and even beyond. This is what helps to open new Earth portals.
  • The Crystalline Grid vibrates on wavelengths that use the Universal Language of Light for our evolution. Continuous conscious connection to the Crystalline Grid aligns our energetic bodies into these higher frequencies, thus allowing a channel to be opened, and the Language of Light coding to be activated and downloaded in and through us to Earth dimension.









The Planetary Grid Transmissions

Sunday, April 3, 2011 


  mt fugi 

Sacred Mt. Fugi in Japan... Stargate to the Cosmos





with Planetary Service to assist Japan


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This is the "Maltese Cross - Group Forcefield Activation" for Planetary Light Servers taking place within the New Earth Crystalline Matrix during the Planetary Grid Transmissions.

In this beautiful journey, we are receiving special gifts from the Holy Spirit and our beloved Saint Germain as our Group Body is initiated into greater action.  


We are invited to the retreat of the Lord Maha Chohan whose consciousness ensouls the Holy Spirit of God while overseeing the activities of the Elements and all manifestations in nature. As a voice for the Ascended Masters, the Maha Chohan is visiting all Light Servers upon the Earth at this time to bring great comfort and assurance to some of our concerns.

We will experience a merging with the living electronic pattern and consciousness of Saint Germain, the great Ascended Master Avatar leading us into the Golden Age. He will consecrate our Group Forcefield  as a Mighty Liberator to life with unlimited alchemical support and the magnetization of the Sacred Fire.  


We will then enter into creative planetary service to bring great comfort and healing grace to the entire nation of Japan. 



We are so grateful and blessed.

 We are so grateful and blessed. 

We are so grateful and blessed.