ECETI's James Gilliland on Aliens and Predictions for 2014

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Josh sits down with the ECETI (Enlightened Contact with ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence) Ranch's resident UFO guru James Gilliland to discuss his beliefs and predictions for major Earth changes in 2014


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Thanks  Josh n  James


Well said ,,I mirror the truth of when we are happy and able to like ourselves,,light   ships  abound,,orbs  ,,rainbows ,,fairies,,,birds,animals  all ,,,  speaking to us ,,, all things majikal ,,,become visable,,,,,and we are able  demonstrate   joy , ease  ,grace while observing  any sort of Seemingly disparity . If your able to observe a disparity from the place of I like Me ,  Joy  and Ease  you  change what you observe. You are able to change and uplift any situation.

Your power of Observing from Neutrality,,whilst in a state of I like Me,,,is  the  key.

You are more powerful than a thousand suns as the Soul anchors in the personality.

One must be in the now,,forgive,,no worry ,,,be  here  now   in   I like Me,,,validate yourself  often!

Enjoy  ,,,Have  fun,,,say ello  to the birds,, bugs ,,,people,,,,the seemingly dark ones playing in the shadow ,,deserve the smile and Hello  from neutrality ,,without them showing us contrast it would have taken even longer to realize that the soul and Love is what we truely are.


I am a being of violet fire

I am the purity God desires

I Am

I Am

I Am


saying in a singsong fashion

tube of white light above below all around

with a violet spinning top moving throught the tube of light

now create a box around your house four pillars of light  call arch angel Micheal  Gabreal,Urieal,,St Germain  ect ,  ect .

see the spinning violet top moving through the space within the four pillars  connect your four pillars with your neighbors your state your country   the pillars go above the planet interconnecting to a grid of blue n white light connecting us all see the spinning top clearing all shadows.

Its a done deal

We did  It.


Be in well being!





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The following you said year before last. You have just mentioned that you can't see why we don't all come together work all this out as joined beings in so many words. In part you answer to what you said is in your words given to us long ago. The polls of our Sun shifted, but a year from your prediction and I'm sure the we the people will get the blame for that one?
James Gilliland says unless we change our consciousness quickly, we will have poll-shift effecting electonics, cars too, then next week, effecting our consciousness leaving the bad ones in complete memory lose and offed from planet.
Fri, December 28, 2012
I don't think that we shifted anything inside of several days back then so I don't thing we get the blame for you missed forecast. I am not intended criticism on you for this error of little concern, but you know good and well the vastness of the disinfo to us by all the alleged channels and others and this is why we conflict amongst ourselves. Who is truthing us and who is not? Who is authentic? Who is the real ETs? And most important, who is under cabal influence?
The FEMA CAMPS are now ready for us and the cabal so it seems has made the sheep ready for them. What the cabals did not know I'm sure is that they may not need them due to Fukushima, even though they were cause of the radiation that has contaminated "a third of the seas" sounds Biblical, yes? And now we have one more out of 4 remaining time bombs that has gone off and the other 4 will follow, this is certainty.
We do in fact need to come together, yes in-spite of any and all indifference's and we need to do that NOW, this January of 2014, this month, this week, this day. And we, every acclaimed Lightworker, wayshower etc and from the Almighty God Presence of our Beings call forth the Ascended Ones to intervene on demand as promised over the years,,,NOW!!!
This message is more for the whole of the people than any one Being, do you hear me now?
Thank you James for your support~

David Porter

Author of the series