Eclipse ~ What Happens in Our Bodies

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The following is an excerpt taken from my third book "Mystery of the Universes, Book Three," from the writing Eclipse.  A friend suggested I add this to the blogs since we have an upcoming solar eclipse this Sunday, November 3. Slow down and allow the energies to penetrate your being.

You may have noted that when you see an eclipse, strange things happen
on your earth. The effect of the sun and your moon, their magnetic
forces cause a change in the magnetics of your earth. Because of
the break down of earth’s magnetosphere, these occurrences are now
causing more upheavals in humans and the animal kingdoms. In fact,
your plant kingdom is also affected. Each of you is built on an electromagnetic
system of relays. By relays, we mean your bodies are attuned
and made up of waves coming into balance, crossing one another
bringing the waves in what you see as your physicality. And when there
is a disruption in your fields, you find an imbalance in your physical,
emotional, and mental bodies. Each one of you are in the process of
changing your fields, thus all of your bodies - physical, emotional, and
mental. When you experience an eclipse, there is more displacement
of waves. Thus these changes are felt on such a deep level, it is difficult
for many humans to feel any type of balance. During the next few
years, during these events, please rest your bodies and allow them to go
through their processes. When you fight these changes, then you will
have more discomfort. Since so many changes are happening, we recommend
you release all notions of holding on to the former way of life,
the old paradigm. Allow the transmissions, the heightened energies to
enter into your being. You will find peace. Slow down both your body
and your mind. Upon doing so, the magnetic shifts will enhance your
being, the waves coming into a greater balance. This process, during
each eclipse, lasts only for a few hours. We suggest quietness, solitude,
and meditation. If you feel you want to come together with others for
a group meditation, then do so.

Eclipses do scatter your individual waves/wavelength. As we
explained above, the body’s electromagnetic system becomes off-balanced
during the time of an eclipse. However, this allows for your neurons,
those passageways, to more fully turn on with expanded light.
Use these events as time to engage your Higher Self. Again, quietness
and meditation will assist you with this connection (to your Higher
Self ) with wonderful occurrences coming into view. Your lights are
shining even brighter as you engage in the receipt of more light, more
knowledge, and more wisdom into your physicality. You will find more
activation within your DNA strands, enabling your higher chakras to
be activated and utilized.



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