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Once again, I have had to re-learn what I already know.  I have and yet another friend who is ill with diabetes and who goes to dialysis every few days.  He has lower leg problems, receives government assistance and is generally apathetic about many things in life.  In an effort to help him heal from his many illnesses, I've talked to him till I'm blue in the face about consciousness and it's relationship to self healing.  

I've read and shared articles about diabetes from www.dherbs.coms  (Djhuty's site), given him Loiuse Hay's "How to Heal Your Life Book",  shared personal experiences of self healing and other's self healing experiences, and still he refuses to seriously consider the information I've shared. He refuses, in my opinion, to WAKE UP.  Here again, I've felt rejected for attempting to help another person who seems in dire need of a new awareness, awareness that could save their life.

 Initially, I became upset and wondered how could a person not see as I see.  How could they be so stupid as to allow such nonsense when they've been given the tools to transcend. I had thought that the universe had brought this person into my world, the apartment underneath mine, and It was somehow my purpose to bring this new information and awareness to him.  

So I lovingly shared all that I knew in hope of helping my new friend heal his dis-ease.  And again I was rejected.  He returned the book to me the next morning.  This time though, with my new awareness I had to LET GO of the need have another person see the world as I do.

 I LET GO of the EGO ATTACHMENT to have a person see as I see.  I realized that just as people speak different languages, have different values, different education, cultures and preferences are not the making of anyone, and they certainly not the making of me.  I had to let go of my EGO and my opinions.  

My real purpose for being on the planet beyond being a healer is TO LOVE and to care for ALL without picking and choosing those I deem worthy or who might be capable of seeing things as I do.  Though it would be difficult for me to watch his health deteriorate, I can, should, and will be there to care for and comfort him should the need arise, to be as GOD IS, LOVE, the healer.  As it were, the universe brought him into my world to teach me, instead of the other way around.  Ain't life grand!  LOL



the thing i have learnt from

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the thing i have learnt from letting myself be a vicitm in the past is that you can only belive in your love you cant make another love so all you can do for those unwilling to learn is shine out your lovev light towards them an eventually they will get it on there own its called Unconditional love an i have that for all of humanity so feel free to borrow some from me if you forget about the power bof your own....much love Patricia-Ann xoxoxoxox




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This has been a great challenge for me in my life as well, but I realized we are not here to change or do for others we are here to be a light and pray for all creation. LOVE transcends all things and I have learnt that understanding is the key to getting there. This is something I wrote thinking about this :

"God sometimes puts us back where we started,so we can get a clearer picture on where we are heading"Many blessings, Marie


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Hello Brother!

Loved Your message and can relate. I've spoken with many and received the same message.

There is an adage which speaks to those who "have ears" to "hear".  Not everyone can hear words of the spirit.  Only those who seek and most of the time you don't know who they are.  Nowadays thou, it is getting easier to hear your brothers voice, as I heard yours when I read it. 

For those were words, but You turned them into spirit.  I think the times we live in now will give rapid acceleration to hearing loss.. lol

Love and Peace,