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~GALACTIC LOVE REPORTER Alessandra Roversi Monaco~








Know within your heart, each of you are being guided to reach new and higher potentials.

Each of you are in the midst of clearing away old energies, old thoughts and beliefs that no

longer serve you, no longer conducive to your awakening and personal growth.

There are times where you literally feel, one foot in old energies and one foot in the new energies.

Release your fear, step out of your comfort zones and allow the newest energies, the

newest vibrations to resonate and acclimate deep within every atom and cell of your being.

You are being given new tools, new ideas and new ways of discovering your divinity and divine


Learn to quiet the mind, the mental intelligence and allow your heart to open and the heart intelligence

to re-establish it’s original domain of divine perfection. It is through activating and utilizing the heart

intelligence that shall guide you through the changing times. Old energies, old resolutions shall not be effective within the new frequencies.

All life and all creation as you know it, is in the process of being transformed and new divine templates and potentials being activated. There is not any aspect of creation within your local universe that is not being affected by these changes and activations.

As your Sun transforms, so does your Earth and every heavenly body within your local universe. Every

plant, animal and mineral will be affected ~ there is no escape. These changes are unfolding and moving

through the cosmic cycles of change evolving towards your next level of spiritual evolution and awareness

There will be the challenges of change upon many levels beginning within each individual., then communities, nations, global establishments, the rebalancing of Mother Earth. You will see many profound events, changes and even devastations …. It is the cycle of birth, death and rebirth. The time has come where many cosmic cycles are converging, some cycles understood by humanity and others have not been realized. Humanity will survive and the planet will not only survive but flourish with new life beyond your current comprehension. For you do not have the memory or the conscious reference points to see the beauty of the divine plan.

Old systems must come down, these are currently being dismantled as conscious awareness awakens and expands. More and more people are seeing beyond the illusions created by a few. Most are feeling change deep within themselves and world around them. These changes are not to be feared. As one remembers their divinity, as ones consciousness out grows the old paradigm and embraces the new energies, new ways , new inspirations and new means shall move through humanity’s consciousness. You are seeing this now within your world. This ripple will affect every soul upon the planet. Move forward through your heart intelligence, through the highest vibrations of love, truth and compassion not only for self, but for all of humanity, all life upon the planet and within creation. Your heart and your soul combined through love creates magic, unlimited possibilities and potentials. Understand the power within, understand your authority as a divine being moving through creation as an instrument of divine expression, truth and manifestation.

Humanity sits at a pivotal point within creation, with all the converging cycles, planetary, universal, cosmic and divine: the web of life and all creation moves through this point we are entering. How we choose to move forward, consciously or unconsciously shall have a profound effect upon the universe and all creation through all directions of time and space. This is the value and how important every heart and soul is upon the planet is, at this time.

There is no accident that you are here upon Mother Earth at this time. You have all that you need within you, all the gifts, talents, insights, knowledge, tools and love to truly give to humanity everything it needs to transform.