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by April Bender via integrated Overself

I wish to speak with you today, regarding the increasing sense of darkness currently pervading your world. Many light-workers and way-showers, especially those who are empaths, are struggling to remain centered during this energetically intense time. I understand that by outward appearances the world seems to be falling apart . . .degrading into chaos, violence, hatred, and hopelessness. However, what you are witnessing are merely the symptoms of a larger movement happening deep down below the surface, . . .the rise of the collective unconscious.

These shadows of the collective, seek only to be brought out into the light of awareness for resolution, integration, and healing. As part of the ascension process it is necessary and natural for this to take place. Spiritual initiates know this process well on an individual level as layer by layer they've combed the depths of their rich underworlds in an effort to cleanse, heal, re-pattern and re-integrate lost and/or unconscious aspects of self. I think all can attest that it was not necessarily a pleasant or comfortable experience delving into those depths - as you know death and rebirth processes are scary and messy. However, the collective must also pass through these same thresholds or gates on the way to ascension, and this month of August (with the Lion's Gate and Solar Eclipse), beyond into Fall, will be a very intense time of confronting shadow while passing through the collective underworld.

While on the surface it's easy to see why people, including light-workers and way-showers, are angry and afraid, they must realize that in their anger and fear, they are inadvertently falling back into dualistic/separatist (us and them) thinking, which only serves to strengthen the very illusion (and patterns) that they are trying to break. For you cannot extend Oneness only to those who feel, behave, and think the same way as you. There is a self-righteousness in that. For if the Creator wanted you all to be the same, you would be made entirely the same. Obviously, diversity is the preference.

Oneness = All, and All are One in consciousness. This Oneness by its very nature, implies an intertwining of fate and destiny with all others, with All of Creation. To harm another is to ultimately harm oneself, whether in word or deed. There may be many asleep to this fact, but you dear light-workers are not. Therefore, you MUST BE the example. You must be careful. You cannot allow yourselves to be pulled backwards into the dualistic fray. For you know that no creature is born inherently hateful or violent, let alone entire swaths of people. These are learned conditions (sometimes carried over multiple lifetimes). So one must ask in all sincerity, where did society fail them?

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