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Here's a scenario that actually happened to someone. You move into a new house, clear and sage it well, set new intentions for the home and the energy you want to have in it and then you have a number of 'accidents', that include a flood, curtains falling down and tripping over items. Nothing serious, but annoying and puzzling. You begin to wonder if you have awakened some ghosts and whether you should be living there. It's not ghosts it is an energy boomerang, a backlash of energy that has three sources, moving energy, creating a vacuum and getting confirmation.

When we move energy we create a vacuum that must immediately be filled. If we move energy with the intention to also have confirmation, we will get it right away as our confirmation fills the vacuum. In this client's case, the flood showed the healing she had created, the curtains falling down indicated seeing the world from a different perspective and in tripping she hurt her shoulder. The new house had released a 'load from her shoulders' and she needed to give herself some time to rest and recuperate.

We are still in a gray area when it comes to energy and how we work with it and as we get closer to connecting with our true power we will see that the energy flows exactly as we command it to. Then when we ask for confirmation, because we aren't sure or we want to know we actually accomplished something, the energy moves to give us the confirmation we need. Sometimes the confirmation is disruptive enough to help us notice how much energy we did move. We got our confirmation, now what do we do next?

It is hard to acknowledge that because we said it, 'it is so'. And it will take some time for us to get to that point of knowing. In the past we have asked and then waited in hopeful anticipation for the results to manifest. We are now so much more connected to higher dimensions and energy that we are seeing a quicker cause/effect relationship that yields almost instantaneous results. Do we need to know that we have moved energy? If we ask for confirmation, we will receive it but it may be less disruptive for us to know that our power is there, it is strong and it is working. All we have to do is ask, believe and receive and spend our time continuously manifesting rather than hoping we will get results and needing confirmation that they are happening.

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