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Hello beloveds, we are the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light.  You may have noticed strange energies in the past few days.  It has been building in the past week.   You may have noticed unusual body twitches and movements caused by the building of energy.  This building of energy among many of you is reflecting the building of energy just off the coast of Japan.  Now, you are releasing the energy that has building inside of you on the 11th day and 11th year of March.  Remember, the symbol of 11 11 is a gateway to ascension.  You are shaking off all the dense energy that has been with you for a long time.  Just like the earthquake releasing the density of mother earth Gaia.  We emphasize that the earthquake in Japan isn't meant to bring about fear in many of you. It's vital that you focus on the love that is building inside of you.  Trust the process of allowing the love to build and envelope your whole being.  The best you can do for Japan is pray, send healing and protection to them.  Just know that all is well with them.  You will see that many around the world are going to help that country recuperate from this mega disaster.  It will actually bring the world closer together.  All great things come from a disaster.  There will be more to follow this year.  Just know that the disasters this year are meant to shift you to a higher state of consciousness and bring about positive change throughout your planet.

In the coming days you are going to feel an expansion of consciousness with unusual dreams.  You will start to remember many past life experiences.  There will also be a feeling of constant deja-vu (familiarity) in your everyday experiences.  You will notice people shifting a lot more around you.  The road ahead of you is straight and smooth.  Know it is so.

We are very impressed by the wonderful progress you have made in the past week.  Just know that we are working with you.  We would like for you to view us as not higher, but equal.  It is important to express thanks towards us as well.  We always thank you for teaching us that strength and perseverance can happen in a fear based world like yours.  Gratitude is going to be a way of life for all of you.  You are truly blessed dear ones.  It's an honor to be working with all of you.  The light in us respects the light in you.  Namaste  



MARCH 11, 2011 CHANGES...

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YES YES YES...What a day...night..??? What WAS that, anyway???? Gee...I think I went to bed at 3:30 am on the 11th...and then woke back up at 5:30 am...with much pain in my back...and that is very odd, indeed....TOOK A VERY LONG, VERY HOT SHOWER TO RELIEVE THIS, and was aware that the highest setting USUALLY BURNS...and it did not...took a pain pill and went back to bed...rising again at 12:30~~~ WOW!! STRANGE TIME SHIFTS...though I have been feeling this for some time...varies from week to week....I thought that part of this unusual sleeping might have its' roots in my sending of a Reiki Ray earlier this week...and for the overwatching of two people close to me who were going through some difficult tests...one, an MRI and one a chemical STRESS test at the Heart docs office...ANYWAY...I am all FINE NOW...and felt well enough to go exercise in the salt water pool today...did my 7 laps after my half hour warmup...IT IS ALL GOOD...

By the way...BOTH MY HUSBND AND I ARE HAVING MANY MORE DREAMS LATELY, and remembering them in detail...I am able to LINK what I am dreaming about to SPECIFIC AREAS OF LEARNING...things that I am becomeing aware of, and catching on to with rapid success...it is AMAZING and very beneficial to receive your helpful information about all of the changes we are feeling...Blessings to you as we continue to RISE!!


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I am so glad that the message was beneficial for you.  Thanks to the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of light.  We truly are in a blessed time.  The ascension process is accelorating.  Allow faith and trust to flow through you freely.  Know it is so.

It is such an honor to be working with you and your husband. Blessings of light and love to you and all who are partaking in this shift.  Namaste