ETERNITY IS Just That, Now

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To me, Creation is an amazing thought in possibility and as an experience it's life to the max in simplicity of presence. What is truly present is the all, and the one EYE. Everyone is so concerned with privacy when the whole living universe is conscious of everything, love is the GRACE given by the EYE.

To see the beauty of creation in every way and in everything. Love is just sharing life with what creates creation. I could go stand on a mountain and the all is there too. I am me, simply it's much easier to be simple than live in a world of infighting and ignorance wanting to be in charge. Lol

LOVE got me and LOVE can't let go because LOVE IS Everything so in love I am everything, too.

Logic is love being expressed as PRESENT-Ness. I wonder how long is eternity because that's how long the LIVING MOMENT exists. Well, ETERNITY IS just that, Now. Yep, WE GOT THIS, YOU got This too.
Where else can we be? Lol

Well, the Thought is there delivered with love, grace and present-Ness, Yep enjoy.

Everyone in illusion is truly asleep, unknowing of all they are. Well WAKE the NOW in them, joy is the result, love the experience, lol, they just don't know it yet. I am gonna love watching the transformation with joy and laughter, aren't you? lol

I feel very good about the GFP, we have done our best to stay true to our mission statement as possible in the land of the... Lol, Who's there?

HU + MANITY is mentioned to be the GODS WE ALL ARE, by golly, by jolly, and away WE go.

Santa is sleighing ignorance with a "PRESENT-NESS" A GIFT FROM THE ALL TO THE ALL, as NOW can BE.

Yep, a shift has happened and the now is alive and as present as can be