The Etheric Realms of Creation

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The etheric realms of creation are mendable, these realms that we live in are inseparable to the etheric realms. One creation affects the other, and so on we multiply, devise, subtrac, add to within ours as the effects of the other realms creates a balance point. As this balance point exist it is also mendable. Our conscious point of creation (Awareness) is transcendental in-between realms of creation.

To have achieved a balanced stasis between the two is making one point of possibility between worlds commendable. And in which place communion can take place. This has results of other worldly beings getting in contact with you in some cases. If all entities have connections between their respective selves the separate form creating the difference between two realms are dismissed for a natural flow of cause and case in events. This is because the balance point exists only in-between the two worlds known as the void or veil in some cases. And if it is adjusted accordingly the meeting point between the two realms meet and devise the outer existing components to have a conduit for channels of light (frequencies) to begin existing within the whole (the totality) of experience.

This causes a greater understanding of the flow balancing between meeting points, the void, and conceptualize, internalize in clarity and focus. Some whom are eligible have the natural flow (Force) of balance at a sassy spin off where we can maintain or contain a clearer connection to source point inter-dimensionally from conscious space "X" in evolution "Y" of our times "Z".

The developmental force of creation is acquired trough our beings "X" within the amount of time "Z" trough our evolution "Y". This simply means that our force of creation in frequency is capable, when focus and development within us, reach a connection to source and begin communion between worlds/realms in controversial aspects to our self augmenting evolution. We are capable of evolving our selves to a new space in creation. This happens when we transcend our life experiences beyond the void (Cross over). We can mimic these effects from taking Space "X" and multiplying it in time "Z" to evolve/experience/connect "Y". Every persons effect is utilized in a non linear fashion and gradually intakes the amount of energy preconceived from other life experiences before and after taking in the conclusive choice of experience's to have this effect at the right moment in time.

Well I just had that repeating in my head while I was watching the ISS live feed of Earth the (Etheric realms of creation) and I had no idea what it was for so I decided to wright about it I just knew something was trying to get trough so I got out with this message and maybe there is a reason for it maybe not.

Namaste and Be at one, Goodnight.



A source connection

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Connecting to source is what brings in all your higher aspects in creation, being aligned with it helps in unity consciousness and much more. This source is usually where some when they need, go to after they cross over (Die) for comfort and more, like a welcoming. Source can be experienced in many ways, all of our origins differ from planet's to dimensions, all the way from where we came to be which could be explained as source. We all have this spark within us, and this is usually how we get to the higher self. But there are many other beings that can help also, aligning with your higher self brings you closer to source (The state in which you feel when there) Experienced from a spark that we all have within.