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by Dr. Angela Barnett

You are welcome to check out our new ETHERIC SUBSTANCE MUSIC PAGE and discover a few true JEWELS of Frequency of Etheric Substance within the music, such as the Spiritual Carrier Wave of electromagnetic substance that was known as the magical substance that was found floating on the surface of the bodies of high ascended masters in Egypt.

This etheric spiritual substance forms itself from the pre light substance of plasma in the forms of hydrogelaisic, liquid light and pre radiation gold waves. All of this magical transformational substance is what has always been used to raise the body into such high spiritual waves that the body would become a plasma body and then disappear into light.
There have been many masters living on Earth who have been able to levitate their bodies into the level of light that allows bi-location, and there are many who travel with their etheral body that the Soul becomes at night, called the Astral body.

The reason that people with such high spiritual skills could not fully ascend out of their bodies UNTIL NOW is because Earth has just moved into HARMONIC UNIVERSE TWO. In February 2017 Earth moved into Harmonic Universe Two. Earth is now within a new Etheric Substance realm of reality which allows the particle spin rate of the electromagnetic particles of the body to transform differently than they would in harmonic universe one.

Now that we are in HU2 our spiritual light quota is becoming more and more available each day. As those move through the stages of evolution into ascension there will be stages of light transformance. Many have already had the light within their body change. The atoms of the body became much larger, the glands in the body became larger, and the Seals of the Chakras are large and glowing brightly. The atoms are so large that they glow through the skin, and the particles of the blood have transformed into crystalline structures.

This is the first step of lightness being restored to the body. This step would be called being in twenty percent less density. When the body reaches fifty percent less density, that means it is half spiritual and half physical. This is when GREAT CHANGES will take place such as instant healings where there is not one scar left on the body. The body will become ageless and perfect. This will be accompanied by great manifestations of supply and freedom in life. This stage could occur as early as two or three years from now. When the fifty percent level is reached the individual has the choice of staying on Earth and enjoying living a NORMAL life of perfect abundance and harmony or continuing the light work that will cause the body to complete into one hundred percent spiritual light. That body will re appear on the New Earth called Terra Ha. In this new realm there will be over four million race lines from all over the universe, and there will be freedom to travel on their space ships to any galaxy that you are invited to.

This stage will not happen for another 23 years for most people, but those who dedicate themselves to light work can transform much earlier. And there will be those who do not transform for another one hundred years because they will choose not to.

I recommend beginning with the ETERNAL LIFE WATERS album,and moving on to the ETERNAL LIFE ALBUM as soon as you are ready to commit to turning into light.

The Eternal Life Water is on SALE this month to help jump start the process of transformation within the liquid light level. This liquid light energy is hydrogen oxygen plus three parts helium. The heliotalic energy has been placed within the elemental structure of the body to expand the cells into a form that will crystallize the structure of the body.