~The Events Have Begun~

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Hi there, Just wanted to share that a little notice in our local newspaper caught my attention just now.

It says translated from Danish: Dear reader, I "was" a templars knight (dead by sword many times). I can only say now that the "temple" finally will become visible, we have protected under ground (Atlantis). In Denmark it will come down "Gods tent" (they are registraded as E.T.'s but are friendly and eternal). 14/1-14 (Amen) f.ex. "Golden Dawn". P.S. they are astral and telepathic and I know them!"

I have never noticed anything like this in a local newspaper just the date tells me that it must have been posted before. Well it has given me Godbumps all over.

With love

Earth Allies and Elohim Response  "ok wow, this would align with information we are receiving behind the scenes about the First wavers graduating March Equinox..... Possible
event in April they won't tell us specifically this is our feeling!
Here is what the Elohim said  "A genuine message speaking truth"
WOW!!!! Yes its all happening! We Love You
Love The Earth Allies