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Supporting the Global Revolution through raising consciousness globally.
 Event created by Galactic Love Reporter David Russell & Ingrid Freitag

Saturday, 18th February, 2012 at 5.00 pm GMT (Local times below)
[Comment from the Galactic Free Press: intent from Heart is the most powerfull tool you have, if you're in different time zones simply connect with your Heart to Global Consiousness, no else needed, for time is only a 3d illusion, thus still a way to bring Hearts -and intentions- together]


We all dream of a better world. We all want the world to change (well, most of us do, anyway.) We all dream of a new world where love, compassion, peace, freedom, justice and ethics prevail. Aren't we all sick of the corruption, the injustice, the poverty, the wars and the oppression? Of course we are. Who wouldn't be? However, the world is not going to change through manipulating the corrupt systems that govern it. Any change has to happen on a more fundamental level. The world is trapped in a corrupt and corrupting mindset and we need to change that. We need to change the world's thought patterns, change global consciousness. To do that we need to bring a coherent wave of love into the world. And that is exactly what these meditation events are about. Please join us and help the dream become a reality for everyone. 

We believe that the only way to effect real change in the world is to change global consciousness and the Global Brain Consciousness Movement, which organizes these events, was formed to try to do just that. The Global Brain Consciousness Movement provides a focus for these events and defines a new attitude to consciousness -- a peace-filled militancy of love. We will be focusing the power of collective consciousness through regular weekly meditation events and through additional events designed to bring increased coherence to the global brain. The Global Brain Project is dedicated to activating the global brain and nothing is going to do more to make that happen than worldwide collective meditation. This event is not separate from the global revolution that is going on right now. We are as much a part of it as those out on the streets. It is merely that we are approaching the means of bringing about change differently. This event and all others like it are in support of the worldwide revolution and all the protests and protesters. For those who are unconvinced that consciousness is our most powerful tool, I have a note which discusses the subject in detail. It is called The Silent revolution. Please take a look.

This is an opportunity to bring a gigantic burst of consciousness into the world that should have a significant effect. Indeed, if we can get enough people participating it is possible that we could provoke a quantum physics phenomenon known as a Waveform Transition. If we can make this happen we can change the world for the better on a permanent basis. We owe it to ourselves, to all seekers after freedom everywhere and to the world as a whole to participate in this event. 

We have worked out a time that covers almost all the world time zones at more or less convenient times. Setting the start time as 5.00 pm GMT means that those on the east coast of the USA meditate at noon and those on the west coast do it at 9.00 am. If you live in Alaska and want to participate we would suggest you set your alarm clock. Please check the time difference for your US time zone. The US east coast time zone also includes the eastern edge of South America. Those in central and western S, America meditate at 12.00 noon and 1.00 pm respectively. Working eastwards from the UK, western Europe meditates at 6.00 pm, central Europe at 7.00 pm, eastern Europe at 8.00 pm and very Eastern Europe at 9.00 pm. These times zones also include the whole of Africa and the Middle East. Again, please check the time zone for your location. We selected the chosen day and time specifically so that we could include India in this event. However, it will be a late meditation for them -- 11.00 pm, I am afraid. Sorry about that India but at least you can sleep in on Sunday. Unfortunately, although we know there are many people who would like to participate there, we could not include Australia and New Zealand in a viable slot. If you would like to participate in either of those countries and are prepared to meditate in the small hours, we can do nothing but admire your dedication. Check out your time on the time zone list to be posted soon.

We are looking for this event to be monitored by the Global Consciousness Project. The GCP monitors coherence in global consciousness through a network of over 60 computers producing random binary 24 hours a day. At times of major world events, the binary produced ceases to be random and becomes coherent. At such times, the binary starts to produce streams of zeros or ones rather than a random mix of the two digits. This is believed to be the first indication of the existence of global consciousness. As meditation is the primary way to develop coherent brainwave patterns in the individual, a large collective meditation like this one should generate coherence throughout the entire global brain. If we can get enough people participating, the coherence produced in global consciousness just might register. Through the Global Consciousness Project we have the possibility of monitoring our effects on the global brain. 

Please share or copy and paste this post onto your own wall and ask your friends to do the same. Please invite any friends who might have an interest in participating. Please help to make this event viral. This is an opportunity for everyone who wishes that they could be a part of the protest movement to do their bit. Please help to make this happen. Thank you.

Jai Guru Dev