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May 15, 2013




Joy to the World!  I Feel something so Amazing in the Air!  I’ve heard the word “different” over and over.  I understand there are NO coincidences.

We are here, working.  Spreading our Light and Love to the planet.  We are going deeper and deeper withIN and finding more and more Love.  I can See and Feel it blasting out from my BEing and changing the structure of the Universe as the Light builds and builds.  The darkness can hide no longer.  The Light is Transparency and Truth, Love and Unity, Peace and Harmony for ALL BEings.

I’m watching the news.  I really try not to as I don’t want to give my energy to the negativity.  The government is going withIN and it is imploding.  They are trying to figure out how much to “tell” us, the general population.  There is only ONE answer…EVERYTHING!

Hold on for the ride.  We have reached the pinnacle of the roller coaster and no one knows which way we are going but it’s time to Let Go of the safety bar.  Put your hands up in the Air.  Feel the tickle in your stomach and the anticipation for the ride of your Life.  Yes, you’ve been waiting for this moment with a sense of fear and anxiety but now the spotlight is on and it’s time to take the stage.  This is the moment you’ve been waiting for even before you knew you were waiting for it.  Everything in your entire Life has led up to this very moment.  The momentum is building and it’s time to take a deep breath, REmember to stay centered in Joy, and try to keep you eyes open so you don’t miss anything along the way.   REmember how you planned and planned for this experience.  You’ve been thinking about it for so long you almost thought it would never happen.  But you want it to and that’s why you manifested it this very way.  We’re almost there!  Just Let Go…


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Let's Go!

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My hands are in the air! There's butterflies in my stomach, Lets GO! WOOOOOO HOOOOOO!