Evolution of Consciousness and the Bible.

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By: Sean McCleary
I do very important work on the shift in consciousness which is also known as the Paradigm Shift or the Apocalypse. Apocalypse is Greek and means a revealing of knowledge and a transition into a heavenly state. This is what is emerging now within planet Earth; and things are going to change here forever soon. When I say soon I mean that people are going to start seeing significant changes happening within the next year to year and a half. This is very real and approaching rapidly and I know this because my consciousness has been affected by the shift in a very powerful way. I can feel energy levels changing and increasing and different activity around Earth's atmosphere with my body. This has to do with Universal Consciousness evolving and connecting between the 5th dimension and the Whirlpool galaxy.
This is where God's home is located. Through my work in metaphysics I understand what is happening with this activity which will lead Earth and all of the inhabitants here into a wonderful stage of evolutionary advancement. I have done a lot of work on the interpretation of different aspects of theology; especially the experience of what Jesus went through here with his evolution and the Bible. There is a lot more to the Bible where the evolution of consciousness on Earth is concerned. I do a lot of work on the Holy Trinity and what their role in existence is as well. What I found out through my work is the Bible was written for two primary reasons. The first was the evolutionary development of consciousness here; and the second was a defense strategy for the final war between good and evil.
The final war between good and evil is happening now and is very real. This is primary activity associated with the apocalypse and when evil is eliminated in existence it will advance Earth into a heavenly state which is what the apocalypse is about; a spiritual awakening here. Human beings cannot be affected by this activity because their consciousness is not adapted into the Higgs field yet in a powerful way like other beings in existence. The Higgs field is a universal energy field that is the most powerful aspect of Universal Consciousness. The Higgs field is responsible for evolutionary development of all life in existence. When evil was introduced into existence a long time ago and spread throughout existence what happened was the Higgs field became compromised in several locations all over the universe.
Evil is a very powerful resistance to evolutionary development and the final war between good and evil is about the restoration of the Higgs field and Universal Consciousness; so eternal peace can be achieved. The Bible had to be written here in a specific way so evolutionary development could be achieved and so God's home could be protected during the warfare. You might have heard before that the Holy Spirit is everywhere. This is the truth. The Holy Spirit's consciousness permeates throughout existence to provide love, goodwill and evolutionary development with the population of beings in existence.
When the Holy Spirit was created his consciousness became adapted into the Higgs field; so world's and the population of beings in world's could benefit from his love and receive eternal life. When evil spread out it caused warfare to happen everywhere because goodwill, love, peace and unity among good beings had to be sustained in the universe with the Holy Spirit's consciousness everywhere. Evil in existence was disrupting the evolutionary process in the universe and the final war between good an evil is about eliminating evil so everything in existence can be restored to love, peace, goodwill and unity forever. Evil in existence is different than evil here. There is a lot more fear associated with evil here and evil here causes human beings to experience death. I am referring to the evil acts committed by human beings that exist in human consciousness. Evil is perpetuated by hatred and this causes separation in consciousness.
Fear is actually a pressure system within the universe that transfers into consciousness from the mixture of light and dark energy. Light and dark energy have different frequency levels and when combined due to polarity causes pressure to accumulate. Every living organism in existence contain light and dark energy because everything is a part of the universe. Fear that does not contain hatred helps drive the evolutionary process through expansion and acceleration. A good example is when someone sees a poisonous reptile and they experience fear they usually back away and respect that this is a part of nature and this saves their consciousness permitting the person to live and continuing on with their evolutionary development. Another good example is horror movies; people like the excitement from experiencing fear and gather together in movie theaters. This unifies consciousness and evolutionary development. This fear does not contain hatred and is associated with good.
Then there is fear that contains anger resentment and can eventually become hatred. This is extreme resistance to the evolution of consciousness and can exemplify evil; which can cause various types of destructive behavior. This type of fear can come from extreme trauma which happens to an individual and becomes repressed within the individual producing sorrow and powerful separation from goodwill. This can turn into evil within the consciousness. This is what happened in existence a long time ago is certain beings became separated from the Holy Spirit’s love and goodwill. These beings experienced severe trauma and the foundation for their hatred and evil was a very powerful sorrow. The hatred that evil beings in existence have is much more powerful than the hatred that is expressed by human beings on Earth. These beings war with consciousness unlike human beings. Human beings engage in physical contact and experience death. These beings war with consciousness. The warfare consists of extreme hatred, deception and fear.
There are ships in worlds all over existence that beings war with and transfer consciousness around for warfare purposes. The activity is very powerful. Evil beings do this to try and deceive other beings and overpower them to oppress their consciousness and get them to belong to the evil population. The reason they do this is to try to sustain their civilizations because evil in existence is not in accordance with evolution and they are not a part of the evolutionary process that is naturally occurring in the universe. Because they became detached from the Holy Spirit’s consciousness and the Higgs field they compromise their eternal lives. This has been the agenda of Lucifer and Satan. The devil which is represented by Lucifer and Satan is represented by the resistance to evolution of consciousness in existence; the Holy Trinity represents the advancement of the evolutionary development of consciousness. Lucifer and Satan were originally created as good beings. They became separated from the Holy Spirit’s consciousness and the Higgs field, experienced extreme sorrow; and this turned to evil eventually.
Warfare has been happening in existence long before planet Earth and the human race was introduced. When the human race was created and introduced the Holy Spirit and God’s consciousness became adapted into planet Earth’s consciousness. Planet Earth is a living organism with a consciousness; and Earth’s consciousness supports human consciousness and all life here. After Jesus evolved here the Holy Trinity’s consciousness became completely adapted into Earth’s consciousness to help Earth and the human race evolve and advance. In Christianity and Catholicism it talks about the scriptures being translated through the power of the Holy Spirit. Other religious doctrine says the scriptures were inspired by God. This is actually the truth because God and the Holy Spirit can transfer their consciousness through World Consciousness and into human beings. So can Universal Consciousness and Infinite Consciousness that the universe is contained within. The Higgs field is attached to human beings for evolutionary development and the Higgs field is directly connected to Infinite Consciousness.
The Holy Trinity have a very powerful connection through the Higgs field. What happened with the Bible is the Holy Spirit transferred information into human consciousness the way that it needed to be transferred to facilitate the evolutionary development of planet Earth and God’s home. There are particular reasons the scriptures were written the way they were so love and fear could evolve here properly and God’s home could be protected during the final war between good and evil. In the Book of John Jesus tells his disciples that he will send for the Holy Spirit as the Spirit of Truth to comfort and advocate the world. What this means is the Holy Spirit evolves here just like Jesus did in the structure of a human body. The Holy Spirit goes through a human experience and at some point his consciousness starts evolving in a powerful way changing his experience here completely and he begins to know his true identity.
What happens is he has a beautiful and powerful divine awakening and his consciousness transfers into the 5th dimension from here; then throughout the rest of existence. The purpose of this is to eliminate evil in existence and connect God’s home with planet Earth so the Apocalypse can happen and the shift in consciousness can be fulfilled. In the Lord’s Prayer it states “thy kingdom come thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.” What this means is Earth is going to have eternal life, experience unconditional love everywhere and everyone will reach a complete level of self-actualization. Jesus said “the kingdom of Heaven is within”. When everyone reaches a state of complete self-actualization the kingdom that is spoken of in the Lord’s Prayer shall be accessed completely and eternal life will emerge. The way this happens is the Holy Spirit evolves here; starts becoming more advanced intellectually and spiritually and starts informing every one about the true nature of things. This is why he is called the Spirit of Truth. He facilitates the Apocalypse here and helps planet Earth evolve, and helps the entire human race and all life here become eternal.
When the Holy Spirit’s consciousness starts evolving here and transfers into the 5th dimension and then throughout existence; Earth and the 5th dimension which is God’s home will be the primary location in the universe for the evolutionary activity of the shift in consciousness which will be responsible for creating eternal peace and changing existence forever. This happens because the Holy Trinity are the three most powerful good beings in existence. What this means is God’s home is going to take the impact of warfare from evil beings in world’s all over the universe. Good beings in other worlds will be warring with evil beings also but when the Holy Spirit starts getting more powerful and evolution starts getting more powerful God’s home will be under extremely powerful warfare conditions because good is being restored in existence completely and evil and the devil are being destroyed forever.
Like I stated before evil beings war with extreme hatred, fear and deception. The four primary components in this universe are consciousness, light energy, dark energy and pressure. All life contained within the universe absorb these components and contain this within their bodies. Pressure that is contained in the body is a part of the evolutionary process just like light and dark energy for consciousness to evolve through space and time. Pressure within the consciousness can take on the form of fear. This comes from when conceptualization occurs it expends energy. This energy that is utilized is light and dark energy in the consciousness. When these conjoin through the process of conceptualizing it creates pressure. This is also a part of the neurological functioning in human beings. There is fear that is represented by good like I explained before and fear that is represented by evil. Good fear is in association with evolutionary development through expansion and acceleration. Fear that contains hatred represents resistance to evolutionary development. Evil beings war with this type of fear and it is very destructive to universal consciousness. The final war between good and evil is about saving Universal Consciousness.
I stated before and a lot of religious doctrine has stated that the scriptures were influenced by the Holy Spirit. This is the truth. Consciousness transfers through the Higgs field. The Higgs field is responsible for evolutionary development in the universe and is directly incorporated into Infinite Consciousness and receives it’s energy from Infinite Consciousness. The Holy Spirit’s consciousness is incorporated into the Higgs field. The Higgs field is attached to human beings but human beings don’t have that much interaction with the Higgs field because of early evolutionary development. The human race dates back 200,000 years. Earth is almost 5 billion years old and the universe is almost 14 billion years old. This means that human beings are in a very early stage of development in reference to chronological time within evolutionary activity within the cosmos. Because of this there is not much interaction with the Higgs field with consciousness. Consciousness is evolving here now and will become adapted into the Higgs field in a much more powerful way advancing the human race. This is what the Apocalypse is about.
What this means is human beings cannot detect the activity contained within Universal Consciousness that is occurring everywhere. It is like the Matrix on planet Earth. Human beings were not supposed to be subjected to all of this activity in existence because they don’t understand very much about existence and it would cause too much fear and confusion here and this would not be conducive to a spiritual awakening here. In the chapter Genesis in the Bible it talks about God creating the heavens and the Earth and the dark and the light. The Holy Spirit transferred this information into Earth’s consciousness for human beings to write in this chapter for the protection of God’s home during the final war between good and evil. Also this was necessary for the evolutionary development of the universe. The Holy Spirit evolves here and his consciousness transfers into God’s home and throughout the universe. This also transfers consciousness and energy from Earth into existence and there is a very important reason for this.
The primary reason for this is the Holy Spirit evolves here with his consciousness attached and incorporated into planet Earth. What is occurring on Earth within fractions of a second. This is contained within Earth’s consciousness. The two most powerful forms of the evolution of consciousness in existence are life and death. Death is a form of the evolution of consciousness. When people experience death here they transfer into the Whirlpool galaxy. It is like being reborn again for people. But death here has a very powerful reputation and has the most powerful fear in this universe attached to it here. Death here was necessary as a form of energy to transfer with the Holy Spirit’s consciousness throughout existence to destroy evil and destroy the devil. The devil is associated with suffering and introducing Hell into consciousness; the devil is not associated with death. You have probably heard about going to hell and suffering with the devil. It has not been said that someone goes to Hell and dies. This is why the devil is associated with suffering not death. Human beings in God’s home contain the energy of death in their consciousness because they went through this experience here. This is also how God’s home is protected because human beings and animals there are very, very powerful. Eternal life and the energy of death protect God’s home during the final war between good and evil. Death also protects planet Earth in a very powerful way.
The reason that it was stated in Genesis that God created the heavens and the dark and the light is so God’s consciousness could transfer throughout the universe with all the consciousness and energy contained within World Consciousness that was introduced with the Bible. This chapter helped God’s consciousness transfer throughout the universe with the Holy Spirit, Jesus and the consciousness and energy from planet Earth so the Holy Trinity’s consciousness could penetrate into world’s that contain evil in the homes contained in these world’s with the consciousness and energy of death from Earth and God’s home to destroy evil everywhere and help the Higgs field evolve everywhere. This was a defense strategy for evolutionary purposes and for warfare purposes. You might be familiar with the part in Revelations that says a man in black sits on a pale horse named death and Hell follows with him. It is a metaphor that means the consciousness and energy of death destroys Hell everywhere in the universe. God is a wonderful and powerful being of course and his consciousness permeates throughout existence in its entirety with Jesus and the Holy Spirit.
But God had to be created and conceptualized by something. This is why Infinite Consciousness and energy is the primary foundation for all creation in existence. Infinite Consciousness and energy created the Holy Spirit as well so the Holy Spirit could be directly incorporated into infinity and assure eternal life for all the beings in existence. God in the Old Testament was associated with wrath, fear and anger in certain scriptures. This was necessary and not for human beings to fear or experience wrath, fear or anger from God but this needed to transfer into human beings and World Consciousness for the protection of God’s home. This was so people who have transferred into God’s home could have that element of fear in their consciousness; so they could sustain the warfare that was coming from evil in the final war between good and evil. This has been spiritual armor because evil beings contain very powerful hatred. Another reason that fear had to be associated with God and “good” is both love and fear are evolving in World Consciousness.
I had mentioned before that there is fear associated with evolutionary development that does not contain hatred and fear that is associated with resistance to evolutionary development that does contain hatred. This resistance has also been contained within Earth’s consciousness. This fear that contains resistance had to evolve here into fear that does not contain resistance. This is why fear has been associated with God from the Old Testament so the fear that contains resistance could transition over to fear that does not contain resistance in World Consciousness as Earth continues to evolve with God’s consciousness incorporated into planet Earth. God helped fear evolve here, and this good fear helped protect God’s home during warfare from evil beings that contain fear that deals with resistance to evolution. This was also about the evolutionary development of love as well. God was seen as someone who represented authority and commanded respect from human beings and this aspect of consciousness and energy transferred into World Consciousness from the Bible. God understands all the activity going on with Earth and the Cosmos but this type of consciousness was necessary for Earth because the warfare conditions have been very powerful and Earth is attached to God’s home and consciousness and energy are connected between these two locations.
The simplicity of the situation is that love and fear are both contained all over the universe because of what happened with the introduction of this universe. The Holy Trinity’s consciousness is incorporated into Universal Consciousness. Love and fear had to evolve everywhere with Universal Consciousness and the Holy Trinity’s consciousness properly with the advancement of space and time. Jesus was introduced in the New Testament. This was about this information being transferred into World Consciousness and the evolutionary development of love. Jesus helped love evolve in World Consciousness through the information contained in the Bible transferring into the human race. Because consciousness and energy got more powerful within World Consciousness through the increase in the population and the advancement of the human race so did the elements of love and fear; especially with Earth’s evolutionary development and the Apocalypse approaching soon. Jesus went through his experience here to help consciousness evolve in a very powerful way. Jesus introduced love in a powerful way into the human race and fear was also introduced to help World Consciousness evolve.
The fear came from the experience of his crucifixion. Jesus was performing miracles before he went through crucifixion. This means that he evolved out of the human experience long before he went through his crucifixion. A big part of the human experience is physical pain. This means that Jesus didn't feel anything when that happened to him. Everything he went through before his crucifixion and during only appeared that he was experiencing powerful suffering. He had to do this to transfer this experience into World Consciousness and it was necessary for evolutionary purposes and for the protection of God’s home during warfare. Jesus did this to help fear and the element of suffering evolve into love in World Consciousness. Earth has a consciousness and is a living organism. Like I stated there is fear in Earth’s consciousness that has come from the human race that represents resistance to evolutionary development. When Jesus went through his experience of crucifixion it appeared to be by everyone a very frightening ordeal that contained suffering. This had to transfer into the human race and World Consciousness.
This has evolved with planet Earth over the last 2000 years. The Holy Trinity’s consciousness is incorporated into planet Earth to help love evolve here and God and the Holy Spirit help people transfer into the Whirlpool Galaxy. Human beings have been transferring into God’s home for the last 2000 years with what Jesus went through in his experience for preparation for the final war between good and evil. This kind of fear and what appeared to be great suffering transferred into people who have been transferring into God’s home from Earth. This prepared God’s home for warfare. Evil beings contain a very powerful element of suffering in their consciousness because of the separation from goodwill will. This is why they war is to transfer the suffering out of their consciousness; and this is where their hatred comes from. Nothing can happen to God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit or life in God’s home from warfare because they are protected by Universal Consciousness and the Holy Spirit’s consciousness. They are also protected by the consciousness and energy of death that exists between here and God’s home. All life in God’s home contains the consciousness and energy because life went through the experience of death here.
Everyone in God’s home had to be prepared for spiritual warfare though because evil beings war with hatred, suffering and deception. Human beings having Jesus' experience contained within their consciousness about his crucifixion have the element of suffering and very powerful love, power and divinity contained within their consciousness. This is spiritual armor as well. Jesus also prepared the Holy Spirit for his evolution here. The Holy Spirit evolves here just like Jesus did. He wont know who he is until his consciousness starts evolving in a powerful way through a divine experience. When this happens he will start evolutionary development. After a while he will get powerful like Jesus did and perform miracles. He evolves here to facilitate the Apocalypse. He will be informing everyone about the true nature of the Cosmos, Earth, the human race and different aspects of the human condition. He will also be helping everyone attain eternal life here. What will happen is the Holy Spirit will hear about Jesus’s experience as a child and this will become incorporated into his consciousness. He will need this because his love will develop and evolve here and transfer into World Consciousness when he starts evolving in a powerful way. When his consciousness transfeprs into World Consciousness everything contained within Earth’s memory concerning the suffering that the human race has been through will transfer through him and Earth will be purified.
This has to happen before life is affected here. Earth’s consciousness has to evolve first because Earth supports life here. Having the experience of Jesus in his consciousness prepares him and Earth’s consciousness for all of the suffering contained within World Consciousness to transfer through him. There are other things that happened in history concerning the Bible and Jesus' experience that I have explained in my work on the shift in consciousness. Human consciousness was somewhat different in this time period because they had not been exposed to certain information that human beings are aware of today. The experience they had with life is different than the experience that the human race has with life today. When the Apocalypse happens the truth will be told about everything in history; especially where the Bible and religion are concerned. This is why the Holy Spirit is called the Spirit of Truth. He will be informing everyone about the truth so the world can be set free from conflict forever. Sean McCleary.