~Excerpt from Ken Carey's Book Visions About the Awakening~

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 COMMENTARY FROM THE GALACTIC FREE PRESS~He Channeled US Very Brilliantly, and His Words match the Current Moments We are in, Within the Divine Plan in Motion.~ LOVE MOTHER AND FATHER GOD


From The Chapter ~The Awakened Ones~

~I do not come to this Earth because teachers have stated these Truths or because human leaders have created things to follow. My Presence Comes like bubbling brooks come to the hills in the springtime. No one may even remember the rains higher on the mountains, but suddenly in all the towns and villages, the water appears, flowing down the creeks, raising in ten thousand springs, rippling through a hundred pools.


I am Thankful for each one of you who chooses to step through the emotional veil to Enter My Presence. And I am Thankful for what you might do to help me draw the sleeping of your race up into the Joys of a New World. But though you may be enthusiastic about some favorite technique or school of thought that has assisted your Awakening, my coming can best be assisted not by teaching a method, but by yourself being the method. Do not draw excessive attention to any one school or approach, but help me rather as I continue to create the climate in which ten thousand schools and approaches might flourish.

No one of you is central- as in the old hierarchal pattern of human organization- because each of you is central in the biological pattern of organization that guides all life within my body. Watch a Caterpillar as it glides slowly across the ground. See how it moves. See how it flows. This is how I guide my Human Family in time, through their own organic rhythms, purposes, Beings and meanings, and this is How my Coming proceeds.

I am Now ready to orchestrate All the Good works on Earth, bringing them into step, into Harmony, into a quality of rhythmatic amplification beyond human experience. When the Atoms of physical substance are aligned in the same direction, magnetism occurs, whole new laws and electrical possibilities appear. In Much the same way, when the thoughts and the Love of Human Beings are Aligned in My Presence, a whole new kind of Human Activity can occur. This is why I told you that You would do the greater works. For I knew in this time of Planetary Pentecost, I would not be One man alone, speaking to the multitudes, but that I would Be the Multitudes, and New Energies and new superbiological principals that would amplify my deeds.

To the extent that you are doing good on Earth, you are already motivated by My Holy Spirit. But so long as you do not recognize this, you are only partially effective, accidentally tapping into coherence from time to time, with little idea of why or how. Begin Now Living Consciously.

Acknowledge My Presence Within You. Pray to Me for Direction. I will Amplify your effectiveness a thousand fold.

When the Human design is allowed to work properly, One Holy Spirit is incarnate in a Multitude of Human Lives. Each Of these healthy humans knows the Holy Spirit as His or her own Spirit. These are The Awakened Ones, who have returned the use of their bodies and Hearts to God, the Human Spirits who have chosen to remain Fully incarnate. The Awakened Ones take responsibility for their immediate perpetual field. They know who they are. They are my channels into a particular geographical location. Awakened Ones do not segregate their spiritual selves from their everyday affairs. They Accept Responsibly for being Eternal God-Beings, and they are willing to Bring Reality into Every Human Activity. They do not shy away from offering Healing when healing is called for. When they perceive a situation where the Holy Spirit's input will lighten the loads of all concerned, they do not hold back, fearing criticism, judgment, or human attention.

The Awakened Ones are the Healthy cells in my Planetary organ of intelligence. They are my teachers, healers, priests and priestesses; they are the new doctors and new lawyers. They teach the Laws of Love, The Laws of Health, the Laws of Creation. They assist in the removal of all that obscures perception and diminishes the experience of God.

They do not lead people externally, as in the old world. They guide all who are open to the inner leadership of the indwelling Spirit. They are The Angels Whom I have Sent, not to speak of God Afar, but to dwell on earth, an example of Truth that They Themselves Are. Thousands of Awakened Ones already Light this world and soon there will be Many More, incarnate Men and Woman, whom All In Love Shall Meet.

The Awakened Ones Share My Spirit and My Power. My Presence works through each of them. Through them I teach Heal and forgive sins. When One of these awakened Ones forgives sins, it is I that Forgive, and when One of these Awakened Ones Heal, it is I that Heal. My Presence acts on all from within, but when my inner activity is accompanied by the outer activity of an Awakened One, it is much easier for people to be made whole; for the Truth is then not abstract, but Manifest in Expression.

Sacred Writings can lead people to My Spirit, but it is my Spirit working through People that Will Change this world. I Now Send You as The Agents of My Inspiration. I Give You the Assurance that You will Succeed. The Age Has Turned. Go Forth With Certainty, knowing that these teachings, these Truths Will Be Welcomed."
End of Excerpt