An excess of love – The Divine Mother through Isabel Henn September 28, 2013

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(Translated from original language german)

My child, it is important to keep everything in balance, to be moderate in all. You can eat meat and drink alcohol, but it’s just as important to eat fruits, vegetables and to drink clear water. An excess of meat, alcohol and tobacco is unhealthy for you. As a spiritually awakened being you will anyway reduce your meat consumption greatly ​​out of yourself up to entirely giving it up, because you respect life. There is only one thing of which you can never have or give too much: pure, unconditional love. One day you will be able to live completely from it. The higher you vibrate, the less food you need, the more you can live from love and light, which is another form of love. An excess of love is never harmful for you, my child. ~

Your Divine Mother

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