~Existing beyond linear time as a step on the path to ascension~

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October 14, 2011

~Existing beyond linear time as a step on the path to ascension~
AA Gabriel



As you approach ascension and full reunion with your true multidimensional self your perspective begins to change. Most of all your perspective of time, you can move in and out of time at will and yet as you are still trying to master this skill you are not always consciously aware that this is happening. The result can bring about frustration as time switches between feeling as if it is moving extremely fast and at a standstill.
This is the dawning of the true understanding of time as an illusion and as you accept this intellectually or spiritually, your physical body while trapped in the illusion of time rejects this notion. Physically you depend on time for the functioning and orientation of your physical self.
Some signs that you are close to existing outside of your dependence of time (which is a component of ascending and becoming multidimensional) are:
-Noticing time shift visually, this appears literally like a shift in your physical vision which could be described as a twitch or a jump, like a glitch as your 3d physical sight momentarily adjusts.
-The absolute knowing through experience that time alternately stands still or speeds up and exists at every point in between.
-The ability through psychic insight, intuition or astrally “see” timelines and future events overlapping where you have seen them as separate before.
This is a step on your path to ascension and multidimensionality embrace it and allow it to happen, by hanging onto the frustration that this realization brings or by fighting to hang onto the illusion of linear time you are only slowing down your own spiritual development on the path to ascension. Learn to allow the linear time of your world to pass you by while existing beyond it, let go of it because by hanging onto it you are holding yourselves back from existing beyond it.