Exo-Planetary Contact

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This contact form is differentiated by a large set of factors. What we portend to find in substantial results carried on from acknowledgements made beyond this planetary system is quite existential. In meaning we allow for communications which have become abrupt by utilizations of technological leaps which have happened in the past and beyond… Some information is missing. The potential to link in Higher Octave’s, allows for conscious resonances of a higher order (Nature) which is dependent upon a simplistic flow (Analysis), composed from whereabouts of deviated fabrics found here.

The threshold which allows us to understand a higher probabilistic grid (World View) of synaptic waves modulated throughout cosmoses, undulated from formations of memory and synapsing currents in the brain, allows for a higher probabilistic view of the world (Reality) we hold in our spherical connotations, which adapts to an enormous grid network, utilized from Memorised Transparency.

In dislocations, mounted off near areas of the world in which the synaptic wave modulations are above average energy for consumption on a linear level of initiative cause for advances in our gradual evolution and unification throughout order and structure of consciousness. The simplified version of this world view would be in attendance to a higher, gradual undertaking, which seems improbable to some by acknowledgements made from our levels of conscious awareness… By Super Conscious levels we seem to be interconnected by a plethora of grids which utilizes our health and many other statuses of our bodies cellular and spirit connections to allow for a mesmeric language, Universal in Nature, which is composed of advance assimilations, carried on from synaptic wave modulations portrayed across the galactic plain and atmospheric levels of the planets conscious energetic grids.

Metamorphosis is a bridge towards an access of assimilations carried on from energetic body to another. The DNA has plenty of codes which carries on genetic and Multidimensional Mapping, allowing for accessible routes to new developments which have been carried on from the molecular and metaphysical, Hyper Dimensional Resonances, which are achieved by subatomic temporal management.