~Expanding Your Light is Different to a Light Body~

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Expanding Your Light Is Different to a Light body
When you go into the Light, into the Smallest Molecule of Divine Light in your heart area and expand 360 degrees, you fill your physical body and your energy bodies and continue expanding beyond into the environment, filling all of Earth. You continue expanding and filling the Solar System, all galaxies and Universes.

 The more regularly this is done, the more you evolve and raise your vibration and are able to maintain the higher levels of light, energy and essence in your being, which through the principle of harmonic resonance, gradually and beneficially changes the operant frequency of every level, aspect and dimension of your being in harmony with your humanity.


 The effect of this is healing and evolution.


 When the Light expands into the emotional level, it can trigger emotional issues to arise and the opportunity to address these. When the Light expands into the mental level, beliefs not in alignment with who you are evolving into in divine mastery can arise in life circumstances that depict the belief structure that comes forward in opportunity to be examined, changed or discarded if obsolete and no longer beneficial; because you have and are growing and changing and evolving as a whole being. When the Light expands into your spiritual level, again a similar scenario unfolds. All these are interconnected; the physical, emotional, mental and spirit. None changes without impacting in some way the other aspects and levels.


Then the bigger picture is that as your resonance lifts in vibration, those around you have the opportunity to accept or not accept the catalysing influence of change. And this spreads.


 When you go into the Light and expand, you do not need to go physically anywhere to create positive beneficial change. The Light expanding outwards into Earth and beyond into All That Is, is changing Earth, you, all life and All That Is. You can choose to be at an event of either physical or spiritual orientation, such as a group meditation, workshop, sacred site, protest rally, if it brings you joy to be there, yet you do not need to be there to be of powerful influence,  if you cannot be there, if that is what you desire.


 It is so simple. It was designed to be this simple!


 In this way you can go about living your life in a way which is being true to yourself. For some, it is to be more in the background, for others more in leadership or obvious, activism roles. For some, their soul’s purpose is to create beauty to express and inspire. All roles are valid and no one can judge another for this. Ultimately, all are part of the whole and going in the same direction; expressing the core of love and light in a unique and individual way.


 Going into the Light is a Key Part of Celestial Transformation.



 Celestial Transformation is about divine integration and mastery. One of the many benefits is that it removes light bodies.


 “Light bodies are removed (humans are not designed to have light bodies. Light bodies represent interference from negative dominant beings).”



 The term ‘light body’ has been loosely used or misused in describing an effect or consequence of spiritual growth. Misunderstood terminology. There is a difference. Many in their innocence actually mean ‘Light expands’.


 This is why expanding your Light is different to a light body.

“To go into the light, one must intend to go into the light. It is true that one may intend to go into the light, and also meditate within the light. But being in meditation, does not, unless the intent is there, and unless there is specific knowledge, apex knowledge to assist, entail going into the light.
I cannot stress enough how powerful the experience of going into the light really is. It is a breakthrough for humans to do this. It creates most intense experiences of change, of transformation, of enlightenment.
Any difficulty you are encountering, any little thing at all, if you go into the light you can answer any question at all, and as previously spoken, it may not occur that you have the answer coming in the light, coming like an idea direct into your thought processes. It may occur through synchronicity at quite a separate time. However, you are guaranteed to be answered. You are guaranteed to find some form of information that you have sought within the light.”  (100)
~ The Highest & Jan Heinrich  ~  
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