Fashion for the Golden Age: Peace-nik retro in neon!

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It's a futuristic peace-nik retro look for Fall of 2012 if you can imagine that! Sound confusing? Picture, if you will, a combination of 80's style puffy-shouldered suit jackets paired with skinny jeans in sizzling colours - hot pink, tangerine, neon green, ultramarine, rose smoke and titanium. This fall's fashion is embracing the beginning of the Golden Age in vivid technocolour!

Native-inspired accessories mingle with fabulously flashy floral rings...multi stranded beads and necklaces lend a sixties inspired 'peace, love and light'  mood that is gorgeously intensified by the clothing's vivid neon greens and pinks.

Add a pair of platform shoes, star and flower shaped brooches, big chunky bracelets and Gossip-Girl-inspired tiny floral print headbands, and you've got lots of fun choices for drama-inspired kitchy looks.

Knit beanie hats add a jaunty and slightyly tomboyish cuteness to any outfit, while slipping on a pair of shiny ballet flats will have you feeling like Tinkerbell herself as you dance through your day, even if it is to the sound of drums in a leopard, tribal themed dress.

Embrace the vibrant energy of this fall's styles, as 2012 promised to be a new beginning for the World, as we enter the Age of Aquarius. Love and light are the theme, and peace on let your true tribal self come out and have no fear!


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Ummmmm......yes, let your true tribal self come out, but I do not recommend platform shoes. They lead to twisted ankles. Unless we are talking about etheric bodies wearing etheric platform shoes on their etheric feet. In that case, I don't know. Gossip girls?

Why the emphasis on fashion? Does it matter what we wear? Can't I just ascend in my nightgown, lol?



on what to wear while Ascending...

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lol thanks for commenting dear Astreia!


  You know, I am actually not a 'fashionista' but thought I would write a fun fashion article for back to school, and found myself incorporating some of the New Age concepts into the fall styles, which turned out to be retro eighties, with some added colours such as neon.


 Cos I realized that these fashions actually represent the subconscious minds of the generation, and it struck me that the neon brights kind of mirror the incredible bright light of the sun we are feeling and seeing these days!  


So while fashion is not really terribly important to those of us who are concerned with such weighty matters as Ascension and disclosure, on the other hand fashion reflects the mood and the atmosphere of society, and so I felt it was worth sharing here.


  After all, taking care of ourselves is all part of the Ascenscion process, and clothing is a part of our self expression and creativity, so why not have a fashion article on this blog, I thought?  


Of course you are right that platform shoes are potentially dangerous so I recommend only wearing them in bed - sorry I forgot to add that bit!  :)


Another reason I thought a little light fashion article might be nice here is because it is something light and easy and inspires one to get creative....there have been so many 'heavy' news stories lately - can't we just talk about what colour lipstick to wear for ascending for once?  lol!


Anyway I am usually a serious lady but hope you don't mind me lightening things up a bit here for a little fun change with some fashion frivolity....and just between us I plan on Ascending stark naked...hope that won't be a problem for anybody!  ;D

Madame Butterfly


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Dear Madame Butterfly,

I think you are right, that the current fashions reflect much of the consciousness of the folks who wear them. And I was impressed wth the tribal aspects.

Many years ago, I actually DID twist my ankle wearing platform shoes, and I swore never to wear them again. And then they came back in fashion, and I was tempted to wear them again, and then I remembered how much it made my ankle hurt. So if I was snappish, it was because of the platform shoes, lol. Please forgive me.

You may ascend stark naked, my dear, but until my body is healed and re-youthed, I want to be covered up <wink>.  

My idea of being dressed up these days is if I wear shoes instead of sandals. Sweats in the winter, big loose dresses in the summer. LOL, maybe we could design ascensionwear for the elderly...togas and saris wouldn't stay in place...

I didn't know you were a fashion writer! That must be kinda fun ;>

Blessings, Astreia

no worries sista!

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no worries I didn't take it wrong - I do agree those shoes are ridiculous - I myself can no longer wear anything like that except lying down lol!  We so should design our own toga and sari line of loungewear for ascending in...I myself love that style of flowing comfy stuff...and no I am not a fashion writer - the beauty of the site I write for is I can write about whatever tickles my fancy!  


Madame Butterfly