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February, the month of Love….Love is in the Air ~~ This Aquarius New Moon embodies the energies of Love….for all!  This New Moon highlights Community, our tribe, and all humanity.  It can show us the big picture of how we can make the needed changes in the world by using the power that we have within our Tribe’s, our Communities and Humanity for loving Relationships of all types…across the Earth.   Signifying that the whole is always greater the then the sum of its parts.   It is saying that our coming together in our communities etc. ….can change the world!  This Aquarius New Moon is also about movement and action!  The energies are quite chaotic and a bit volatile out there, and it is time to visualize what you want the world and your future to look like.  It is time to move….time to take action….on your own and within your communities!    

February 4th  is also the Chinese New Year (in Chinese astrology) which occurs with the first New Moon after the Sun enters Aquarius.  This is the Chinese New Year of the Pig.  All though  I am not well versed in Chinese Astrology…. I am told that the year of the pig…..highlights a steadfast patience, fertility and great tranquility.  That the Pig appreciates money and food and they are known for enjoying tangible success.  It also has a feminine influence as there is a dedication to others…feeding and nurturing in abundance….a year of Goodwill!

NEW MOONS MARK THE BEGINNING OF A NEW CYCLE   New Moons are also the most spiritual and intuitive moons of the whole Lunar cycle.  It is a wonderful time to manifest, meditate and create!  Each New Moon brings with it a down load of evolutionary energies to give us the knowledge to create a beautiful future.  Right now…during these intense times…throughout the world and within our own country…. it is time to set some powerful intentions for our county, the world, all the world leaders and everyone everywhere. Mediate on what it is that you would like to manifest in your life and in the World, and set the intention during this powerful Aquarius New Moon…..for the good of your Tribe, your Community and all Humanity.

AQUARIUS IS THE SIGN OF THE          genius, the futuristic thinker….it represents the constant of change!  Being able to think outside the box in many different ways and being able to see that Big Picture is a trait of Aquarius.   Aquarius is about taking risk…..doing or saying something that goes against the “norm.”  It is the sign of the rebel for a cause.  It asks us to take quantum leaps in all areas…..as we view the “big” picture in front of us……and as we trust our Genius to “see” the paths leading to our future.   Aquarius energy is about your Tribe, your Community, and all Humanity.  Everyone is equal….we are all the same…..we are all one!  Aquarius is about breaking up stagnant old patterns….so we can reach for our freedom, and march to the beat of our own drum.  Freedom and liberation are a big part of Aquarius. Liberate your mind and your freedom will follow.  With Aquarius it is time to move into “higher” thoughts that are a bit outside the box……so we can uplift consciousness, for the greater good of all.

Aquarius is about change.  It is about thinking and moving forward in the future even when you are not sure how the future is actually going to work out.  It is time to take that leap of faith and pray for wings.  Are you heading towards your desire?  It is time to meditate and figure out why you are not taking the responsibility to move forward…..it is time let go of the “old” and start to walk your talk!                                                           

This energy can give you new perspectives on life and new ways of understanding. 

This can help to shift your old thoughts and actions into the “new.”  Aquarius is focused on the future.  So during this New Moon….plant seeds for what you want to create and manifest for the “big picture” down the road…your own reality, and your own future..…. for the good of all!

This New Moon also highlights Community… and can show the power that we have within our Tribe and our Communities for loving  Relationships of all types.   It is saying that our coming together in our communities etc. ….can change the world!   This is an energy that we have been witnessing throughout the current political arenas.   Aquarius is also a sign that gives you the ability to detach from group consciousness when needed.  To be able to march to your own drum.   With this ability to detach…it will help you navigate the political and worldwide energies that are not quit vibrating where you are now vibrating.  You can step aside…or not get caught up into the chaos or the fear….and see a brighter future.

THIS AQUARIUS NEW MOON IS SITTING WITH MERCURY.    Mercury is our voice how we communicate and how we think!  This New Moon is really emphasizing that it is time to think outside the box…for the good of humanity!   Ideas that you get, and thoughts of new ways to do things....really need to be acted upon now.   What we say and what we teach….needs to be done in ways that are good for our communities….for everyone!  Not just a few!  

JUPITER IN SAGITTARIUS also sextils this new moon….accenting the Mercury theme as it sextils this Aquarius New Moon.   Jupiter brings in some harmonious energy to this New Moon….with a little optimism and joy.  Sagittarius is also about the Truth seeker…speaking your Truth. This can be a crises in our faith or in our truth, or an ah ha moment of what the truth really is!   Sagittarius is also about the master teachers, published authors and International Law….which so needs to be equal for all Humanity!            

AQUARIUS HAS 2 RULERS  they are Saturn (traditional) and Uranus (modern day).  These 2 planets are very active at this Aquarius New Moon.  We will start with Uranus.   .  

URANUS IS ALSO SITTING WITH MARS AND ERIS  at this Aquarian New Moon!   This is an extremely powerful conjunction. Uranus is the constant of change.  Its energy is like lightning bolts coming from any direction.   Like Earthquakes suddenly happening with no warning.etc.  Mars is our action energy…our warrior and pioneer energy and brings in our passion.  Eris is a newer planet a little beyond Pluto and has been classified as a Dwarf planet. Remember Dwarf planets are still planets. Just like Dwarf Humans are still human.   Eris’s energy is the energy of Chaos, Discord and Competition (which can be both good and not so good…so keep it on the high side).  Eris is also a “wild card” energy….it is hard to know which way those energies will play out.  This is some powerful energy at work here.   Eris and Uranus both can get riled up whenever there is injustice around, and add in Mars….


These 3 planets are compelled to do the right thing for all humanity!  They will bring about opportunities for changes to be made…in all areas.   Uranus, Mars, and Eris are in Aries, (the energy of the warrior, passions, the Pioneer, action).  This can also be a very insightful time. This conjunction is asking us to move towards the responsible use of power and resources.  New adventures are being started and much action being taken in the directions that assists our evolution…… individually….throughout the World…..and also collectively.


WE ALSO HAVE SATURN AND PLUTO         along with the South Node  sitting together in Capricorn.  Another powerful conjunction!  Saturn (the father figure, integrity, respect, maturity, responsibility) rules Capricorn (government, military, banks, corporate America, integrity and respect….all our structures) and Saturn is sitting with Pluto (planet of transformation, deep Soul work, sex and death/rebirth) and the South Node (represent past lives..the past). That is a lot of emphasis on transforming Capricorn and Saturn areas.  We can see this happening in the news almost daily.  Also in our own lives.  The Universe is getting serious…..we need to head to the higher side of all these energies while staying within integrity and respect for all living (including the Earth) things!  With the Sough Node involved….the Universe is saying that we haven’t been real good in the past in all these areas and we need to bring ourselves and the world out of the “not so good” way of doing things and move towards helping and nurturing our families and our communities etc.

THESE 2 SETS OF CONJUNCTIONS ARE FORMING A VERY POWERFUL CARDINAL GRAND CROSS.   The Cardinal Grand Cross is actually made up of both of these powerful conjunctions but also adds in the North Node in Cancer and Pallas Athena (female warrior who wins with Knowledge) in Libra….forming the figure of a Grand Cross in Cardinal Energy.  Cardinal energy is the energy of….Birthing of New, Change, and Urgency! Can you feel it?  All these planets are sitting in this energy.  So we have Uranus/Mars/Eris (in Aries) squaring (stress and friction energy) South Node/Pluto/Saturn (in Capricorn)…squaring Pallas Athena (in Libra)….squaring the North Node in Cancer (where humanity is heading…Cancer is family, nurturing, caring for each other.

The Universe is getting serious and it is like humanity, the World, and the Collective….are like a Soul in Crises at this time in history.  We can no longer hide or turn the other way….we need to make changes now!   In all areas!  We need to move towards the higher energies in all areas and not worry about the past.  We need to stay out of fear (crises thrives on fear) and know that we can intend, visualize and create a better way.  Call in your guidance to assist you and Manifest a better way. Start demanding integrity and respect for yourself, both giving and receiving, and in all areas. This is part of what all the Capricorn (and the planets in Capricorn) energy is all about.  We are on the path of accelerated and radical transformations.  Individually and throughout all Humanity the World and the Earth!  We are supporting the shift….. The time is now!  The Universe is speaking loudly….are you listening?

LOOK AT THIS TIME PERIOD … as if it is an opportunity to make choices, in the directions that you need to make, as you move forward into the transformations of your Soul growth….through all types of relationships.  Thinking of it as an opportunity….brings in the “higher” energy to be used as you decide  what needs to be purged, or moved away from.  It is time to think into the future and see the “big” picture (Aquarius) so that you can start making the changes you need to make…before it begins to feel like it is being forced on you. Acts of courage (Uranus, Pluto) in response to wisdoms and insights…..are like the keys for the evolutionary process.  

This New Moon also highlights Community… and can show the power that we have within our Tribe and our Communities for loving  Relationships of all types…..signifying that the whole is always greater the then the sum of its parts.   It is saying that our coming together in our communities etc. ….can change the world!  This is an energy that we have been witnessing throughout the current political arenas.  

THE MOST POSITIVE WAY TO THE FUTURE  is the way to go, even if it feels uncertain, chaotic and “new”.  Take a step…. any step….make some choices….just move forward and help others do the same!   Aquarius has to do with thinking outside the box and being able to see the big picture.  Now is the time to meditate on that “big picture”.   Aquarius is also about the tribe, the community and all humanity.  Working together for common goals. We are all equal….oneness!  We are so very close to the real Aquarian Age……the realization that we are all on this planet together!!  Again, this is part of the “new”….how do we get there?  How do we make it happen?   With guidance…with movement….with compassion without judgment…with the Heart…..coming from the Heart….thinking with the Heart!  It is time to get out of your own way and out of your comfort zone.  Remember you are co-creating the “new”…..grab the sudden and unexpected opportunities that can come to you during this time.  Look at your challenges as opportunities for growth.  Take a step towards your future….Change your mind and you can change your life. 

REMEMBER….We have urgently (Cardinal Grand Cross) been put on the path of accelerated evolution!

DURING THIS AQUARIUS NEW MOON….it is a time to manifest and create.  It is time to sit and listen, as you can receive flashes of insight and genius with this Aquarius New Moon.  With this Aquarius New Moon, it is time to manifest oneness and compassion within your community.  Manifest compassion and oneness for all humanity.  Meditate and Manifest for “new ideas” that will make the future a wonderful reality. Believe in your dreams coming true.   This is a time to revisit and re-evaluate your personal visions and then your long term plans. This is a time to meditate on all your relationships!  Meditate on how to be your own unique individual self, while honoring and being part of a community and all humanity.   Meditate….Manifest….. above all Listen!

These are the energies affecting all of humanity and the Earth. These energies also affect you individually, according to how they activate your own birth chart. 

Learn how the energies activate your individual Birth Chart, through an Astrological Reading (my contact information is below). Knowing how the energies are affecting you personally, gives you the ability to make better choices, and use the energies in the highest way. 

Feel free to share this update, in its entirety! AstroEyes Evolutionary Astrology © 2019 Cathy Lindsey All rights reserved. 


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