A Few Words on Remember Past Lives

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Past life memories can come in in vague rememberance, or maybe a feeling that you love a certain time and place, or were a Lemurian. Something attracts you to a past self which some say is not really past as time does not exist.

Parallel simultaneous realities could be the same as a past life, if you take this idea of no time further. It is my understanding and belief that we hold the information, the memories and knowing from past existences or parallel existences of ourselves within the DNA. As DNA activates and as we go through an awakening process, we come to remember who we are and were. Being around others from these times and places, mostly our soul family, ignites our understanding and memory. It can also be being around objects like crystals that relate to that time. I could be visiting geographical place, walking our etheric footsteps in which we come to recall these times. It may not be until years later that we understand. I sense visiting the old city with the tomb of Christ plus the Qumran in Palestine where an Essene community was along with the Dead Sea Scrolls had this effect on me. I recalled my Essene lifetime a few years later even though at the time, I had no idea what this trip to Israel was about. Sacred sites raise your vibration and I know a person who says she experienced her spiritual evolution through this way. If it triggers some memories via energetic download, all the better.

Recently, I joined group of people piecing together memories of Lemuria which is fascinating to hear snippets and how they all intersect even if I myself don't remember too much. It is all rather vague.

I did discover a way to access past/parallel life information, though. One way is to ask yes/no questions in which you have trained your body to give you a yes or no answer. I can do this in my heart in that it gives an upward expansive feeling for yeses, and a dropping constricting feeling for nos. I have to be in a meditative state and ask for the highest guidance from my higher self and guides. I feel information come through in a sensory fashion.

A Simple Way to See Past Lives

The other way that I discovered which is something most everyone can try is to go into meditation and simply ask for a picture of what this life was about. Who knows what you will get and you have to have no expectations yet be open to “seeing.” It is remarkable to find stuff out about you! You might discover that you were an herbalist in a lifetime, and in this life you love plants. It will be an “a ha” kind of feeling to find congruence between this life and that life. In fact, it is my understanding that you can access the frequency of what you knew in a different lifetime and bring through those gifts and talents. I already sense that so many are doing this with healing modalities. I would love to see it with free energy technology too! Wouldn't that be nice- if we started remembering how it all works. Just remembering who you were will help you know who you are and walk with more confidence in every step. You will experience a wholeness in putting the pieces of you together.

Ultimately, in the awakening process, you may discover this life and that. It is important to put them together as the whole you, the I AM Presence existing here and now. This means to know the information and enjoy it but don't limit your thinking to identification with that aspect. You are a whole being and you incarnated now to be present and enjoy this time and space. Knowing about one's aspects makes life more colorful, rich, and multidimensional.

Many happy explorations in remembrance,

Celebrating all of who you are!

Shannon Luminance River
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