~ Final Reset to Enter 5d is Now in Process ~

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~  Earth Ally Will HARADER~

~QUOTE FROM HIS ARTICLE "THE TRUTH ABOUT THE DREAM MACHINE" ~The illusion has been called the dream machine and this is probably a more accurate term to use. When you know you're dreaming, what do you have to fear? This is what illusion is, only a dream and it certainly doesn't have to be a nightmare. The dream machine is the program, the thought loop, that supports the illusion. It didn't always function the way it does now, humanity use to be able to tell illusion from Reality. Then some beings decided they knew better and started tweaking the dream machine. They piled illusion on top of illusion and capped it off with the illusion that the illusion was real. People became divided against themselves and were mired so deep in illusion they became it's slave. They who originally messed up the dream machine became the leaders, as they were the most proficient at spinning the lies humanity now believes.  Now the Moment has come for the Dream Machine to return to Its Original Function, Love Mirroring Love!


At the very center of your Self, is the Divine Spark of Source. This is where Everything comes from, and where Everything returns to. The Energy flowing from Source is so great, that a transformer is needed to slow the Energy down enough so that it can be experienced. This is where the Soul Housing come in. The Soul Housing surrounds Source and slows the Energy down. This is the Core of your Being. The Soul is your Being, but in this state it's still All One, so something more is needed to experience the individual aspects of Being, this would be the dream machine. Everything is still All One, but within the dream it's possible to experience the Endless Aspects of this Oneness as individual pieces. It's seeing Eternity for its Endless Moments. What I just explained is actually the Holy Trinity spoken of in many religions, though the religions thoroughly confused the whole thing. To put it simply: Creation Gave Birth To Experience. Creation is the Father aspect of God, the Giving Birth is the Mother aspect of God and the Experience is the Son/Daughter aspect of God. Creation=Source=Father. Conception=Soul=Mother. Experience=Dream=Son/Daughter. Perfect and Whole in it's Simplicity.





~  Thanks to the illuminati The dream for Humanity became an induced hell, as they misused the dream machine and placed thoughts of illusions and fantasy's into it. Of course the “dreamweavers” wanted to hold onto this illusion, for their own benefits as well. Now, they have done all of this within the dream, and they did not know what the dream machine actually was. This is Why We came in.


When the first Atom bomb exploded, this sent the Atoms into Light Speed Vibration and Directly to our Door, and they said “Mother and Father God, HELP!!“ This is when we knew HUmanity was ready to Awaken from out of this hell or limited thinking and Ready for Real Love=Real Reality!


So We sent ourselves into the dream of illusion, so that we could assist Humanity out of it. The Angels are also here to assist in this Most Magnificent Event of the Aligning Within  the Central Sun which Occurred on December 21st 2012 and for the next 2 Years Humanity has to adjust to the Real Reality. We came to Get the Baby Gods out of the dream!!!



The Dream Machine originally was to be used so that we could experience ourselves within Creation, allowing Us to see the individual aspects of the Whole, which was our interconnection to each other in the Experience of Love Everywhere Present. The Illuminati created a division in this, creating the illusion of isolation and separation, thus fantasies were created over fantasies. This would be the infinite loop, that they controlled until NOW.


We are ENDING THE illusion forever!~ As Decreed and is Done, Final Reset to Enter 5d is Now in Process for those who are ready to leave the illusion forever! In order for you to experience this, you will need to let go of all belief systems everything and be an empty vessel. 5d Here We come!


~WE are Going Home~ 2014 wayward We Go

Love The Earth Allies

Are these Messages, and The Galactic Free Press Assisting You In Love, Truth, and Joy? Thanks for Sharing, Keeping us in 24 Hour Service without all of Your Support we Could not continue this Very Divine Mission! Prepare for Huge Changes this YEAR! Thanks for Your Assistance!


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Dearest FatherMotherGod,

Thank you for your service, love, and dedication in help us, HUMANITY, out of the illusion and back into REALITY.  Everything you have stated above is TRUTH.  I'm ready for 5D and above.  As above, So Within.



Rhiannon Yellow Star RA