Five reasons why you are not so real's picture

There might be reasons you may imagine yourself as a real being while there might be moment in your life in which you may have felt the nothingness of your being and the universe around you. Here is five reasons why you may have had a real experience:

1- Physics challenges our understanding of reality!


What is 2+2? You may say 4 and you may be right in most of the normal occasions. However in modern physics we look at this answer with a little bit more caution. If we are looking at event too large or too small then relativity or quantum physics may stop us from giving the same answer too quickly. To shuttles flying towards each other at an extreme speed of 200,000 km/s would not see themselves collapsing at the speed of 2+2 = 400,000 km/s! The same would go if you look at quantum events. This should make us rethink our understanding of reality and if we don't have a clue what reality is, then how would we call this world or ourselves REAL?

See a video about it here.

2- We are made of almost nothing!


Imagine a tall building collapsing in a classic demolition operation. What is left of a high rise might be nothing but a rather short pile of material. The reason is that the building is mostly made of cavity. When empty spaces between walls and floors disappear, the a large building becomes a small pile of material. Now if we somehow manage to make all empty spaces between the building blocks of matter disappear, then we would have almost nothing in size! the earth itself may shrink to the size of a dust! Now you can start thinking of yourself as an illusion made of empty spaces between unknown extremely small building block of matter which may themselves be made of energy (another mystery) or some more empty spaces.

3- In different psychological states we have different imagination of ourselves


if we have different images of an abstract reality when we are angry or happy, then either we do not have a real understanding of reality or the reality that we imagine is not so concrete and thus not so absolute and then maybe not so real! If the reality is different from what we imagine then we cannot make sure that any of our imaginations including our own image and thus entity is for real.

See a video about it here.

4- Dreams prove us wrong


We are as real in this world as we are in dream world if scenses define the reality of our world! If that reality of dream is not real then how do we make sure that this world is? If that reality is actually real then again how do we make sure that this physical world's reality is not an illusion?

5- Schizophrenia is a known disorder … or is it?


How should we know that a part of what we call reality is not illusion as many people have realities in their illusions so strong that there is no way for them to tell the difference. What if all human kind has a joint type of schizophrenia? What if the shared illusion is the illusion of our universe? What if the illusion is the shape of things? What of the illusion is our image of ourselves? What if the illusion is have some physical shapes at all!

Then so what?

If the reality we are experiencing is not so real of if we have real doubts about it then it leaves us three ways! 1) Kill ourselves in hope to find truth, 2) Learn about spirituality and philosophy in a hope to fin the truth, and finally 3) Not caring too much about what's real and what's not and just enjoying the short opportunity of living this life real or illusion.


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