~Fleets of UFOs in the Philippines~

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From Earth Allie Lucy

Hi Mother God, much love to you today and everyday. I got this message today and it is in resonance with your daily update here about the decloakings. What ever is happening it is still a little bit too difficult to understand by the majority, as these sightings happen by surprise in different parts of the world and to different type of believers in life beyond this dimension.

Here is what I just received from a group friend



[found in GLP today]
Fleets of UFOs in the Philippines
I don't care whether people here believe me or not. You can debunk this to high heavens all day and all night and that's okay with me. I am just posting this here because I believe it may be relevant for others to know.

Since yesterday, there has been an enormous amount of UFO activity here. Yesterday morning, in broad daylight, my mother saw what she described as a translucent oblong with four legs. Each leg had black "balls" at the tips that shone in the sun. This thing was ROLLING across the sky.

Now today I will have to say really freaked me out. I have never seen this many UFOs in broad daylight in my entire life. First this morning was a white saucer-shaped thing that suddenly appeared, moved left, then right, then disappeared. Next was a very shiny metallic disk that also appeared and disappeared IN THE SAME SPOT OF SKY as the white disk.

ALL DAY TODAY my mother and I have also been seeing single disks moving in the sky, mostly from east to west. This afternoon, we saw TWO FLEETS of white disks that suddenly appeared in the sky and also moved from east to west, AGAINST THE WIND. Each fleet consisted of about 10 to 14 disks. The first fleet was moving in formation, first in groups of threes in straight lines, then moving into triangles.

Again, I expect the debunkers and disbelievers and skeptics to debunk this so go ahead and have a field day. Knock yourselves out. I don't have pictures since I don't own a digital camera, and I am sure whatever videos I post will be debunked. If blurry, it will be a "bird" or "bat." If clear, it will be CGI, so what's the point?

Anyway, I am still shaking. I would break down in tears each time a fleet passed by. I don't know what is happening. What is going on? Something has to be up. Does this have to do with the North Korea launch? Something is definitely going on.""





fabulous work !

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WOW is all I can say - this photo is undeniably convincing and beautiful ! Thank you for being so courageous in going public and writing the truth of what you saw - and how you feel about this. We are truly and quickly coming together as ONE! L O V E  &  L I G H T !


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Wow!  All I can say is you're

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Wow!  All I can say is you're lucky to have seen it.  I wish to see some myself.  Guess I have to be patient.  I believe I'll get to see one when I am ready for it.  Thanks for sharing.

Philippine UFOs

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It really doesn't matter if your story gets "debunked" or whether you're tellin the truth or not, IT is happening everywhere, can't be denied, debunked whatever, ya gotta be living in a cave or just plain apathetic NOT to know about these things.....we are right smack dab in the greatest show in the universe and we are very fortunate to be incarnate in these times.....BTW, I believe you, I feel your confusion and fear.....it's OK, all is in Divine order and very soon, we'll have true Freedom and Peace......:)

We know what is going on....

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We know what is going on.... The first phase of disclosure is going on. It is done simultanously with the last stages of introduction of the new financial system. I think Galactic Federation decided to save the time and our patience!

Fleets over phillipines

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Thank you for sharing your experience!!! So exciting!
Everything is going to to be perfect very soon!
Much love!! {{<3}} TiaB'Dia USA