'The Fool's Journey'

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August 16, 2015. 'The Fool' is tonight's Tarot card for our enlightenment and contemplation - I shuffled and drew this card after asking my Spirit Guides for a little word of guidance for the human race - as usual the Guides respond with their wry wit and at times biting sense of humour by giving us 'The Fool' - we are shown here as we blithely step off the cliff - even the dog is warning us but we are not listening....this card is here representing our naive, innocent and carefree meanderings through the World ...however (be-fittingly as this is the first of my weekly tarot messages series - coincidence I think not!) this is the very first card in the Tarot deck - so like little children - our journey is just beginning...we have the potential to become what we choose to become - it's up to us humanity! Confidence, faith and courage are required, but like the tiny acorn, we too have the seed within to become the mighty oak!
"Trust in your inner knowing. Life is an adventure, a journey of discovery to be enjoyed." 
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