Free-Falling...04/11/2012 by GLR SophiaLove

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by GLR SophiaLove

   We are in free-fall.  I’ve been skydiving, and this is the reason I did it.  Exhilarating, terrifying, and thrilling, it is damn near orgasmic.  It is an incredible moment in time.  I will never forget it.  In the air it lasts for moments; here on earth it’s much longer. 

These times we are in have no guidebook.  There is not a twelve step program to release our addictions to third density while we are enmeshed here.  It sounds easy in so much of the information out there … “Let go of the misery of pain and suffering!” “Get the physical vitality you desire without aging!” “Become one with all of life!” “Just love all the time!” “Live in a constant state of bliss!”

Wow, I want to go there. Yet, I am here, and I have to get myself there.  There is not a pill to take or a plane to catch (or jump out of).  There is just me, here now, with these very third dimensional bills and tasks and relationships and aches and anxieties.

It is time to choose now. Every challenge we find the most difficult will rear up and stand in front of us, blocking our view.  We will not see what is possible with love until we can see through the illusions in the way. They seem to be running and fighting with each other now, to take front row… as if the debt is pushing its way to the front, quickly followed by an angry loved one or a persistent physical issue.  They seem larger than life and our responses to them are telling us where we need to focus.

This is all improvised.  No one can tell you how to do this.  You have to love yourself enough to persist.  Love is the only answer.

We wanted to be showers of the way.  It is show time.  

We can do this.  Remember love in every moment.  If a moment of fear or anger or frustration or desperation or loss overtakes you, bring yourself back with love.  It is never true that this is all there is or that you are lost or that it is necessary to be afraid.  You are the most powerful being there is, here to transcend this dimension.  You can do this.  You came to do this. You are doing this.

You are a whisper of love from our creator, gently placed on this earth as a piece of eternity.  There is no one more suited to love yourself than you.  There is none more worthy, intelligent, or able to do this. What is shouting at you is illusory.  The louder it shouts, the more you can be sure that you are on the right track, that your love is just sticking out there now, anyone can see it.  

There was a time you believed in fear, and the volume wasn’t necessary to get you to pay attention.  Not today, you know the truth now.  Fear is the opposite of what you are.  Pay no attention to the noise, its part of the show.  Focus on truth.  See each moment as a chance to love anyway, take nothing personal and focus on the light within the one doing the shouting.  That is what is real.  What is waiting for us after we complete this free fall, is love.  

If this intensity is any indication, we are in for one incredible landing.  We are doing a great job!  

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.