Free Your Body from Trapped Emotions

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trapped emoitons in hips“One thing you can’t hide – is when you’re crippled inside.” ~ John Lennon

Pelvis is shaped like a bowl and the spine just like a straw that is dipped in the bowl connecting the brain to the entire network in the body. A complex unit of muscles, bones, tendons, fascia fibres and ligaments, pelvis houses integral muscles connecting the upper and lower extremities.

Our mind often tucks away emotions, stress, pain in the confines of the hip bowl. That is why our hips are referred as the junk drawer or the store room for dodged emotions.

Hips acquire a central role in our lives. The main muscle groups of the hip flexors, iliopsoas muscles, sartorius and Rectus Femoris, are responsible for the flight, fight and freeze response in the body.