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Don't believe? See the video response below
Alien/inter-dimensional entities Disclosure! WOW! I received this in the post and I was asked to upload this. There were images separate from this video which I was told to destroy (and I did destroy them). The images were to prove that this is not fake! I cannot answer every question. so here are a few.
I was asked to destroy images received, because without the verbal message they would be out of context and misunderstood.
Aliens are not making the video.
The truth is far more complex than just a 'Flying Saucer' coming from afar.
They are totally aware of the ridicule and disbelief that this message has initiated - It was as expected. It was also covered in this video.
This is the genuine article and a message to NASA and all the Space Agencies is coming.

The message written:

Greetings citizens of the world. We now have the knowledge of the illuminati and We will share this information with you.
We can perceive why those withholding this knowledge are doing so, but completely disagree, with that policy.
It is every human's birthright, to be given the truth regarding reality and our place in the universe.
You are intelligent enough to come to terms with this information and therefore We know You will not suffer.
You will have your reality and belief system challenged, but You Will benefit from it's disclosure.
When this Data is released in the coming weeks, first impressions will be disbelief, due

to Your own mind calling out fake and impossible! However, You will be guided through this experience of learning.
It will be an extremely Hard lesson to learn once you become one of the knowing, and it will be no easy ride 
(Psychologically speaking). For as we stated your perception of reality and belief systems are challenged to 
the highest degree. Once this battle has conspired, You will emerge reborn with the knowledge of the universe 
and all that is.
You will not instantly know every aspect of the reality which has been denied you. Instead it will be up to 
You to perceive the information being released and use Your mind and inner light to connect with those the ancients 
called the Gods, thus receiving more answers.
You are in receipt of their messages yet You choose to ignore them, as the conditioning You have endured willingly,
creates a 'Mind-set' that refuses to acknowledge them. What you refuse to know in your mind, You will refuse to see
with your eyes. Those whom try and refute this evidence (and there will be many), are those that keep your mind in 
bondage, do not trust them, instead trust your own intuition.
The data which we release will be visual and verbal. All we ask of You, is to promote it and translate it into Your
own language and the language of others, be it verbal or sign. When this message has become viral on the internet, we will then
disclose the truth.

This message is to prepare the way for the teaching of what is. The coming videos will explain all. When folk see what they have there will be (as stated in this video) much disbelief and cries of impossible, debunking and denial, however no-one will be able to refute official images and footage!. But one must realise the only threat to humanity is those that hide the truth and have been doing so since the early 1900's.




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I am ready for what you want to reveal.

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I have just seen that the video views have been 'Frozen' on this and the NASA message. This is an obvious ploy to decrease it's popularity - in the sense that it is hiding the fact - The masses do want the truth. I thank you for posting this, as you have shown much strength and courage. May you be blessed with all that is pure and may the love and light you have in your hear be realised by all you encounter