~Fukushima will not destroy the atmosphere as many are claiming.~ ST.GERMAIN

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My dear ones. Fukushima will not destroy the atmosphere as many are claiming. There is minor leakage being disbursed and workers will contain the damage to the immediate area. No common disease will be attached to these contaminated, disturbed containers.... When the days of darkness descend on the entire planet, no nuclear conditions will be enjoyed, as complete darkness on all continents will delete their abiity to contribute their cancer causing energy to anyone. No drama will ensue, as these reactiors are not going to contribute toward the controllers game.

Make this descent into complete darkness an adventure. Keep candles and oil lamps available. Create dark moment activities (other than watching TV or playing computer games). Spend your daytime hours doing things to make the night a convenient time to rest.

Am I giving this information now because this can occur at any time? Yes, we want this message about getting prepared to be a call to all who will listen. Buy candles, dried and canned edibes, and flashlights for the next change. Dense attitudes do nothing to alter circumstances and can make life very miserable.. Why not be ready to have a nice time instead? Can candles be made a household commodity? Can children have their own flashlights? Not much to ask for a major challenge. Keep extra batteries for the flashlights, as most stores will be out of stock. Get a good can opener and food that can be opened and consumed without cooking. "Take-away" will not be available and your microwaves will not be working.

What will cause this dark moment in human creation? Most of you are already aware of the most active alterations being made to the atmosphere by contaminated droppings of chem trails. These, and the materials they mix with, can destroy all of man's answers to good diet and clean drinking water. Acting to destroy many on the continents by what appears to be natural causes, these droppings are causing hazerdous waste and destroying the land beyond our abiity to protect it. Nature has complained, and not only been ignored, but the compounded droppings have increased. Glaciers melting have everything to do with man made control of global warming.

Passing by the cars contribution, and all of the direct dumping of carbon dioxide into the drama, these droppings of gasses are deleting the human ability to contain them. Bowel dysfunction is one common derivative, and obesity is another. Chem trails deny the atmosphere of quality oxygen to breathe, collapsing man's creation in the wake of these natural calamaties. My dear ones, get ready to take charge of this! Demand the details about chem trails. Act against them! Get out of apathy! Your world cannot sustain itself with no oxygen!

Contact with the helpers that manufacture these chemical dispursants need to be made. Closing these controller's companies must be done. On company that must go is Monsanto. Another is General Electric. Another is Pfizer. And the cause of the chem trail distribution comes from the CIA. CIA organized and controls the operation. It was begun before the Clinton administration and has continued by agreement of all administrations. The creators claim it is for advancing health, and decision makers are not told of the actual contents being dropped. Methane is in these droppings. Now who could deny the destructive contents that come to all to consume? Can the air be a threat with nuclear additions? You bet it can. Not the level of air contamination that Fukushima is delivering, but when other nuclear containers are destroyed in the near future, this can add adequate toxicity to the air that is now being chem trailed to devastate entire areas just like a nepalm bomb, making clean up far more costly than any tsunami.

Chapter II of this dialog will give more details about how the governments of the US and Europe have been denied access to what is actually going on. My dream is for this to not continue. Believe me, no Ascended Master can divert what man does to himself.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna