FULL MOON IN TAURUS – November 4, 2017

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I know everyone is feeling a bit uneasy right now regarding the world's political turmoil.  Since August we have been in an accelerated growth phase…Cardinal Squares, T-Squares, Grand Cross’s, we have had Eclipse’s, the Fall Equinox and many major Astrological configurations, and with many affecting the Ancient Star Systems…wow!!  Growth isn’t always easy… and during this growth period we are currently in….it can feel as if we are experiencing radical  transformation on a daily bases…with a lot of urgency and chaos!  At this Full Taurus Moon we are being given a good luck charm of sorts.  At this Full Moon we have Venus (which rules Taurus) sitting with Jupiter!  Venus is the planet of Love, attraction, creativity, and prosperity!   Jupiter is the planet of higher wisdoms and knowledge, optimism and joy, expansion and good luck.  Having Venus ruling this Full Moon and Jupiter sitting next to the Scorpio Sun (in this New Moon) we have  the ability to not only manifest our own reality, our own future….but it is also bringing us a little luck in the areas of Love and Prosperity! 

This Full Moon in Taurus is quit an amazing Full Moon…as with all Full Moon’s, it involves the Sun (the Moon opposite the Sun is what makes up the Full Moon).  The Sun, during a Full Taurus Moon is in Scorpio….and the Scorpio sun is sitting with Jupiter! 

This Full Moon is in Taurus, ruled by Venus…it is about self Love and our values…it is about comfort and a connection with  love for the Earth and all who resides there.  The major theme throughout is… Love!  The balancing of the feminine and the male, the yin and the yang energies, has also been a major theme from the Universe during this shift.  It is time to release ways in which you are not balancing the feminine and the male energies…. and any other situations that are out of balance.  We need to be in balance for us to evolve, and to co-create the “New.”   During the last several months relationship issues in all areas…. have been brought up and put right in our faces, right in our faces so we won’t miss them…..so we can heal them.  You have to be able to “see” them…..before you can heal them!  

Full moons are also a time for releasing, a time of letting go.   It is a time of releasing the old that is no longer working.  Go deep into yourself, your foundations and old perceptions and observe what is no longer working for you.  Look very deep at what you are holding onto…… and what you need to let go of.   Think deeply and meditate on areas that are hard to let go of….. involving people/places/things.  Try to get a clearer picture of what needs to be let go of….. what is no longer vibrating where you are vibrating….. and let it go…in the most compassionate way.  Give it back to Source…so you can continue to move forward. 

 With this Taurus Full Moon (Moon opposite a Scorpio Sun) we are asked to confront our fears, even those that are deep in our Soul, and release what no longer serves us.  Taurus is ruled by Venus and Venus is about beauty, love, relationships and creativity.  Taurus energy loves comfort, food and the beauty of nature… and is quite creative.  Taurus wants you to have a healthy and spiritual relationship with the physical world.  Taurus is also about your core values and living by them.  Taurus is about your self-worth including security, money and how you obtain money. On the gray side…. Taurus can be quite stubborn…..materialistic…. and there is a tendency to be reclusive and/or the hermit.  In what areas of life do you tend to withdraw and become stubborn about…..that you now need to release?  What areas do you need to look at that are no longer vibrating with your value system…..your core….your Soul……it is time to release with Love…….

Scorpio (the Sun in this Full Moon) is a water sign, and is very intuitive/psychic. It is drenched in emotions and insights. Scorpio is also about power, natural shamanism, the taboo, natural healing, Earth spirituality, psychic gifts, other people’s money, sacred sex and Trust.  Scorpio represents the transformation of our Soul’s and the Soul of the Earth. Scorpio is about intimacy.  It is about sharing with another….on the deepest levels possible, in the most sacred areas of the Soul.  The biggest issue in Scorpio relationships is often trust.  The deep Soul sharing and deep Spiritual sharing….can leave the Soul shattered if trust is broken. 

 With this Full Taurus Moon we have the ability to release lots of old emotional baggage….to forgive ourselves and to let go of what no longer serves us. During this Full Taurus Moon we have the opportunity to bring into balance the higher Scorpio (Sun) energies and then ground them into our everyday lives (Taurus Moon).   Watch out for the gray side of Scorpio during this Full Taurus Moon....which is…jealousy, manipulation, control, judgment, lies, secrets, possessiveness etc. 

We are being asked to clarify what we cherish in our lives, and what we need to transform.  We are learning to balance security (Taurus) with evolution and change (Scorpio).  We are learning to not become reclusive with our resources, but to share them in community.  We are being asked to balance the Male (Scorpio) & Feminine (Taurus), the Yin & Yang energies etc..  We are being asked to look at our values.  We are being asked to see through our awareness, that what has form (Taurus) is based upon the unseen but deeply felt (Scorpio).

This Taurus Full Moon challenges us to get really clear on what’s essential, and what has value to that particular person or situation.   There is beauty to create.  There are things to do for comfort. There is stability to obtain. There is sensuality to share and embody.  Take responsibility for making your own life and surroundings beautiful.”    Take a moment and realign yourself with these responsibilities.   This is a time to take a meditative pause and let your thoughts and wisdoms from your mind and body…..ignite your will to think for yourself and question authorities in all areas of life. 

During this Full Taurus Moon at 11 degrees of Taurus we have Jupiter sitting right with it.   It will bring lots of good energies of Joy and optimism….travel and fun and also expansion!  Jupiter will be in Scorpio for a year!  An interesting event that happened as Jupiter moved into Scorpio last month was the Harvey Weinstein (American film producer) scandal that broke out!  Since then….sex scandals have been breaking out all over Washington and Hollywood etc.!!  With Scorpio ruling sex and Jupiter ruling expansion…. along with Pluto in Capricorn (government, CEO’s, corporate etc.) ruling Scorpio and  with Mars also ruling Scorpio and squaring Pluto…Wow that’s a lot of power, transformation and intensity!!   Welcome Jupiter in Scorpio!!

This could also be a year of secrets, sex, drama’s, trauma’s etc….coming to the surface and being put right in our faces…..regardless of who you are or how much you are worth!!

Jupiter in Scorpio is also about the Unconscious mind becoming conscious!   All that is taboo…is being bought to the service!!   A time to look at our shadows and do the work!  Scorpio is also very intuitive, psychic, intense…it is the seductress or seducer…it is very hypnotic and magnetic.    Your either the “good witch” or the “bad witch”  J     The Good witch is very spiritual….Earth spirituality, natural healing, using crystal’s and stone’s to heal, natural shamanism, and hospice, and the sign of the “Soul Mate” etc.   Jupiter on the high side is also the energy of Hope, Optimism, Joy, and expansion…..higher knowledge, higher spirituality.  Master teachers, lecturers and published authors.  So as you can see….heading to the high side of Jupiter in Scorpio is where we want to focus during this powerful year of Jupiter in Scorpio…..and this full Moon is really kicking it off with intense passion!!!

On November 13th….Venus and Jupiter will be sitting side by side in the morning sky.  You will be able to see this conjunction at 2:15 am on the 13th!   I strongly suggest that you make an effort to get up out of bed and look at this amazing sight! It will be a Very lucky day!

Historians and Astronomers believe that this conjunction of Venus and Jupiter on the 13th is what has been referred to as the “Christmas Star.”    The 2 brightest planets (Venus and Jupiter) will practically merge into one single blinding beautiful light!!  This is an unusual event as it is one of the many possibilities cited for what the famous “Star of Bethlehem” might have been! In fact: the 3 wise men may have followed this same alignment all the way to Bethlehem.   Although this happens quit often as Venus moves rather quickly and meets up with Jupiter…..this conjunction is extremely close!   It is at 7 degrees of Scorpio an 20 minutes.   In Astronomical terms  it means they are both aligned with the Ecliptic and they are very close parallel of declination. Venus and Jupiter will be only 18 arc-minutes apart in the sky.   In human terms this means… that Jupiter and Venus will be….less than one-third of a degree apart.   Therefore blending into this one single blinding beautiful light   So getting up at 2:15 ish am….may just be well worth it!!  J   

The energy peek being the 12th through the 17th!!!   This could be a time of fated romance and karmic lovers, the start of a new love story…and also the realization that the one you are with is truly your “Soul Mate.”  This also is a time of prosperity….a time to manifest abundance!  But because of  Jupiter sitting with this Full Moon and Venus ruling this Taurus Full moon…..the energy is in effect now through the peek!!!  

We also have this Full Taurus Moon happening on the back drop of the Cardinal Square….in this case the Cardinal T-Square….adding even more change, urgency, transformation and birthing of new…energy to this Full Moon!   I have talked about the Cardinal T-Square many times in the past, and this one ties into the full Moon as Pluto (in the Cardinal T-Square) rules Scorpio and Uranus (in the Cardinal T-Square) is opposing Venus which rules Taurus!  All the inner and outer work that will be brought up to us and put in our faces (or the faces of the Governments and Leaders of the World, CEO’s etc) will be intense, chaotic, and transformative!  Through chaos comes creativity, and through transformation comes the “New” that we are co-creating!!!

Take a moment to align with Mother Earth, give thanks for all the goodness and resources she gives so freely. The Universe is speaking very loudly!!!!   The Urgency is increasing….. Are you listening?

Meditate….especially out in Nature if possible….and ask your Guidance to help you become aware of relationship wounds (past and present) that need healing.   Ask your Guidance to help you heal the wounds, with ease and grace….. that are being brought up during this Taurus Full Moon.  Ask your Guidance to guide you towards loving and healthy relationships of all kinds…..and ask for synchronicities so you know you are heading in the right directions.    Meditate and joyfully connect with the Earth….enjoy her beauty….and let yourself create. 

Over the last few months the energies have been very intense……very transformative…..very chaotic.    Remember that  the Universe is saying .…no lies, no secrets, no out of bounds ego, no manipulation etc…….so the Universe is putting things right in our faces (this includes the government and international, corporate etc.) so that we can see them, so that we have to acknowledge them and take action.   We have to be able to “see” them….before we can Heal them.   We have to look at them….feel them…realize that it isn’t going to go away until we take a step, take action and make the changes we need to make.   It is not easy….it can be chaotic, stressful, and emotionally draining……but the Universe is also giving us everything we need to make the changes so we can move forward into the “new”.

During this time you may be faced with some uncomfortable things that you may have to deal with, in all areas of life.  However, with the Moon in Taurus, there can be some peace and serenity in the midst of Scorpio’s passionate emotions. There can be opportunities for inspiration and joy.  Release joyfully through the arts, music, community events and the Earth.  A Full Moon in Taurus wants us to get out of our heads and into the comforts of home and the earth. A Taurus Full Moon would like for us to enjoy what we have and be grateful for it.

It is time to Connect and sit with the Earth during this Full Moon period.  Feel her energy…… by looking out a window if the weather is getting colder……you can still connect with her energy that way.   Put your hands in the dirt of one of your plants…..feel the Earth energy?     Meditate during this powerful time.  We are still incorporating and embodying the energies of the last several powerful events.  Meditate on how to release some of the chaos that is happening to us or around us.   This Full Moon is also activating and building upon the energies we have just gone through.  Meditate and Manifest and create a beautiful world for yourself, and a peaceful awakening for humanity.    Meditate…….and Listen!!!!

These are the energies affecting all of humanity and the Earth.  These energies also affect you individually, according to how they activate your own birth chart.

Learn how the energies activate your individual Birth Chart, through an Astrological Reading (my contact information is below).  Knowing how the energies are affecting you personally, gives you the ability to make better choices, and use the energies in the highest way. 

Feel free to share this update, in its entirety!   AstroEyes Evolutionary Astrology © 2017  Cathy Lindsey     All rights reserved. 


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