The Full Moon transmission for March is all about LOVE Love is the Key and the Way

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 Love is an energy that powers new creation and helps us move through change and frequently challenge, as change always brings up challenge as we first discover a New Way and then begin to live it and integrate it into our lives. As human beings we are all going through a time of transition right now within our own consciousness and personal lives. This inner change within us is also being reflected in our relationships, our communities and society in general.

Many people have said to me, "I did not expect it to be so hard after the shift. I thought things would be easier," but for change to occur there has to be a big shake up of the old and a letting go of that which does not serve us. We have to release old ways of being and operating in the world so that we can become better aligned with the true essence of our soul self, the true nature of us, so that our soul self and the soul group from which we come can better express through our physical selves into the world.  


In February I was asked by Spirit to travel to La Sainte Baume in Provence, France to receive information and energy from Mary Magdalene that was to be called 'The Transcripts of Mary Magdalene'. This was the name I received last year after I first went to La Sainte Baume in July.


Mary Magdalene lived in the rocky hills of La Sainte Baume for 30 years when she came to France following the crucifixion of Jesus, but as you will learn when you listen to the transmission, the energy and information is really not from Mary. It is from her soul group. Her physical form and expression while on Earth was actually bringing through to the Earth plane the feminine aspect of the Godhead and this is the energy of the transcripts. These transcripts will bring information and intense energy and consciousness change to us so that we too might forge a NEW WAY on our NEW FIFTH DIMENSIONAL EARTH.


This is the time for the expression of the Divine Feminine new creation energy of God to be expressed on the Earth. It is all perfect and part of a Divine Plan and we are all part of this plan for the evolutionary advancement of humanity.


Rose We are all going through a time of intense change and in many cases challenge and it is LOVE that is the KEY showing us a NEW WAY. I remember that I said in January that we would all go through quite an intense process of change until March or April! Well hold on for the ride.


The first transmission that came through while I was in La Sainte Baume was about the Fundamental Nature of Love and I got to truly understand that love begins with LOVING WISDOM. This is the tuning in to the wisdom of what our soul is saying to us about how we should live our life and what we need to do to best express our passion and walk our soul's path. The most important energy in life I was told after LOVE is JOY. Our lives should flow with JOY. If they don't, we are not truly connecting with LOVING WISDOM and applying the LOVING STRENGTH that is required to forge a new way.


Being strong and having courage and applying LOVING STRENGTH to the creation of the most wonderful and magical expression of our soul's truth is for most of us the biggest challenge.


My personal journey right now is to apply the principles of the Fundamental Nature of Love, to let go of the old and bring in the new.


I invite you to join me as we begin to walk together on a new path of greater love, peace and oneness.


Many blessings,

Judy Satori

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