Full Moon Workshop With The Sacred Violet Flame

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Beloveds, this time of the year hold many miracles as the human collective opens up their mind and hearts to the gifts of the Divine. Know that every moment of your life you can call in the Divine and allow yourself to receive blessings, gifts and miracles. The Full Moon rises on the 22nd—very near the winter solstice this year! Therefore it holds an even more powerful impact as usually. Beloveds, when you feel ready fully surrender into the light of the Full Moon and allow total transformation. Have faith and trust in yourself, in your I AM.


Channeled Message

“ Greetings. Greetings. Greeting, Beloveds. We are the council of 9 and we come forth at this time to support you. I am Lord Melchizedek and with me are the Lords Sananda, Master Kuthumi, High Priestess & Goddess Kuan Yin, King Solomon and many more, we step forth as a collective consciousness at this time to remind you of your true nature - Your Divine Essence. We are here to offer our service to those among you, who are dedicated and willing to fully surrender outdated memories, imprints & beliefs that hold you back as a human collective and in your very own ascension journey. We, as a collective, hold the light keys to fully activate parts of your body and soul that used to function in divine accordance, when you were living in the 5 th Dimensional Frequency Rate. Beloveds you are ready now to become the beacon of light. This upcoming full moon on the 12/21 we will be working as a collective on your soul memory bank, allowing you to fully surrender and let go of resistance that limits your self from emanating higher frequency light codes. We teach you how to expand your light and revive lost soul parts. Beloveds, you are entering a powerful period of self growth, self worth, self love and compassion. Unravelling your greatest gift, which is YOU! We are here to share our gratitude, confidence, clarity, wisdom and love with you, we are Infinite and love you beyond measure. Namaste. Adoni.”

You are personal invited to join us for our full moon workshop on the 21st. of December 2018, where you will receive a powerful experience from Daniela and Deborah as your hosts & channels. You will be led into your higher consciousness & awareness of Self. As you will connect into the energies of your I AM That I AM Presence that resides within each and every one of us, deepening your bond. Lord Melchizedek and his Team of beloved Ascended Masters & Archangels will be joining the workshop to perform a deep clearing through the act of kindness on everybody that comes to the Live Skype Call or gets the Recording. Archangel Metatron and Archangel Michael are executing a supreme light work on you to assist you in clearing your mind of clutter. Beloved Saint Germain will take you on an inner journey, where you will heal old wounds of the ego mind through the transmutative energy of the violet flame.

Allow Spirit to surprise you in this upcoming Full Moon Workshop. And know that you will once again have an opportunity to take part in an Ascension Ceremony through the kindness and love of our Beloved Saint Germain. He boldly steps forward for each and everyone, who has given their permission and dedication to the cause of Planetary Ascension, and boosts our frequency through the use of his Atomic Accelerator device and the Elixir of Life which he magically infuses with his Golden energy.  In one of Master Saint Germain's incarnations, he appeared as Merlin, the Magician & Alchemist who counselled the young Arthur who later became King of England in the 5th Century. Afterwards we will have a group discussion where we will answer any questions you may have and where you may share your experiences with the rest of the group if you choose.

Book Early and receive a personal Message from the Divine! Everybody that books before the live call will receive a personal Message! You can book either to join the actual call or get only the recording. Important is to book before the 12/21 at 3pm Central Europe time.