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#FULLMOON‪ #UNCI #GRANDMOTHERS #EARTHSTAR#PEACE #CALENDAR #YES  In the EARTHSTAR PEACE CALENDAR, this FULL MOON is THE GRANDMOTHERS MOON. UNCI, THE GRANDMOTHERS, OPEN DOORWAYS OF UNIFICATION OF SELF. "Today we would have you remember RELATIONSHIP.  Remember your RELATIONSHIP to The Tree of Life.....ABOVE.....BELOW.....BEHIND.....BEFORE.....LEFT.....RIGHT..... these Six Directions are directions of your origin....KNOW THAT THESE DIRECTIONS ARE ACTUALLY PORTALS, WHICH EXIST WITHIN YOUR AURA. Thus, they are a part of YOU. They are your DOORWAYS to the realms of the Grandmothers and Grandfathers, that place which is beyond that which you understand as Universe. You must seek relationship with each of these Sacred Directions and know that through the image of this Sacred Symbol, through this Law of Strength, Health and Happiness, you may open these portals. You may discover who you are in relation to; the Spirit, Mystery, Grandmothers, Grandfathers, Holy Mothers and Holy Fathers. You will discover those Essences of Life, which have formed to be you.....TO BECOME ONE WITH ALL THAT YOU ARE, YOU MUST UNDERSTAND WHO YOU REALLY ARE......You must have RELATIONSHIP with those beings that have nurtured you throughout eons of Time and even before Time was......DISCOVERING THOSE WHO LOVE YOU SO MUCH WILL OPEN YOUR HEART WHICH IS YOUR SACRED HEART. THE SACRED HEART IS YOUR CONNECTION TO THE SPIRIT AND THE MYSTERY. IT IS THE CONNECTION TO GRANDMOTHERS AND GRANDFATHERS. IT IS THE CONNECTION TO HOLY MOTHER AND HOLY FATHER.....Open yourself to their Love! Walk with them each day! We Grandmothers will be with you through this Spiritual Law to help you understand these guardians of your TRUE NATURE......For, in Truth, ALL IS ONE......And you, O Beloved One of the Universe, are a Sacred Tree of Life. Know the beings, which surround you in the Breath of Spirit. These Portals of Understanding are ready to open.....The beaming Faces of Love are ready to greet you.....We, the Grandmothers, will guide you and teach you......REMEMBER, REMEMBER, REMEMBER your connection to All. " -UNCI, THE GRANDMOTHERS in the SPIRITUAL LAW OF OF STRENGTH, HEALTH, & HAPPINESS.http://www.scribd.com/doc/4960419/Maka-Wicahpi-Wicohan, starts on page 66 

The EXACT TIME of this FULL MOON is at 22:44 UTC.

ART: "Grandmother Moon" by Mary Trewhellawww.eaglestarspiritart.com, "Ix’el, La Abuela," by Ana Ruth Castillo https://ajtun.wordpress.com/ & the STAR CODE for THE GRANDMOTHERS, UNCI--the SPIRITUAL LAW OF OF STRENGTH, HEALTH, & HAPPINESS. To activate it, draw it & circle it.