Gaia Earth Star Solstice Capricorn New Moon - A New Humanity

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Gaia Earth Star shares her insights on the Solstice Capricorn New Moon with Uranus co-ruler of the Aquarian Age moving forward that day. Couple days later Saturn, ruler of this Human Dimension and co-ruler of this New Age will enter Sagittarius. Much is happening in the Stars my Dear Ones and this time is a time of commitment to one's soul purpose. Our Soul Self is rising, creating an alchemical union with our Spirit Self. Our Diamond Heart is being pressured to shine the Eternal Light of our Soul Self, the foundation of the Golden Age. It is a birthing process my Dear Ones, let time do its work is what Saturn likes to remind us and keep up. 
We are ascending to new heights of awareness and consciousness, remembering we are One. All false concepts and ideas based on fear which separate are dissolving, being transformed, if we so choose, into a more compassionate, all-encompassing and unifying Heart and Soul frequency. Go with the flow of our Human Evolution my Dear Ones. Breathe, meditate, contemplate, retreat, go within, spend time with Mother Earth, whatever you are guided to do to anchor the powerful transformative and liberating energies coming from the Heart of Creation, the Goddess, your own Human Cosmic Heart. Allow your own mystery to unfold and remember that we have come to experience Divine Soul Love in a human form, a love which unites beyond the illusion of separation, a Love which is truly eternal.

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Wishing you a blessed Solstice New Moon!

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