Galactic Community of Souls and the Call to Dance

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Galactic Community of Souls and the Call to Dance


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for two days i have been sensing many different light beings , this is the message i have been asked to share


we love you so

we stand and dance  beside you

we have seen your work, your unity of love and light we have watched in awe and admiration

you are all more powerfull than you could ever comprehend your light travels to the ends and beginnings of the multiverse

now we ask to join you in your dance of love and joy and light.

when you connect in your meditations call us to you

see us

feel us



feel us with all of your senses, we are never more than a breath away

never more than a pulse or beat of your heart away.

sense us, sense us, sense us with you for we truly are and see into our eyes

and in our eyes you will see yourselves and how we see you.

and you will see the beauty of your creation through our eyes

our sight through your eyes,


and feel the love , it is real , feel, feel feel feel feel in your heart feel

and we reach our hands out to yours

take our hands and may we be joined by the power of the Holy spirit of all between the dimensions and remove the illusion of seperation of us from you

draw our hands to your heart and sense us through your hearts concioussness,

and place your hands on our hearts and sense our hearts concioussness

what you feel, we feel

what we feel ,you feel

we truly do


and as you begin to experience visions of past lives and futures so do we

and we will show you our visions of places you are yet to perceive and many you will have shared with us.


we have the same need for connection

the same need for reunion

the same longings for love and passion of life from original source of all creation

we have all taken many journies and reunion calls

we can show you sensations of our realms, new senses and gifts.

the beauty of the multiverse awaits us all.


we see our light bodies touching yours, bodies of many different types yet all from the same light of life.

and we shall dance and weave our love and light in the highest emotions,

a highest vibrational energetic state of dimensional concioussness

unity of souls

all sides learning

all sides growing

all with the will to love life, to create, dance and play


we are here , we are real

breathe in our love to your dimension

breathe out your love to our dimension

each breath in and out taking us higher and higher to new realms of exploration


co existing realities enabling us to be in the center of our multiverse,

stand still and strong in your center and see the lights of love and life spiral around you spinning higher and higher opening a portal to the opportunity of all you desire.

bringing in higher understanding, higher learnings, new thoughts, new creations

and when we have travelled enough we bring our focus back to the moment of the now

enriched with Knowledge

strengthened with the purest light


A glorious reunion awaits us

may the Holy spirit of all times , all places , all dimensions bind us all in the unity of our love and light

our truth

Blessed be




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I'm soooo excited and am already in tears of joy...

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