~~The Galactic Federation through Wanderer of the Skies~6~29~11

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~The Galactic Federation through Wanderer of the Skies~

June 29, 2011



Greetings from the Federation:

There is much happening on your world right now despite the fact that so many of you have doubts about this process moving forward. We can assure you that it is indeed on track and all things are happening as we have planned.

There are many looking for answers to questions about what is happening now and many more who are totally overwhelmed by the process. We will not address these issues with you. We ask only that you keep focused on the task at hand. We ask that you direct your love, in its purest and most intense form possible, to your leaders as they discuss the final steps towards Disclosure. This will inspire a great movement forward as the power of your intention can create your reality. 

In the time leading up to disclosure, we ask that you spread the word as diplomatically, and as articulately, as you know how so that the greatest number of people will have an idea of what is to happen. In the days following Disclosure, we ask that you triple those efforts, as the act of Disclosure itself will be your rallying cry and you will have been “vindicated” in all your actions leading up to this moment.

It is here and upon you. You will know it most definitely when it occurs. There will be no mistaking this. Our representatives are already among you and are taking their places for the announcement. The “cracks in the dam” are coming from every side now in ever increasing numbers and quality of information. 

We know how difficult the ups and downs of this disclosure process has been over the years. But time has now run out and we are quite confident that any outbreaks of hostility to the announcement, which we are becoming more and more convinced will not happen, can be contained by us. The true “test” will be your abilities as Light workers to calm the fears of those who have no idea that this process was underway for so long. Information and knowledge are the keys to obliterating fear. It is the torch of truth that eliminates fear from the minds of the human being. When Disclosure occurs, you need not stand on the soapbox to preach about us. They will already know. You simply have to point those who are uncertain or fearful to the same sources you have been following these long years so that they may drink from the pools of knowledge and information that have allowed you to become assured of our benevolence.

After that, we will test, ever so diplomatically, the waters of Disclosure ourselves by becoming apparent in more than obvious ways. In the weeks and months following, we will begin the process of mutual understanding, mutual respect, mutual kindness and love. Those acts alone will bring the torch of Truth to those who are uncertain. Until then, you are charged with the responsibility for the knowledge you have. Begin by intending your result with Love and Kindness for all.

Be at peace.

Channeler: Wanderer of the Skyes





May it come NOW. May we go home NOW. AMEN.

I Am stil as Human as the MASS that do not know what is coming

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I would appreciate some help with words to explain to the MASSES that I have become  responsible for, to reassure them that disclosure is for ALL to be at PEACE=LOVE=HARMONEY.So I can show them "NO more suffering and have clean water and enough food without the loss of " that dirt paper CALLED $$$$$" You see? I need the Proper words for them to understand ME for them to stay calm.... I don't how to explain this to You.. Please E-mail Me to give Me the words to use to keep My Masses calm and safe... I AM BERNADETTE  ((((((HUGS)))))) !!


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Welcome Home into,The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth=Heart, We Love you Unconditionally!!


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MotherFatherGod, I love you and appreciate all that you do.  Thank you so much for spread truth love and joy.  Last night I was in deep meditation and I had a vision of Lord Sanada decending to my being, but my egoic mind paniced and side stepped out of the path so I lost the connection that was about to be made.  When I was 12 I had a bad experience during meditation, something came towards me and I think that is where the fear stems.  Needless to say I am rather dissapointed and saddened that I had such a negative and feadful knee jerk reaction.  I am going to try and re-connect againt tonight.  Is there any advice you can give to me to completely cleanse myself of this deep fear that I do not like and hinders me?  I appreciate any advice you could give me.  Thank you so much.  I give my Love and gratitude to you and all the beings of Light and Love in this wonderful uni-omni-verse.