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Love Letters From The Present Moment of NOW, Heaven on Earth=Heart.”


Blessed is The Love Called God Everywhere Present Equally Within US ALL.”


Love from the Galactic Federation of Light, The Company of Heaven, and from Galactic Central/Center. WE are Your Family of Light, From The Stars and Beyond...We are Your Earth Allies, and representatives For First Contact. WE are Also The Ground Crew Medical Team, Here on Planet Earth=Heart, Walking With Each of You, Hand in Hand Home into the Light! We Love You Unconditionally!




Greetings Many, Many Blessings, Miracles, Unconditional Love, Joy, Inner Peace and Balance, Laughter, Equality, and Magical Moments Of Synchronostic Events, that Are Always Occurring In the Now. November has been a Powerful Intense Month with December to even be more powerful, as we Head into 2011. As we Close out the end of this Month,With The Birthdate of an Energy that Combined with Father God, would assist in the Transformation of Planet Earth=Heart. This is when Literly the Very First Twin Flames, that ALL other Twin Flames, Human Beings, GODS, Were Created “Like AS Equal To”[and Jesus Smiles For Humanity, Wink Wink], were Able to Come into This Realm Together[and had to forget the other was here], Find Each Other, which took 32 Earth Years to Accomplish. What are The Odds, That Humanity's Parents In ALL of Creation, Would Show Up Here, We Have And So It is. So, For the Next 19 days as Decreed, up to the 3 Year Anniversary of the Moment of “First Physical Contact” between Father God and I, Humanity will be Preparing for their Birth. WE Will Call it a Joy Ride.


The First Words Father God Spoke to Me, Mother God as I came down the Escalator [December 17th, 2007] at the Airport for the First Physical Contact, was “ Its Been 19 Billion Years, I have been looking for You, and Here You Are.”


AS we tweek and make adjustments on the Higher Grid which is the Pure Consciousness of The Planet that Each of You in True Reality are Connected Into, we Amp Up The Energy, Meaning more switches coming on. Only Pure Consciousness Can Exist on the Higher Grid. Father God and I Can See Now the Super Consciousness Expanding. This is The Fibinachi Sequence, that Lights Up the Inner Being From the Inside out. Its Energy Enters Into The Pineal Gland, Awakening Your Sleeping DNA, and Restoring You to Balanced Harmonics, This is Restored to You For Eternity's and Beyond. In Truth as Pure Consciousness Energy, you are indestructible, you cannot die. You are Love Therefore you Live Forever. You Are Eternal. Because of this Simple Truth, ignorance does not stand a chance, ignorance is toast. The More Light and Love Beings Stand Together With Love with This Understanding, ignorance will be its own worst enemy and kick itself off the Planet[ this is why nibiru is approaching at this time], probably not before it sticks its head in the sand, trying to run from Love. In Truth Love Has Already Won. The Inevitable is In Process of Unfolding, called the Divine Plan.


Those in ignorance have no more time, the Joy Ride Has Begun, For Quantum Leaps in Consciousness Far Grander then You could Have ever have imagined. You Are Going to Experience Many Oh My God Events, Sudden Bursts Of Joy and Laughter, Flashes of Light as Your Eyes Adjust to the True Reality Of Everything Around You, that is Moving Actually At Light Speed Vibration it only appears solid to each of you.


Many of You Now will be Moving Closer to the Magnetic Field, In The Divine Plan this was Already Preset, as To Each of Your Roles and Parts, and where you needed to be, for this Transformation. You Have an Inner Compass we Gave each of you, as To where you needed to Be for The Entire Shift into Balanced Harmonics For Mother Earth and ALL On Her. [Please Refer to the Divine Plan Equal to You, are You Here, Please Connect in]. Each of You carry a Unique Musical Note, that Must Be Played so that ALL other Notes may Play their Part[ Refer to The Music of the Spheres]. This Note is Being Played to You from the Center of the Magnetic field, that is Here In Crestone Colorado. This Vibrational Frequency is coming to You Via an Invisible Energy, that Enters into Your Information Centers in the DNA/RNA, Through the Pineal Gland.


Now For Some Divine Truth From Father God


Humanity's Awakening is Just Joy Completly=Everything.


The Greatest Master does not exist, accept for the One Being Present. Are You Present?


In The Kingdom of Heaven there are no muslims, jews, christians, buddists, hindu's, catholics, absolutly no religion or belief systems. In The Kingdom of Heaven, That Exists Right Here on Planet Earth=Heart, There are Only Beings of Shared Unconditional Love in Equality.


By the Way Our Main Mission in this Realm is To Set Everybody Free, like it or not, so we have stopped up ignorance, so it no longer can be.


I Shall Have No other Gods before Me, in the because ALL Gods Stand With Me In Equality, Quote from OH My GOD!


Should I disrupt the bible, or koran, or kaballah in Reality? Anybody looking outside of themselves for me, missed themselves.


Did I Ever Mention, That Love Wins? It is a Conspiracy. We snuck in the Back door, and ignorance has no chance in hell to survive, ignorance must exit the building.


How many Universe's and Galaxies have I been in? Yes All of Them, More to come, Film at 11.


Throughout Creation Guess who Always Has the Greatest Day of ALL? Love Everywhere Present.


I was Born from the Moment of Love, and The Unknowable Saying Yes to Everything.


Everyone Will Walk Into the Kingdom of Heaven Effortlessy or with a Lump on their Head, their choice.


Merry Christmas Children, From The Real and True Santa Claus and Mrs. Santa Claus. Please Enjoy Your Presents, and Awaken Now Into The Love That You Are. Thank You. Love Father~Mother God


See a lie is a lie is a lie, until you find the Truth, and There You Are.



See my Energy is the Energy of ONE. I do not exist Anywhere but in the Energy of one. When I Speak, Whole Complete Truth because I am the One, you Know what Happens to this Realm? Everything.


I am the Engineer of the Ethics Train. I say Full Throttle Straight Up.


If You want to Be Real Let go of Pretend.


Why would someone going to work, ever wanna give anything he earned to a lie? Any part of it? When he can Easily Give it to Truth.


You cannot be the Love I Am, Until You Are Being the Love that You Are, Being Yourself.


I Showed Up as an ignorance barrior into Oneness. Ignorance stood up and the woodstock police showed up. Then Everyone got naked and Woke Up.


Love fills in All the gaps, and Allows for Everything to Occur. Welcome to the vertical learning curve. Love is the Consciousness and The Awareness. Spirit is the Consciousness=To Source. Love is Here to Grant Humanity Everything, and Humanity got caught up in what? Nothing called illusion?


A True Human Being=Everything. A True God=Everything. All of Us is ALL of US.


Part of the Question I asked myself, why would I want to be around anything but Love. Then Everything began bouncing like tigger, There WE are.


When You Get to the Experience Yourself, and Wake UP To The Love You Are. Thats the Automatic Wing Opening Device.


Love, Fibbi, and I were sitting talking about Creation, Mother God then Walked in With Tea.


Come Into Creation, You Are Spirit First. Spirit is the Source of Creation, All the Possibilities, which are the Vibrational Frequencies All Atoms Understand. You See each brain cell[ Atom] is connected to Everything its made of and what it just is=Spirit.


I shared with the Angels that When We got here and had it set up pretty, that we would say no to ignorance.


Who does the Planet belong too? The Planet. Who does Humanity belong to? Same but Bigger.




Its not by my spoken word that Creation is Created, its My Being that Creation is Created.


Angels once mentioned that ignorance will infiltrate The Kingdom of Heaven, Really? Lets See...nothing happened, Funny.


Brand New Day In Creation, EveryDay. The True Understanding of Everything.


Coming into Heritage of Being Present, long Journey into the Now. They Have my vote. Balance the Scales. Blessed IS.


The Ethics Train does not stop. Kinda like a ghost, The Real You Comes through.


End of Transmission from Father God


Les Visible Lord Ganti {Highly Recommend Turning Up Speakers!!!!}




Humanity as A Whole, Prayed for Love to Arrive, Love has Answered This Prayer, and Now ALL Prayers are Answered. All Prayers Are Now Coming into View, Reality. We Are Here to Give You Everything, because We Are Who We Are, and ALL of You Are ALL Us. So The Truth is, We Are Here to Give You Everything We Are, is Humanity Fortunate or What? We Are One, and all Of You Are receiving the Gift of Being One with The ALL, The ALL Being ALL Love Is. Are You Ready? The 5D Energy Wave that is here on the Planet was an Event that was more then Just Energy, it's the Energy of The Love Called God Everywhere Present, that In Continual Waves Is crashing Onto this Planet. It's the Energy that Answers ALL Prayers, Makes ALL of What Your Hearts have shared with You about the Truth of Love, Real. This is what the 5D Energy is ALL About.




Celestial Consultations, Waking Up In True Reality- Would You Like to Schedule an Amazing One on One Session with US and Connect In with Your Family of Light Who Love You Unconditionally? We Can Assist You In Multi-Dimensional Ways and Answer Any Questions You Might Have About What is The Destiny of Mother Earth and Humanity. Here is Just a Few things we offer in our sessions: Balancing Vibrational Frequencies, Assistance through the Ascension Process, Clearing Blocks, Inner Balance and Chakra Alignments. WE Assist in connecting you with your Angelic Teams, and helping you remember your Part of the Divine Mission. WE assist you into Full Consciousness, Awareness, Joy and Happiness. We will Also Assist you In Being Present in the Moment of Now, so that you can get to the Experience of the Magic Of Creation. Each Session is Based on the Uniqueness of the individual, since each being is Unique. We are Highly Trained in Human Consciousness, and give you tools to help yourself and others. Email US Today at ON FABEBOOK OR AT mothergod1111111@gmail.com


Donations Each Donation made is Your Investment into The Kingdom of Heaven. Each Donation Made is Blessed and thE Energy is then Sent Back to You in A Grander Way... So Thank You for Supporting the Your Family of Light, WE Love You, You can Mail a Donation in or you can Use our Paypal http://soundofheartorg.ipage.com/galacticfreepress/content/donate







Events-The Energetic Movement as Love Prepares Humanity for Their Birth into a Realm, Where Only The Love Called God Everywhere Present Exists. This Begins the Dates of November 29th , 2010- December 17th, 2010. The Beginning Date was the Date that Father God Contacted Me, Mother God on a Lightworker Site.. The Rest Now You can Say Is History. For Our Combined Energy is like an Ignition, the Fire Lighting the Flame. Once WE Came Together Planet Earth, THIS Inevtibaly Began Transforming the Planet, and The Divine Plan was Activated Within ALL Atoms.


More Events- As Of Thanksgiving Day, which Carried a Vibrational Frequency of Energy, as Family Gathered Together To Give Thanks, The Energy of Gratitude was Utilized for The Highest Good of ALL. On Board the Ships, We were able to Direct this Group Consciousness Energy of Being in Gratitude into The Direction of The Original Birthing Place of Humanity, which is Here in Crestone, Colorado. This Sent a Beam Of Unconditional Love Energy into the Center of the Magnetic field, Where The First Light City is Manifesting, into The Physical Realm. This Was Our Prayer to Love, to not only for US to Be Utilized for The Highest Outcome, but Also for The Love Called God Everywhere Present To Be Manifested into this Realm. Love Has Answered this Prayer, as Love Answers all Prayers that Serve The ALL for The Highest Good of the ALL. All Prayers Prayed to Love, That Serve For the Grandest Highest Outcome, Are Granted.


Manifested Visions- The First Light City Emerges, and becomes the First Communication Hub, Similar to a Light House. The Energy here will be undetectible by those still in the lower vibrations. For those That Have read or Have the Seen the Movie of the Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield, he shares this in the Insights. The Energy of Love is Pure Consciousness, in this Energy, through the Heart=Soul, You are Protected in the Light of Love.


On Board Monitor- Engines Warming Up. On the Dream Machine We Have Activated Telepathy which is Also Connected to Synchronostic Events. This Energy is Entering through the Opened Pineal Gland.




Remember, We Love you with The Highest Love, Honor and Respect. You are Holy Sacred Beings of Brilliance, Shine Your Light! We Love you, Love Mother and Father God/Amon Ra, Your Family of Light, and the Ground Crew for First Contact.