Galactic Free Press Breaking News~ We have recieved the 24 Hour Notice~

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~ We have Recieved the 24 Hours Notice of the The Removal of the Powers which were. The Earth Allies are Ready and have taken their Place's. Humanity's Freedom Into Love is Arriving As Promised. This Truth is Now to Be Revealed. The Dreams of Love Are Now Coming True. This is Love's Planet!




Humanity, All Dreams Of Love Are Coming True!



~Love, The Earth Allies~





24 Hour Notice

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Wonderful News and so grateful the time has arrived.


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Time to celebrate!!!! Everyone's invited!!!

All the sources are reporting

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All the sources are reporting this and there is sooo much excitement. Can't wait to see it actually manifest! I dont wanna do this 9-5 anymore..LOL.

Birthing Love and Light to Gaiai and ALL! NOW!

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This is the most exciting time for Mother Earth and ALL..We are all mid-wives assisting in the Birth of LOVE to and for Gaiai and ALL...Events leading to this most Divine happening has brought the "GO" light shining brightly..Yea!!

Don't forget to prepare with extra clean, clear drinking water, candles and food supplies for at least a week or more...The time for LOVE is NOW! Sending much Peace, Joy, Light and Love to ALL! NOW! :) <3