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Love Letters from The Present Moment of Now, Heaven on Earth”


Blessed is The Love Called God Everywhere Present Equally within US ALL.”


Love and Light have no attachments, Love and Light are Being Free with Spirit.” Mother and Father God


Love From the Galactic Federation of Light, The Company of Heaven, and From Galactic Central/Center. We Are Your Family of Light from The Stars and Beyond. We Are Your Earth Allies, and Representatives for “First Contact”. We Are The Ground Crew, Medical Team, Here in Service to Love and Truth. We Love You Unconditionally!


~The Whole Truth and The Real Light Has Now Stepped Forward. This is not about Being in the Spotlight, this is About Standing Up and Being A Voice For Love and The Highest Truth. Being a Voice for Love and Truth is the Truest Integrity of the Being. This Serves Self and All other Selves In The Highest Way Possible. Serving the Greater Good of the ALL. What else can Love Be, But Always Serving the Highest Always for The Greatest Good~ Mother and Father God


Father God and I [and all The Rest of Your Brothers and Sisters on this Planet] are Your Real Family, if You deny US, then you Deny yourself. We are Your Final Test, Have You Passed?.” Mother and Father God


Greetings, Many Blessings, Miracles, Many Magical Synchronostic Events, Joy, Unconditional Love, Peace, Harmony and Many Blessings of Abundance. We, Who are Serving Love and Light are right out in the Open, for All to See and Hear. We are not hiding, The GIG Is Up for THOSE WHO THOUGHT THEY WERE LESS THAN LIGHT SPEED VIBRATION, Love has tipped the scales so To Speak. Love is at the Forefront, and This is Loves Call! Love is in charge, and Everything changes because of this Truth.


Those in Unconsciousness are the ones asleep, lost in the dream. Those Who Are Awake are Very irritating to those that are asleep. Those Who Are Awake, Are the Continual Alarm Clock Going OFF, Beeping, until Others Awaken. The Awakened Ones Are The ‘Wake Up Call’.” Mother and Father God

Wake Up Call For Humanity




The one thing about ego, is that it is just a program, This is why it always falls back on the being to release the ego mind program and cut the strings of being a puppet. This Sets You Free into Unlimited Possibilities, AHA! Attachmentless. Then You Are Free to Be Who You Are.”


Humanity’s Eyes may be open, but this does not mean they are seeing the Truth. Why? Because they are still looking outside, seeing the shadows and maybe glimpses of the Light. They are trying to make sense of illusion, when illusion does not make sense, and can never make any sense. It’s impossible, because it’s not Real. When Humanity/YOU can See with the Pineal Gland THIRD EYE, then You Can See and Feel True Reality. The Key Word Here is FEEL. Feeling is Your Natural Communication, and Feelings are not emotions.


For so Long, 13 Millenia, Humanity has been given very little. Very little Truth, and a whole lot of nothing. Most of Humanity has based their lives on nothing, thus receiving nothing. We Are Going to Share with You an Example of this. They did a Study on rats. They wanted to see if they could get a rat to push a lever. Every time the Rat pushed the lever they received Food, and pretty soon the rat became bored with this. So they decided to have the lever without any food. So the Rat pushed the lever, and received nothing, and quickly became disinterested in this. So, the next experiment for the rat to push the lever, it intermittently received food, every once in a while. So then the rat, would just keep pushing the lever, because every once in a while it would get some food by doing this. This is Exactly How Humanity has been trained, to be a rat. This is how you have been slaves to the illuminati, the system, the Program. They would give you just enough to keep you serving ignorance. How does this make You feel Now? That you were trained as rats?


The Light does not have to go after the darkness, The Light Just Has to Be Turned ON.” Father God


Once You See You, For Who You Truly Are, Then You Will See Father God and I, and Rejoin Your True Family of Creation. You are Royal Angels, Each of You, and We Love You Unconditionally.” Mother and Father God


Father God and I are Here, Present on Planet Earth=Heart. WE are Humanity’s Final Test. Once the Being Recognizes That We are One With Them, They Pass Go and then enter the Higher Dimensions. Until then, they will remain stuck, this is the Reality. The Final Test is The Recognition that You, and All of Humanity, Are One with ALL that Is~ Once You Can Accept US, this Means You Accept the Truth of your Being, The Truth of Who You Are. Then You Graduate, To Enter Heaven on Earth. We are Humanity’s Final Test. Are You Ready?


ALL Energy We receive Goes to Serve Love Completely. We Serve Love, SO the Energy Goes towards Love to Be used For the Greater Good of The All. When You Give to Love, You Get Everything and More Back. Which is Unlike serving ignorance, where you get nothing back. Humanity Must Break the slave and oppression syndrome. The only way to break this, is to stop serving IBM [Corporations in General, we will use IBM as an example], where the energy you use with the money not only goes to serve ignorance, but also cannot be blessed! When WE receive Donations we utilize the Energy Into Serving Love. Thank you For Supporting Love, and Donating to the Divine Plan so that We can take this Energy and Transform this into Abundance For ALL. Donations can be Made Here




The Duty and Responsibility of Every Being on this Planet is To Awaken, and then Once you Awaken, Your Duty and Responsibility is to Share this Truth With Others, to Help them Awaken. Sharing The Truth may not always be heard, but your jobs are not to hear for them. It is to Share the Truth With Them.” Mother and Father God


The darkness always tries to hide itself behind the scenes. While Love and Light is always out there standing in The Brilliance, out in the Open.”


Love and The Highest Visions Being Set Forth For All of Humanity, are not just wishful thinking. These Are Visions That Are Manifesting, Heaven on Earth. All Highest Thoughts that Serve Love, Always Manifest”


Events- Humanity’s Final Test, Graduation, and Wake Up Call!!!!!!!!!!


Visions- Humanity Passes and Moves into The Higher Vibrations of Unconditional Love, Joy, Peace, Harmony, and Abundance, Balanced Harmonics.


If You Would Like a Private One on One Session with Us, you can Email us at mothergod1111111@gmail.com to Schedule one of these, OR CONNECT ON FACEBOOK




Now, We have a Special Request for Today. We are Again, Going to Announce the Divine Decrees For Planet Earth=Heart. We Suggest You Read these Out loud or have a Ceremony of Fire [since we are In the Full Moon of Sagittarius that Represents Fire]. As each of You Accomplish this, these Vibrational Truths, Divine Decrees, Enter into The Higher Grid Surrounding this Planet, for a Quicker Manifestation and A Smoother Transition into the New. This is How you can Help Humanity Today. Even if You have Read these Already, They Are a ReHearter of the Changes Now in Manifestation!


Decree 1- All Hostilities against your Brothers and Sisters must stop NOW, even in illusion this is ridiculous. No more killing of Our Children, Decreed, and So it is on Earth as it is In Heaven.


Decree 2- All of the religions on this Planet, that have taken from and lied to the People, must give everything back to the People whom they have deceived. They must then Provide them With the Real Truth, Which Will be an OH! My! God! Event!! And SO it IS!, and is Done, Granted.


Decree 3-All corporations being illegal, non-existent entities, Will Be dissolved immediately. Love is all That Exists On Planet Earth=Heart, where WE are all Equal. Cooperations will be installed in their place, effective immediately. This is When NESARA will be released to the People. And So it is on Earth as it is in Heaven, and SO it is, Decreed, Granted.


Decree 4- No Longer will the Resources of this Planet be exploited to feather the nests of the ignorant. All the Resources on this Planet are Now to Be returned to the People, as They belong to the People. And So it is On Earth as it is in Heaven and SO it is Decreed and Granted.


Decree 5- The Entire 9-11 Truth, as well as The UFO Cover-Up, Must Be Revealed immediately, with all Other Secrets. This will Now Be Revealed to The People, who are the True Government on this Planet. This is The True National Security, The People are the Ones that make the Country Secure. If these are Not Revealed immediately, WE The People have the Right, to Abolish that illusionary Government. And So it is and so will Be Done. Decreed, Granted.


Decree 6- AS soon as the Corporations are Dissolved and Cooperations have replaced them, The NESARA Funds are to Be released to the People, effective immediately. And So it it is Done, and Decreed, Granted.


Decree 7- Back in Atlantis, the illuminati tapped into the Dream Machine contained within the Pyramids. They soon found Psychics who were able to assist them. They found this and began misusing it, by implanting dreams and lower thoughts for their own purposes. This has gone on for 13 Millenia. [13 Millenia is like one drop of water in a Multi-Dimensional Universe, an Ocean of Pure Love]. Because of the severe misuse of this Machine, The Planet has Requested it Be Reset to the Highest Possible Thought. Now, We will be Very Gentle with this, because an immediate Reboot would shock some of the Beings to Intensely. The Reboot will be a process, of a Shutdown, and Restart. Everyone on this Planet has Until October 28th, 2011, To Readjust to the New Reality. All Lightworkers that have Already Stepped out of the dream, Your responsibility is to assist All Your Other Brothers and Sisters that are still in the Dream, in Awakening! And so it is, and so shall be Done. And so it is on Earth as it is In Heaven. And SO it Shall be, as Decreed and Granted.


These Decrees have always been Ever Present, Meaning they have Always Been Here. Now, it is Up to all Of you to Put these into your Experience, Creation in Motion. For this is the Precise Moment of Your Complete Freedom, if You So Choose. The Moment is NOW, When the Planet is Returned to the People. The Meek Are Inheriting the Earth. And SO it is on Earth as It is in Heaven, and So it is, and So Shall Be as Decreed and Granted.


These Decrees Have Been Decreed, By the Galactic Federation of Light, The Company of Heaven, All of the Angels, All of Your Family of Light, Mother Earth, The Ground Crew Medical Team, The First Contact Crew and Your Real Parents of Creation, Mother and Father God/Amon Ra. Granted and Decreed and SO it is, and So Shall Be done.


Attention all Lightworkers, Please Spread this Across the Planet. This is the Highest Truth on Planet Earth=Heart, as Decreed and Granted to ALL.




We Love you Unconditionally!!