The Galactic Free Press Update: Planetary Upgrade In Process

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Bringing Humanity Home ~ Energy and Event Update~




Greetings Love Beings, At the Beginning of the Month we announced we would have Massive Energetic Movement and we have not been let down. From Earthquakes to an Asteroid, to a Significant Meteor Hitting the Planet, to the pope resigning, and so much more. We are experiencing Event after event and we have really only Just Begun! We are Moving so Quickly and events will continue rolling out as the Energies push forward in intensity. For those who are still in process of releasing the denser energies you may be experiencing extreme tiredness as a Part of the Cleansing Required In this Energy Upgrade, while others Will Feel Extra Energy.The Meteor and the Asteroid coupled with The New Earth Energies gave the Planet and Everyone On the Planet an Upgrade! These energetic Upgrades will Continue all throughout 2013 until The Planet is completely Immersed In the 5D Frequencies. Up and Up We Go and Everyone On The Planet Comes Home!


 Quoted Gillian MacBeth~Louthan"As you can tell something has changed and we all feel it..... I felt the energy of the asteroid as an eye in the sky, not a human eye but something just watching, taking notes. It felt living as a turtle within a shell. Head tucked deep looking like just a rock. I have had some very unusual dreams as this space rock has moved past.  Our gravitational presence has been changed FOREVER.  We have been escorted into a higher ring of the Fibonacci spiral.  What can we do?  Well, considering we are on the most intense of all roller coaster rides, all we can do is be divinely human and keep an eye out. It is said that new life springs forth from meteors bringing more stellar DNA to grind in our soul and soil. There are no accidents in the universal scheme of things...." End of Quote


February Blast - jeffreytcarl -


Quoted from Mark Borax"...The much-predicted Winter Solstice of 2012 has come and gone, and in spirit circles around the world people are asking themselves what, if anything, has changed. On the surface most things appear to be the same. Earth still turns around its axis and around the sun. The stars still sweep across the night sky. Rain falls, rivers run and life goes on.

But beneath the appearance of things a new feeling is in the air and new energies rise. The world is humming with possibility. Change is immanent. A new year is upon us and a new world is thrumming beneath the surface of the old.....

....The task this year is to love the hell out of yourself, to turn the truth of your innermost heart into the beacon light you steer by. To rise up from the chaos of a dying world, peel the old skin off and at long last discover what you’re made of.

Right Livelihood means you’re here to do so much more than pay bills, and that no barrier can block the unleashed creative dream of your soul. For when the world serpent opens her inner eyes, time and space part, and all things reveal their essence....

" End of Quote


M-CLASS SOLAR FLARE: New sunspot AR1675 has just unleashed the most intense flare of the year so far, an M1.9-class explosion at 1550 UT on Feb. 17th. NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory captured a double-flash of extreme UV radiation from the explosion:

Daily Sun: 17 Feb 13

New sunspot AR1675 is growing rapidly and poses a threat for M-class flares. Credit: SDO/HMI


 Earth Report By Earth Ally Rain "We are experiencing a bit of a lull in extreme weather although there was another severe hailstorm in Northern India accompanied by heavy rains and cold temperatures.

There was a 6.6 mag quake in the Philippines and a 4.9 in Italy, about 90 miles from The Vatican. The other day there was a 5.1 mag quake near Area 51.

During the week of 2/06 – 2/12, 9 volcanoes were noticed to have new activity, whereas ongoing activity was reported for 13 volcanoes. Please see this story for more information.

Of course, the big story was the meteor strike that stole the thunder from the long awaited flyby of Asteroid 2012 DA14 (which came and went quietly, as expected). In Russia, some 1200 people were injured, mostly by breaking glass. More than 4,000 buildings, mostly apartment blocks, were damaged and 200,000 square kilometers (77,220 square miles) of glass were broken. The meteor that blazed across the western Siberian sky Friday exploded with the force of 20 atomic bombs, according to NASA.

Meteorites also streaked across the skies of Cuba and San Francisco. In fact, Exploding fireballs were reported all over the globe: Japan, Russia, Cuba, US. Please see this story for more information."


gaia_energy1 Gaia Portal Update “Blurring” of visions may be common in all Gaia surface beings at this time. We speak of 3D-eye vision as well as higher visions, via 3rd, 4th, and 5th eyes.

This results from the shifting in Gaia plates as well as movement of sacred portal sites. This process is necessary in order to optimize Gaia energetics to a unified Beingness. This same process occurs in individual human (small h) units, and particularly in the more conscious Hue-man units.

Gaia illumination increases as alignment progresses, and although a precise time frame can not be given, we sense this alignment to encompass 1-2 months. However we add that recent accelerations in awakenings at all levels would imply that this “time period” may well be much shorter.

Flowing with this “blurring” of visions allows awakening to “veiled” Higher messages for all humanity, particularly more awake Hue-manity."


White Eagle  Artist FatherGod -


2013 is a Pivotal Year for this Planet. When We began this Year we shared this Would be the Beginning of the First Stages of the Manifestation of the New Earth=Heart and We have Now Begun In Earnst.Many Have been Speaking of February Being Significant and It already Has Shown Us this.


Some are sharing Now that there was another Prophecy the Mayans gave in regards to February. The Only Information We have Recieved so far is that February Was going to be a Big Energetic Month with Lots of events and movement and its already Proven this Truth.  At this Point In the Energies anything Can Happen and Quickly.The Earth Allies continue to Hold the Space of the Higher Grid On the Planet and are ready for a Planetary Wide Awakening which is The Highest and Best Solution On this Planet Right Now. This Year is All About Unity and The Energies Are Moving Quickly Towards this Destiny.


 Quoted Simone M. Matthews "The year 2013 or ‘twenty-thirteen’ is a pivotal point in our evolutionary awakening as we take our first energy shift steps into the Golden Age.

As Yucatec Maya Elder Hunbatz Men comments:

"According to the prophecies, in the year 2013 the first stage of higher understanding will begin. If we are willing to work with our subconscious, we will then be able to reclaim the information that has been impregnated in the deepest parts of our being. In this way, the ancient knowledge will rise again.”....

Now that we have entered 2013 (twenty-thirteen) we have the potential to take the wisdom from the old cycle, our collective galactic evolutionary experiences and begin a new cycle of heart-centred consciousness.

Another way of saying this… we have the potential to transcend the pain of perceived separation through the experience of having a physical body (the number 20) and truly live a spiritual life as is encoded within our DNA, the expression of spirit through us (the number 13).

The year 2013 is about fully celebrating the joy of allowing your physical body (the number 20) to be full of light & love (the number 13), and hence be an active pioneer of a new humanity through the Heart.

February 2013

The 21/22 February 2013 is prophesized as marking the beginnings of a whole new cycle of our cosmic evolution.  But lets look at the lead up to this date to get a better understanding of what this means.

Firstly, on the 15/16 February 2013 Asteroid 2012 DA14 (newly discovered on the 23 February 2012), makes a very close passage to earth… transiting approximately 27,700 km from the Earths surface… closer than many of our satellites in orbit.  The asteroid energetically is like a peace-dove, or olive branch… gently stimulating our pineal glands and awakening our conscious awareness to the LOVE of all creation that exists within us.  You may experience ‘lightbulb’ moments or dreams/visions of potentials beyond your perceived limitations… take note of your experiences as they are messages from your higher-self regarding your journey this year.

On the 18/19 February 2013 the Earth and Sun come into alignment with Cygnus x-3, a most powerful source of x-rays, gamma source and ultra-high energy cosmic rays within our Galaxy.  Cygnus X-3 is a microquasar within the Swan Constellation (Cygnus), known as the Northern Cross, and represents the World Tree of Life in the Mayan Culture.

As stated in Drunvelo Melchizedek’s book ‘Serpent of Light Beyond 2012  – 19 February represents the beginning of a new cycle and a new world… entire heavens would be opened up… free to explore our natural environment of space, time, and dimension beyond the Earth (Guatemalen Mayan Prophecy).

Interestingly as well, the 18/19 February 2013 marks 260 days since the transit of Venus (refer Note 3) across the path of the sun that took place on the 5/6 June 2012.

Then as stated in the ‘Holisic Book of Knowledge’ by Dr Jose Jaramillo, three days of darkness will follow the Cygnus X-3 alignment, and on the 21/22 February a new humanity will be brought into existence.

Its as if ‘conception’ took place during the passage of Venus on the 5/6 June 2012, followed by a ‘gestational’ period some 260 days later with ‘contractions’ and later the movement down the birth canal (electro-magnetic properties of Asteroid 2012 DA14 and Cygnus X-3) for then humanity to be birthed on the 21/22 February 2013.

The 23 February 2013 then marks the first full day of enlightened beingness for all of mankind.  In numerology this date adds up to the number ‘13’, the expression of Spirit through all of Creation.

The above dates, and corresponding prophesies / astrological alignments give amazing insight for humanity… as Earth and all her life forms will be showered in high-frequency cosmic, gamma and powerful x-rays during this time frame.  As our auric fields… right down to the trillions of cells within our body’s are being bathed in these electro-magnetic frequencies… our DNA is awakening to an evolved state of beingness in order to help us anchor 5th Dimensional light within our physical bodies.

In addition, these electro-magnetic frequencies are pulsating the torroidal field of energy that surrounds our heart, helping us to ‘beat our Hearts’ in unison with the Earth, in unison with one-another, in unison with Creation.   Through the one-heart we move beyond the limitation of our perceived separateness, and we embrace the Love, the Joy, the Beauty of a ONE humanity evolving into an enlightened new world....

During the last 13,000 year crossing we were in the Age of Leo, and through the Solar Plexus embellishment of the ego we experienced the sinking of Atlantis.  Now as we enter the 13,000 year midpoint once again, in 2013 and the Age of Aquarius, we are acknowledging the Serpent (snake) within each and everyone of us, through the Heart… we are awakening and being empowered by the truth of Oneness.

What is interesting in 2013, is that in Chinese astrology we are entering the year of the yin Water Snake.   This year, through the power of the number 13, humanity is awakening to the sensuality and powerful creativity of the Divine Feminine from within.  The snake, representing rising kundalini and transformation, the number 13 expressed through the 13 feminine moon cycles of menstruation within a solar year and the element of water… creates a flow, a fluid rippling of the creative, feminine and mystical energy through the hearts of humanity… an awakening to the Divine Feminine from within.

Thus as we come to the end of 2013, from within our hearts, we are bringing harmony, balance and divine union of the masculine and the feminine… it is from this place that we co-create the utopia that is the Golden Age.


As Maya Elder Hunbatz Men has spoken,
“It is funny humanity as a whole feels that we have no impact on this reality. How can we believe so little of ourselves that we feel we are just blowing in the wind, as if by accident, just witnessing or being a victim of this reality. The big issues we face today on Mother Earth are directly related to our lack of self-esteem. Isn’t it funny that clearing up old self-esteem issues could save the Planet! Think about it! We need to realize, honor and respect our creative force and realize we are creators. We hold this reality together. We are the keepers of the Earth. When we truly honor ourselves and our awesome creative power we will again live in a sacred way where we honor all life. When we honor all life the essence/spirit of all living things will manifest.”

These words so eloquently summarise what the magic of 2013 (twenty-thirteen) is all about.  As we walk over the threshold and enter our first steps into the Golden Age, it is time to transcend the limited perception of our differences.  Through our hearts we are being called to weave the  truth, the knowledge of our ancestors, the universal wisdoms of creation into the one cloth of unified LOVE.  

All that you need is within you.  The year 2013 is calling you to ‘think through your heart’…as this is the key to accessing the wisdom of our ancient ancestors, the wisdom of the creation.  Your heart unlocks this wisdom held deep within your DNA… LOVE yourself enough to unlock the truth within you and set yourself free...." End Of quote


Drunvalo, Mentions The February 18th~19th date as when A Window of Opportunity Opens. He Mentions the Mayans Speaking of an energetic Shift from the dominated male consciousness which was based in the old paradigm of control and power over to the female consciousness of Power with which brings in True Communication, Compassion, and Balance into the Planet. This Energetically Makes Sense to Usher In the Golden Age On Planet Earth=Heart and for the Manifestation of the New Earth.  This does coincide with Our History Breaking Mass Global Mediation Of Over 1 Billion People Participating in One Billion Rising in Honor of The Feminine. We will Begin To Feel the Effects from This Event in the coming days and weeks and Beyond.


Quoted from Drunvalo" We are about to enter into a window of the time that has no name, but is inside of the Mayan END OF TIME window that was connected to December 21, 2012 and will end in about three years.

This window begins on February 18th, 2013 and continues for about three and a half months until June 2nd, 2013. However, it could last for as long as the end of August if the circumstances change.

I feel it is important to be aware of this significant period of time and what it could mean for you.

There are three reasons why this window was created. Let me explain.

First, the Mayans long ago predicted that if they had to choose the moment when the shift from male consciousness to female consciousness would begin[ The Shift Into Union and Balance With the Masculine and Feminine Energy, they would choose the dates of February 18/19, 2013.  I wrote about this long ago. They see it like a sunrise that gets brighter and brighter each day.

At the same time, they said that they don’t really know for certain as it is Mother Earth that will decide exactly when the Mayan Prophecy will begin.

What the Mayans have told me about the 18th of February, 2013 is that it is the moment when the energy within Mother Earth begins to flow in a new pattern. I doubt if you will feel this in your daily life, but the Mayans say it is an important time in human history....

Dear people, we are about to enter a time where you seriously need to be awake and prepare for inner and outer transformations that will change your life forever.

But please remember, if we successfully pass beyond the window of The Great Change, we are still in the timeline of the Mayan prophesy...  Then we will enter into the change of order and harmony....

" End of quote


 Regardless of a "Big" Shift Occurrence, we really already are shifting on a daily Basis.Some Maybe Experiencing these Shifts As high pitched ringing in the ears, Dizziness, Zaps Of Energy as If plugged into a Light Bulb, Soul Excitement, Pops in the Ear as You are Now Receiving the Higher Informational Downloads for The New Earth=Heart and A Sense Of Purpose to Be Of Service to The Planet.


 Quoted from REV. CHRISTINE MELERIESSEE "Changes are resulting within your world and around you for the explicit reason that IT IS TIME.  The creation of your planet has become stable, whereas, previously it was uncertain of the outcome of Gaia.  But with the transition of more individuals awakening upon the planet, the residual effect of the transmutation has taken GAIA’s world into a new existence where love and acceptance is the common rule and not the lower worlds that have resulted in your experiences of the past.

It is now a time of complete reversal within your world and we are excited to experience it with you.  The changes that are about to occur must first be felt within your Heart as all of our Hearts are blending together.  You see in order for us to make the manifestation of the New World occur we must honestly take a few moments with a breath of light and experience the essence of the Purity of Love to be within....

As you move further into your Acceptance, you will start to feel it.  You see YOU HAVE FORGOTTEN HOW TO EXPRESS IT WITHIN YOU.  You have a body and that body has taken precedence over everything in your world.  But that is no longer the case.  You are learning to accept the light formations that are being transmitted to you in your sleep state, in your meditations, and even your awakened state of consciousness.  It is coming in Light Codes to intertwine within your physical reality.  But you must take a moment and allow this essence to be fully within you as you walk through your days.  Without it, it will be lost and so will you.  This is the power of the light at this time...." End of quote


 Whatever Occurs In the Next days, Weeks and Months, the energy intensity we have entered and continue entering now each Moment will Inevitably Bring us the Changes this Planet Needs and Has Requested. This Planet Belongs to The Givers, and will be returned to The Givers.


Decreed by Heaven~ The Return of Balanced Harmonics To Planet Earth=Heart has Begun! All Events within the Lights Divine Plan and Decree's will Now Manifest quicker in this Planetary Upgrade.This is the Divine Plan Manifesting Now On Planet Earth=Heart.


~Thank You for Spreading These Messages to Others and Keeping Your Hearts Open and Staying Tuned In~



 Just Be Present and Follow the Synchronostic Events!


  ~End Transmission in All Love is Unconditionally, We are So In Love With Humanity~

 We Love You Unconditionally~ Love, The Galactic Free Press Staff~Humanity's Earth Allies, The Company of Heaven and The First Contact Ground Crew Team.

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 ~WE are Going Home~

 ~We Mother and Father God, Represent the Atoms you are made of. Our Pineal Glands are Completely activated and opened. We are of "Divine Intelligence", and Represent the 2 becoming ONE. We are also the Very Essence of the Unknowable, which Equals Source, Equals Love, Equals Truth, Equals God, and Equals LOVE EVERYWHERE PRESENT=YOU.~





Quoted from Moon Hippie Mystic..."I believe Gaia is the reason we are here and my LOVE and Gratitude for her will forever be a part of me.  She is my Mother, my Goddess, and my Angel.  To my Mother, written by my Friend…

“My Mother taught me to Listen; Listen to those you LOVE, Listen to the wind, Listen to the river, Listen to your Heart, and Listen to the silence (oh and Listen to your Mother of course!).  She also taught me to talk; talk to those you LOVE, talk to the mountain, talk to the birds, talk to yourself, talk to the Universe (or your fairy godmother as she would often say), and know when not to talk at all.  My Mother taught me to fight; fight for those you LOVE, fight for what is right, fight for what you want, and fight to Live.  My Mother taught me to Learn; Learn how to LOVE, Learn how to Listen, Learn how to talk, Learn how to fight with all your might, and Learn how to Learn with an open Heart and an open Mind.  Most of all, my Mother taught me about LOVE.  Her eyes were LOVE, her touch was LOVE, her voice was LOVE, her actions were LOVE, her Life was LOVE.  My Mother IS the Spirit of LOVE, which traveled to Gaia to touch our Lives and is now free to LOVE without the boundries ...

We are Goddesses.  Each and every ONE.  We have only to REmember our Goddess Energy to Awaken to her Spirit.  She is Gentle, Kind, Knowing, Playful, Strong, Light, and only LOVE.  She LOVES us, her children.  See her, Feel her, Taste her, Smell her, Know her and she will set you Free!..."




What a beautiful update..I'm

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What a beautiful update..I'm so thankful....I've been feeling so out of sorts these last few weeks and especially these last four days, I can hardly think. Which might be just what I need. No more thinking...LOL...It's really been a challange to function from day to day. This really helps me understand what has been taking place and why I'm feeling so much happening within my being. Ringing in my ears, heart palpatations, periods of nausea, aches and growing pains with the increase of energies have kept me close to my bed more so than ever before. But then, I have these bursts of energy and try to do all the things I've neglected like being connected here at GFP, and then another wave comes in sending me scurring to lay down needing to close my eyes until I feel like I can go on. I'm feeling my body changing as more clearing is taking place. My vision has been so blurry I keep rubbing my eyes and thinking I need to clean my glasses or thinking it's because of old age..In a way it is "old age" and everything Old age is being released to bring in the New Age of DIVINE LOVE forever... So thankful to know this is all part of the symptoms of Ascension and it is now "normal" to be feeling everything with such intensity. All I can say is's happening!!! Humanity and Gaia are Ascending! Thank you MotherFatherGod for your loving guidance and Everything that is happening with ALL of us for the Good of ALL...We are truly blessed to be here and part of this great Awakening and outpouring of Unconditional Love for all that is. Love You! Peace, Joy, Light and LOVE to ALL! NOW! :) <3