The Galactic Free Press Update: The Signs of Change are Beginning to Appear!

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Bringing Humanity Home ~ Energy and Event Update~

Magnificent Mother Gaia! - Cindyloucbp -
Greetings Love Beings, We shared In Our Previous Update of the Intense Energies and they are not letting us down. We just went through the Equinox, which was our Most Powerful yet energetically, so the Next 2 days will be Very Intense.  What is currently underway is a massive clearing of the lower dimensional energies as we make room for More LOVE. We Feel We are Going to end March Roaring, However it Looks!  Towards the End of the Month we Have the The Largest Catholic Holiday which for the Light Means The Resurrection of the Christ Within and with this a Brand New Pope, who is already stepping forward in words and actions for Nature and People. Just as we anticipated, Signs of Change are beginning to show up Everywhere. They are very noticeable, If You are Paying Attention.

The Telegraph UK -21 March 2013-Nick Squires


Pope Francis, whose spontaneity has already earned him the nickname "the unpredictable Pope", will break with tradition again when he holds a major ceremony in a prison chapel rather than in St Peter's


Pope Francis, whose spontaneity has already earned him the nickname

Francis, who has broken the mould with his informal approach and unscheduled walkabouts, will conduct next week's Holy Thursday service in a prison for young offenders on the outskirts of Rome.....

There he is expected to wash and kiss the feet of 12 inmates, in a gesture that commemorates Jesus's humility towards his disciples before the Last Supper, on the night before he was crucified.

His decision has surprised Vatican officials but is very much in keeping with his past in Argentina, where he washed the feet of Aids sufferers ...."


 Quoted from Montague Keen "As each soul awakens and steps out of the darkness, the light extends, thus enabling others to see it. In this war for truth and light, all you need is love for your fellow man and a desire for peace and justice for all. There is more than enough in your world for all mankind. The decision to control certain parts of your world was criminal and unjust. It will be put right.

No race on Earth is superior to another. Such divisions are man-made and they will be removed. You have come a long way towards our goal. It has taken courage and strength to investigate and reveal the real truth to your fellow man. The corrupt are losing their grip on humanity.

You will experience another shift in energy in the next few days. Everything is happening as it was meant to happen. This is our plan for humanity. It is to be a planet where love and light rule and there is justice for all. Do not look to newspapers or television to let you know what is happening. All you will get there is what your controllers want you to believe. The truth is always available for those who seek it. You were each chosen to bring light to Planet Earth. When, eventually, you all come together, you will realise that you have many qualities in common. ...

It will be interesting to see how, without your support, all the bastions of power just fall apart. You had unwittingly supported those who were destroying your very existence. Once your eyes are opened to this, you will never support them again. Those you have revered in the past will soon be seen for what they actually are. This will be a shock for many of you....

Love each other as never before...together my friends, we will succeed !" End of quote



Solar activity is low. None of these sunspots poses a threat for strong flares. Credit: SDO/HMI


For a Moment there we were getting alot of Energy sent our Way via the Sun. In the last 7 days we have had an M1 Class Create a Geomagnetic Storm and intense Solar Winds Speeds reaching above 700 from A Solar Wind Stream.


What is Occurring energetically On this Planet Right Now is unprecedented. We have shared this Year would be Historic. The Long awaited Moments are Here for those willing to completely surrender to Love and to the Mission at hand, which is the Resurrection Of Love On Planet Earth=Heart. The old is done. The New Energies are Pouring In. The Truth is Marching On and Forward with nothing which can stop it. This will Only Become Increasingly apparent as we continue on this Year.




Important Post Equinox Message


James Gilliland...."The new incoming energies and spiritual evolution of Earth are bringing these unseen negative influences into the light. People are choosing between their soul desire and ego desire, the latter of which is controlled by the archon network.

Those choosing the old ways, the old energy and consciousness grids are going to have a very hard lesson. Those choosing love, joy, bliss and service to others will take the ascending path.

We have to make hard choices in the days to come. Choices concerning jobs, family and friends, releasing that which no longer serves us, and rising to the occasion. Many will fall away caught in their base desires and unhealed wounds and traumas of the past. They will cling to the old world and the old ways.

The march is on. We cannot save them or choose for them. We can only be examples so that they can make their own choices and take their own actions where ever that may lead them....." End of quote


Everything is occuring if you can Simply Be Present In the Moment of Now and allow, accept, and Embrace. The Energies are Moving in intensity and show no signs of slowing down. The choice will remain to stay stuck in the old paradigm or surrender and Let Go to The Present Moment of Now. We are shifting every moment Now and Mother Earth=Heart is being as Gentle as She can.


 Quoted from Solara Ra"In the fluctuating energies of this moment, you are required to make decisive actions and intentions. Most importantly – are you able to state, with clarity and truth, that you are in the new age of Light on planet Earth? This new age is not birthing, it is birthed already – and for those who acknowledge this in their hearts, in their words and in their actions, this is their reality.

There are amongst you those who are unsure; who think and speak words of doubt, perhaps of disillusionment, regarding the stage your planet has reached. You are the in-betweeners, who sit on the fence and keep your options open. But you do not understand the impact you are having on the whole, as you waver ....

All around you there are people awakening to this truth and taking control[ back their power] over their lives. All around you there are groups of Light workers coalescing to empower and assist each other on their journey of awakening. In all corners of the globe communities are forming who choose a new way of living in harmony with the planet and each other.

In the Age of Light, Light exposes and dissolves darkness. Lies and manipulation are exposed daily. Deceit has been condoned in the past as a ‘necessary evil’ of your society, but the new young ones will not allow this to continue. They speak up now, defiant of the consequences, and will continue to speak and embody the truth until the mechanisms of control are a distant memory amongst your people.

Our message is to those of you who have doubts about the changes and the transition – those who believe that sitting on the fence is acceptable. We ask you to choose now – choose to believe that the Age of Light has dawned – and follow through with your actions, so that your intentions, your words and your actions are all positively geared towards a world based on Love and peace. Your contribution matters...

Do not miss your opportunity to make a difference – it is for this very reason that you are here at this time. Right here, right now, seize your moment dear ones. The Time Is Now" End of quote


 Quoted from Meline Lefont "I am here today to clarify some things not only about recent events but also about events which are to soon manifest on your Earth. A lot of hard work has been accomplished behind closed doors so to speak resulting in a possible great event or shift relating to, amongst other issues..... As always we ask you to release all concepts of time and all expectations in these matters as this attitude would not be helpful but would rather obstruct the smooth flow of energies which are due to take place.

At present you should learn, once and for all, to be timeless and to accept and work from the Now moment. As has been stated in my previous message, a lot is taking place and this is becoming more and more obvious also to the media. All this will lead to such a climax that the truth will set in and seep through your media sources. It can no longer remain hidden as everything is unfolding on a global scale and is hence felt by everyone, including the still dormant souls. There is no way back and it can no longer be blocked.
Have an unshakable trust in the Divine process of Ascension because it is a large part of  All That Is....
At present the Earth is about to shut down the 3D habits and energies in such harmonious way as is possible for humanity so that the transition can occur in a most loving way. Humanity must now proceed lifting themselves into an even higher frequency and expand this as much as possible into a global manifestation....All the rest is still stuck in the world of illusion and are consequently dwelling in 3D.
..... Much will depend on the upcoming changes and on the energies emanating from the intense Spring Equinox how the collective consciousness will evolve and accept who they truly are and what is about to unfold." End of quote

We have Now passed through the Equinox and Continue Forward on this Journey which is a Completly New Story and Paradigm On planet Earth=Heart. There will Be More AHA Moments and More Surprises from Love, for Those Aware of What is Unfolding In the Oneness Energies Currently! Enjoy!


Decreed by Heaven~ We have Sprung Forward as the New Energies really take hold. This is the Divine Plan Manifesting Now On Planet Earth=Heart.


~Thank You for Spreading These Messages to Others and Keeping Your Hearts Open and Staying Tuned In~


  Just Be Present and Follow the Synchronostic Events!


  ~End Transmission in All Love is Unconditionally, We are So In Love With Humanity~


 We Love You Unconditionally~ Love, The Galactic Free Press Staff~Humanity's Earth Allies, The Company of Heaven and The First Contact Ground Crew Team.

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