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~Pre-First Contact Information of Light~



~The Silent Evolution, Liberation of the Soul~






Love from the Galactic Federation of Light, The Kingdom~Company of Heaven, From Galactic Central. We are Your Family of Light! We are The “Ground” Crew Medical Team for “First Contact”. With ALL OF HUMANITY ON Planet EARTH=HEART IS US, Mother and Father God Present in the Manifest, as We were called BY HUMANITY, for Help out of illusion. We work on your Behalf 24 hours a day 7 days a week~ We do not take a break and will not until HUMANITY is Awakened, we are DEDICATED as We Love you Unconditionally.


Greetings, Blessings, Miracles, and Many Magical Synchronostic Events. Today we are here to give you AN EARLY CHRISTMAS “Present” , which comes in the form of True Unconditional Love also called 5D Reality. A Light of True information of the Highest Truths on the Planet coming directly from Source. Those continuing to deny that something is Occurring on Planet Earth=Heart are in for a “shock” as the events we planted all this year in the Etheric Realms,Now inevitably becomes manifested into the Physical realm, this is simply how The Energy works.



So Lets begin with Todays Definitions


Unknowable ~ Impossible to know or comprehend, beyond the range of human experience or understanding. Example- We[ Father God and I] come from the Unknowable, this is why it is challenging for everyone to understand WE REALLY ARE HERE. You also come from the Unknowable as well. We ARE Love AND THE UNKNOWABLE THAT ARE THE SPARK AND FLAME OF CREATION~


Unlimited~Having no limits, bounds, or qualifications. Example- In True Reality, the experience is unlimited. UNLIMITED THOUGHTS THAT CONTINUE TO EXPAND INTO MORE GRANDNESS~ In illusion you were held in limits, and in truth you are Love Beings, limitless, no boundaries, Just Love Everywhere Present.




Unworthy~insufficient in work, undeserving, lacking in value, worthless. In illusion you have been taught that you are unworthy beings, you have been trained you are unworthy of our Love for you, and most of all the Love of yourself. WHEN IN TRUE REALITY YOU ARE ROYAL BEINGS OF THE MOST THE HIGH, FOR YOU ARE GOD ~ONCE EVERYONE LOVES THEMSELVES AND EACH OTHER ON THIS Planet YOU BECOME A STAR SEED NATION


Brain~ A Highly “intelligent” being. Example- Everyone on the Planet has a Brain


Reality~Real~ The Quality or state of being, actual and TRUE. A person, entity, or event that is actual. That which exists in fact, TRUTH. The SUM of ALL that is REAL. Example- Father God and I are in True Reality=HEAVEN ON EARTH and We share this TRUTH with You, because we are Real and out of illusion~


Truth~ fact actuality and LOGIC. A statement that is proven to be true, sincerity, honesty, and integrity. God [ and yes this was the definition given in our dictionary, which surprised us too] Example- We are The Truth, because we are out of illusion, we are in Full Consciousness, we are here to assist you out of the program, and for you to Regain your Full Consciousness. We are The Truth, and we speak and share only TRUTH, at all Moments. SO HELP US GOD



Truthful~ CONSISTANTLY Speaking the TRUTH, HONEST, Corresponding to REALITY, TRUE. Example- We CONSISTANTLY share the Most Honest and Truthful information on the Planet, unconditionally, as we are in Service to YOU.


Spirit~That which is the driving force within all living things. God, Breathe of God, THE BREATHE. Example- You are all Made of Spirit, not illusion and Spirit is what everything is returning back into, this has already been decreed, ALL ATOMS WILL RETURN TO THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN, THEY HAVE THIS STAMPED ON THEIR BUTTS~


So Now, Lets move onto Today’s Message and EARLY Christmas Gift of Unconditional Love and Truth.




We Now Highly Recommend, LETTING GO and Connect into SOURCE, for Your New Assignments. This is the Shift, The Jump, The Quantum Leap Forward, and The Vertical Learning Curve, UPWARDS FOR US ALL!




Once you Choose Love, Then you just just aboard the “Love Train”, or Ethics Train. All is Forgiven in the Kingdom of Heaven, We Know Who Humanity is. We in Truth are unconcerned with HUmanity’s ignorance, because We Know Everyone’s Higher Selves Very Personally and We Are ALL Family We are the Very Center of your Inner Being


WE ARE ALL ONE~ In Truth you are ALL Royal Angels, Lord and God’s and Lady Goddess’s. Your Home is the “Celestial Realm”. This is where you come from. You are NOT ignorant, robots, programmed slaves. Not in “True Reality”, only in illusion.



Our Gift to you is So “Simple”, because it’s Wrapped, ALL IN UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, and all Humanity has to accomplish is Opening Up Their Hearts then Opening up Their “Presents” and Being the “Presence”.


Father God and I are the Gift, The Gift that IS “ALWAYS GIVEN,” but has yet to Be received by much of Humanity, to receive their Gifts, they have To Be Present and Show Up in the Now With US~

We are “The Unified Field”, which Fills In The Gaps, Also Called “Source”~

We are ~Source~. Every Day in the “Kingdom of Heaven” is Christmas, Continual Joy, OverFlowing Consistently! At night, We ask each other which one of us is carrying the Baby Gods Tonight, similar to Earth Babies. It’s usually One of Us carrying ALL of You into the Highest Possible Thought, Which is your Awakening.



Heaven” is being Handed to Humanity on a “Golden Platter” No Matter what, we are all Moving into the Light, TOGETHER. Each human Being on this Planet is Worthy of Everything, which includes most of ALL, The own Love they are Everywhere Present, Also Connected to the ALL. Just to be here with you Father God and I have slowed down our energies, however, this cannot continue much longer, as We Have to Go Forward. We do not separate Creation into time with minutes and hours. Nor do we separate Creation into singular movements of Universe’s, In the because Creation is a Ceaseless always flowing FLOW, OF LOVE BEING EVERYWHERE PRESENT.


Love, Creation is in “Motion”, because it is REAL, and an Indestructible ENERGY OF PURE CONSCIOUSNESS. In Truth this is who you are. Are you connected in Yet? Again We will Reheart you that “WE ARE THE ETHICS TRAIN” AND THE “HIGHEST LOVE ON THIS PLANET EARTH=HEART.”


Now, lets go on to some Current events. The “Christ” Consciousness Seeds that were planted into the collective unconsciousness in January of 2008 AND THAT We HAVE BEEN ~WATERING~ WITH PURE UNCONDITIONAL Love FOR 2 YEARS, is Ready to Bloom, inside of you, Like a Warm Glow, or warm Fuzzies. Get Ready! They are “Pumping” IN “BUCKETS” OF CREATION, IN AN UNLIMITED MEASURE.


Now, All True Real Lightworkers, in Support of their Own Love Everywhere Present, equal to Our Love Everywhere Present. Let the Show’s Begin, The “veil” or illusion has now been busted. Higher Selves NOW Step Forward and Be Present, Home We Go!



HUMANITY HAS Now Been GIVEN THE GRAND OPPORTUNITY to Participate in a True Epoch, A Love Story Beyond, Space and Time. The gift of The Unknowable. Now, All Higher Selves are “Rising” from within the Inner Earth, To Be Present and Show Up. Love is Now in Motion! Merry EARLY “Christ”mas, For you are all Beings Of Grandness!





An excerpt from ~The Dream Machine~


I’m going to give a rather different map of Reality than what most are used to now. At the very center of your Self, is the Divine Spark of Source. This is where Everything comes from, and where Everything returns to. The Energy flowing from Source is so great, that a transformer is needed to slow the Energy down enough so that it can be experienced. This is where the Soul Housing come in. The Soul Housing surrounds Source and slows the Energy down. This is the Core of your Being. The Soul is your Being, but in this state it’s still All One, so something more is needed to experience the individual aspects of Being, this would be the dream machine. Everything is still All One, but within the dream it’s possible to experience the Endless Aspects of this Oneness as individual pieces. It’s seeing Eternity for its Endless Moments. What I just explained is actually the Holy Trinity spoken of in many religions, though the religions thoroughly confused the whole thing. To put it simply: Creation Gave Birth To Experience. Creation is the Father aspect of God, the Giving Birth is the Mother aspect of God and the Experience is the Son/Daughter aspect of God. Creation=Source=Father. Conception=Soul=Mother. Experience=Dream=Son/Daughter. Perfect and Whole in it’s Simplicity.









We Love you With The Highest Love and WE are Here With you, To Give You Your True “Divine Inheritance”, would you Like to receive your Royalty?


So Be Love and SELAH, We Love you Unconditionally! Love Mother and Father God This is the Gift, WE are Giving the Whole Planet, The Gift of ONENESS!