~GALACTIC LOVE REPORTER Archangel Metatron~ ~ Urgent Update for The Awakening ~ July 11, 2011~

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~  Urgent Update for The Awakening ~

July 11, 2011~

IHIT. Asher. IHIT.


I am Metatron. On behalf of the One, in the space of his grace, in the space of humanity, I deploy the soul and spirit, resurrected, forever, Christ in the Temple of Truth and the unit. Resurrection, so that the joy, the truth and the life are present, forever.

Children of the One, it's time to sing the Grace and Unity.

The Source, one that satisfies all thirst, now displays its result in order to ignite, the Sacred Fire, the joy of your presence. Space and time eternal, deploying, ending what is wrong, so that becomes the true essence of your presence.

No obstacle, no opposition can be when the being is deployed in Majesty. When the soul and spirit of this world came at the hour of Resurrection. The end of time (updating the time of either alone may be all) is coming.

J'entonne then with you, the time of the Rite of Sacred, filling the cup of the Source of Living Water, singing and raising, you, humanity, the Song of the Phoenix. Time for Star arrives.

One of the children, wake up to yourselves, in the Grace of the One, the name of love, on behalf of Liberty, the name of Joy. A Light opens heaven and pour in you in the mud of the Home, the pulse of the Resurrection. The time of the fire of the Spirit comes in your Heaven, for Heaven will never close.
I am the Messenger of the One, sounding the call to the Resurrection.

I print, in humanity, in its entirety, the Seal of Truth, the Seal of Life, call the One, Burning the Sun to rise.

In the Sun (as in you, every one) is, in you, all the lights, your eyes and unsealed Heart to the Truth of the One Spirit. With the Vibrating Love to the Heart of Man sings with light Resurrection.

That consciousness, enlightened by itself, becomes the Song of Eternity, the vibrant presence of the Earth to Heaven, from bottom to top and top to bottom, to make the miracle of one thing.

The reign of the Unit is called to his emergence, his Resurrection, through the vibration of the Word.

Song of Praise, deep within you, deep within the Earth, the greater you, the greater of Heaven. Joy.

Three times we knocked on the door of the Soul, at the door of the Spirit, opening in Each One, the One Fire. The time of marriage to Eternity stirs Freedom Unit. I seal the space of Deploying Yerushalaim in you.

Thus is fulfilled the promise of return, the time of Return. Time of Joy, Joy of time, allowing you to sing together with us and you, the Song of Life, The Song of Truth, Song of the Way.

So, sound the call of heaven saying, as He said, "Get up and walk, get up and follow me." In the sacred space of the unit, erasing any shadow, any suffering, any Illusion.

Welcome three songs of the One.


The Song of the Holy Spirit.

... Vibration outpouring ...

Welcome, now, and deploy, the Song of the Ultra Violet Radiation.

... Vibration outpouring ...

Welcome now the Song of The Source. Resurrection.

... Vibration outpouring ...

All is written between the time now transformed to the time of the last Repulsion, registered in the last time.

Children of the One, deploy you, Majesty. The Grace of Christ, in this last time, comes to stay, by the Grace of the One, in your Temple. The spiral of life extends to the infinite, here on this Earth and this solar system. Source A fruitful.

... Vibration outpouring ...


... Vibration outpouring ...

I decree the performance of the One. Time of the Rite, for every A in his own time. Christ is there.

I am the angel Metatron. I would put it as my presence is ever gained by you and the Earth now. I would put it on August 7 at 11 am where I ask you to demonstrate, together, your presence.

I raise now, with you, the blessings of eternity and you say

"I love you."

... Vibration outpouring ...




August 7. Loved by the One.






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August 7 is my birthday- What better day to come together with everyone about to ascend at the sign of Leo. I expect great awakening at that time.


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Welcome Home into,The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth=Heart, We Love you Unconditionally!!

Love is all that exists!

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I think reflecting love at the level i wish to reflect it is my problem. Don't know if it's because i am a Leo or not, but i truly believe all will find the level of love they wish to reflect as well as receive in life as long as they press on in seeking it out. Hope i find my way here, i guess only time will tell. Thank you for your remarks by the way. Love and Light - Emmanuel