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El Moyra : Faith is found in the heart, when you acknowledge and fully accept what your truth is, then you will have faith.
Do not let others tell you what to believe, feel or think. dont give your power away to them. If you do, then you under anothers control.
Every Master must be free. On e cannot be free if one is giving away ones power to others.
Learn to rely on your own inner knowledge and truth, this alone is your map and guide. The key to ascension alone lays within you, trust fully that guidance from within.
Your faith is strong when you fully trust your divine nature.

Jesus : The smallest amount of faith and trust inside can lead you to move great mountains, walk accross many seas, fly in the highest skies. Faith as small as the mustard seed, can turn water into wine, feed thousands, heal, and much more.
It is only found when you go deep within you. The true kingdom of heaven awaits you all.
I came and showed the way and the truth. Everything IS inside, you dont need to go out looking for it. It is here right now, if you dare to seek and look.
Let go of all the old perceptions and go inside, into your heart centre, this is where I met with the Father in my soujourn in the desert. You too have this same ability. Seek and you will find. Look, look, it is here in your hearts. NO SEPARATION from the FATHER, we are ALL ONE!

Ashtar : Beloved family, in speaking about Faith, we must understand it. faith is not something external or from an external source. It is more the holding onto the hope, trust and love one can find inside.
Everyone has had occasions to use such faith, whether you accept yourself as religious, spiritual, or not. The trust and hope one uses when say you have a sick beloved pet, or child, or the hope held onto for good weather, or better times, this is all a form of faith.
Faith is the holding onto for something better to come. This is naturally abundant in the human race. The focus you use to give something great power for manifesting.
Yes faith does indeed move mountains, seas and even can heal and change the weather. It can do much more too.
As a collective of people here on this planet, you can all learn to band this faith together to hold onto what you want to increase, or what you want to change into something better for the higher good of all the planet. Faith in numbers holds great sway over the balance of the planet. So to uplift the planet, you can hold this in complete faith, knowing it is so. Everything is going well. And then stand back and watch it unfold. You create with your intentions and faith is part of that.
Until next time my beloved family.