~Galactic Love Reporter Sheldan Nidle~ 12~20~11 First Contact Is Getting Very Close~

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Dratzo! We return! You are now in the midst of a global dilemma: your surface world is drawing ever closer to its shift into a 5~D unified reality, but those in charge of your world, despite efforts by many to depose them, remain defiant of the disaster that is swiftly approaching. We have sent out emergency calls to our Earth allies to start the actual process of arresting those in your various governments who are responsible for maintaining the fiction that your world can somehow weather the storm and survive. This is blatantly false! So far, we have received word from our Earth allies that the final stage of their takedown scenario is beginning. The coming year of 2012 requires new governance and the formal termination of the unending plots and stratagems of the dark cabal. It is time for prosperity, the return of your sovereign rights, and disclosure. It is also time for an open dialogue with us to begin on a global basis. There is so much that needs to be said by each one of you and by us, and so much needs to happen prior to your move to Inner Earth and your transformation into full consciousness.


We are setting up alternatives to the arrangements that various nations and several secret sacred societies are making to alter the political and economic topography, while continuing to fully support those noble efforts. Our aim in so doing is to stress the urgency of completing that task as soon as possible. Heaven has decreed that we are to begin a greater degree of intervention when your New Year strikes. We accept this as the sacred command to see to it that your world moves forward and is truly ready for your fully aware leap to full consciousness at the divinely appointed time. In anticipation of this, we are making a much closer inspection of the current batch of intrigues within all your global nations. Certain immediate changes are to be made and certain appointed individuals are to be sworn in to their new positions by a divinely designated time. Our role here is to carry out the sacred commands of Heaven and of Lord Surea. We come to you now in peace and with the fully authorized mandate of Heaven.


The progress our Earth allies are making is heartening. Nevertheless, we know that more is possible. We have been in conference with the Agarthan ruling council to ascertain the best alternative course to pursue if our Earth allies cannot complete within the time schedule we have given them. The Ascended Masters have also been advising us on what they believe is presently possible. From these discussions we came up with a new overall plan for implementing the changes with maximum efficiency, reviewed all options assiduously, and took them to our Main Ruling Council in the Vega star system. The result is that the Council has given us a wider scope of action, formally permitting us to increase our level of direct intervention in the process of bringing you quickly to full consciousness. Heaven has told us to make absolutely sure that the divine plan is achieved as the Creator has so instructed. Hence, we are setting up action teams to prepare this fleet for first contact.


Our first contact mission has been through many phases since it was first begun in your Gregorian year of 1991. At first, we deeply felt that this mission should be carried out under the close advisement of our Agarthan cousins and your Spiritual Hierarchy. This changed after 1996 when we helped your Spiritual Hierarchy prevent a massive galactic disaster involving a great bolt of energy from the area of the super nova of 1987. At this point, our mission changed and we began to work closely with the then-disparate groups, which we now call our Earth allies, to prepare your world for our formal arrival and your move into full consciousness. This course was altered, again, by the events known to you as 9/11. Now, we have received a mandate from Heaven and our Governing Council to return to a much-modified version of our original mission. The time comes to intervene and assist with the official removal of your dark cabal. A timetable that we cannot reveal to you is now ticking. First contact is getting very close.


Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters!
Many legal processes are moving quickly forward. We have made numerous agreements with over 100 of your governments and have obtained guarantees from a number of major militaries to overthrow those de facto governments still strongly aligned to the dark cabal. We are also in the middle of securing the orders for the delivery of blessed St. Germaine's prosperity funds, which will be global in scope. Simultaneously, various government and military personnel will be taken into custody, thereby bringing down a number of major governments in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. We now await the imminent completion of the international court documents which will enable us to carry out, legally, this much-needed coup de grace of the old order. Once done, you will be released from under the 13-millennia-long heel of the dark, and your longed-for goal of full consciousness can take center stage in your lives.

We know how difficult and frustrating this year has been for you. But it is more important now than ever to dig deep and maintain focus! With all that is going on in the world, it is easy to lose it. We Ascended Masters have had to develop amazing degrees of inner focus to succeed in our primary goal of becoming a pure and well-serving instrument of the Divine. We know it is one thing to say these words, and quite another to accomplish them. And in this regard, we cannot overemphasize the power of your inner spiritual focus. Yes, it has been diluted by the dark's emphasis on providing you with an incessant panoply of economic, political, and emotional diversions. But these are deliberately staged with the aim of hindering your exploration of your immense innate potential, and this is why we counsel you to ignore the dark's distractions by means of a daily practice or quiet time.

During your quiet time, envision a beautiful place of inner peace, which can be your haven or retreat as often as you wish. Here, you can dream and visualize your deepest desires. Gradually let the details build up around this goal, or goals, and focus in on how it feels to live it. See it happening. Notice how your environment changes and how differently you feel about yourself living there. Then, with total trust, give it over to Spirit. You can refer to it briefly in your daily quiet time, but in essence, you let it go, knowing that Spirit will manifest your goals. Remember you are a powerful Being, and once you command Spirit to deliver what you deeply and truly desire, thy Will is to be done! The same applies to collective action. The trick is to live with the confidence and the knowing that it is already happening, and not to be diverted by the negativity of the dark.

Today, we brought you another message. The moment swiftly approaches when some amazing developments will be manifested before you. Use your great-inborn powers of focus to strengthen the collective momentum and bring these things rapidly to fruition! We are with you! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-en



The Next Steps

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Well clearly something has to give when half of the population of the richest country in the world is now designated as poor namely the USA and other similar countries are being dragged down by debts they did not create. And people men women and children trying to free themselves from tyrannical governments in the Middle East are being mown by guns. And mentally deficient rulers around the world enrich themselves while the masses starve. And women everywhere are cruelly punished for simply wanting to be deemed human. And that is not even the tip of the iceberg. Verily something has to give and soon. Under such conditions how can humanity hope to raise its vibration.

While the news only show how

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While the news only show how bad things are, behind the scenes, there are people and women who are are changeing and helping others to see what we have become,... now is the time to change and by holding hands and holding hearts together we can.... you will see...<3