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The mass consciousness is gradually taking on more light. Every day, in our interactions with people and with others, and in our private moments and meditations, we are unraveling karma, metaphorically unsnarling the threads of karma that we carry within us and which we often feel as emotions.


As this karmic energy is released, it lightens our vibration and raises our energy, but we often don’t notice the improvement, because we are dealing with wave after wave of emotional energy.


The emotional energy we feel is connected to the solar activity. Solar storms release energy, some of it scalar energy, and this affects our energy systems as well.

We are eventually opening up to a new dimension, but this is what we would call an inner dimension, a dimension that is inside of us instead of outside of us.  Religious thinkers called this a spiritual dimension.  Modern thinkers might call it a dimension within your own being, a mental dimension or mental plane.


Moving through the shift changes the nature of this other dimension. In a way, it changes this dimension from an inner dimension, a purely “mental” inner world, into a shared mindspace, and hence this new dimension acquires an outer character.  Because we are all connected through this inner dimension, in a sense you could say that one inner dimension has become an outer dimension.


However, nothing has really changed but our perception, because we have always had this inner dimension inside of us. Perhaps we called it  the imagination, or the unconscious.  It is the world of mental pictures and sound that does have form.


We are changing so that we begin to perceive that others share this world that we had always thought was “just our imagination.”  And that therefore, the energy that we create called “thoughts” and the energies we call “emotions” and “feelings” are all objectively measureable energies and are a part of a shared inner space that represents another dimension or level of reality that we are just now opening up to.


This shift is sometimes called the shift into the fourth density. To pass into the fourth density, one has to look at one’s own unconscious, because that is where the new dimension is unfolding from. Of course we cannot really say “new dimension”; the dimension has always been there. It’s only now revealing itself to us, or we are only now becoming conscious of it.


Christian authorities have been wrong about many things, but one thing they said was that the Holy Spirit is the third part of the Holy Trinity, but that it had yet to be revealed. 

Part of the shift is the predicted revealing of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit part of God is the collective God, the feminine part of God that is also the divine in all of reality, including within us.


This inner divine self is trying to come out from within us, but we are fighting it, because it is a change from our normal enculturated ego-driven way of being.


This is a sensitive spiritual position to be in. And this includes our entire mass consciousness, including many of those who have been playing the “dark” role and those who have playing the role of lightworkers, and everyone in between.

This is the underlying reason why the Galactics have not made themselves known to us. We are in the throes of a delicate struggle for mastery, the very point of our third density sojourn.


The test of incarnation on the Earth is can you choose well. We are a planet of free will, and have a wide range of options, vast cultural differences, and very strong, passionate disagreements about the exercise of free will. We are constantly in a tug of war between different factions who dictate certain moral codes and ethical systems, usually inherited from religions, parents, and communities.

We as souls have waited until the last possible moment, in many cases, to deal with certain karmic energies, and that is the reason for so many atrocities and difficulties being created now.


However, the amount of spiritual growth that has occurred by those dedicated to healing and to serving the light on Earth has shifted the balance, so that Earth can now rise up beyond these energies.  This means that in the meantime, those who have not dealt with their issues will be faced with them again.

The entire mass consciousnes of Earth and the consciousness of the Galactics are in a delicate cosmic dance at this time, working toward the end of the separation of third density and toward the connectedness of fourth density and ultimately beyond.


What is happening is not just a simple matter of various physical beings meeting each other. What is happening is an event in the consciousness of the galaxy, as one planetary consciousness joins the whole. It is nothing less than the reconnection of separate part of the consciousness of the universe (us) into a much bigger cosmic consciousness, the galactic world.


Consciousness in the universe evolves through different journeys, and one journey is the journey of separation from the galactic world. In some worlds, this separation is only partial. In our world, it was nearly complete isolation. The reason for this is that we are part of a project, a vast project that exists on the scale of Gods, indeed, part of the Sport of Infinity.


We are Job, we are the ones who lost everything, the ones whom Satan (so the Biblical story goes) said only had faith in God because he was wealthy and healthy. We are Job because we went through tribulations for many eons and yet still retained our faith or found the light.  Although God and Satan as characters in the Biblical story may not be real entities, or perhaps were actual extraterrestrial beings memorialized as gods, the meaning of the story of Job shows us that forces of Good and Evil are engaged in a competition or adversarial debate over the human soul. The story is not just about Job but is about the story of souls moving into duality, and great spiritual beings debating over our possible fate.

Ascension lies ahead, and what this means is different for each of us, because what we choose to do after the completion of the third density Earth assignment is an individual soul choice.  Some will go to fourth density Earth, some will ascend into fifth density light bodies. Some will die and reincarnate on other worlds, and some will leave the Earth or perhaps be taken from it.

This is an assessment based on channelled writings and personal intuition. Please take what resonates with your inner knowingness and ignore the rest.