Gameification of Life

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It might seem like a simple concept, to make something into a game. After all, children do it all the time. The truth is, children are intrinsically easier to motivate than adults. Children are rewarded with laughter, song, rainbows, stickers, and candy. If you try offering a hug to an adult, you might find they are reluctant to even accept it! How do you make a game that adults enjoy playing? Well, who doesn't like to be clever... and so the first game begins. 

The first clever assignment is to notice the connection between all things. Once you notice these connections, you can start naming them as clues. Perhaps someone is wearing the shirt you almost put on this morning, or they are driving the exact same model car. Do the license plates around you spell anything clever in 1337? Maybe there is a persistent insect that no one else has a problem with. The director is here to give the detective his stage cues. You are the detective and this is your mystery to solve. It's started off quite like a survival horror, I'm afraid - ripe with a wasp that just landed on my neck in meat space to punctuate this line. 

Now, let's give it a beautiful ending, lovelies.


There really was a wasp too.

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There really was a wasp too. They have been persistently all over the area and really bad this year. I have had them swarming my drinks and my yard. The only metaphors I can find for them are not positive. Welcoming input from anyone with insight into shamanistic insect appearances, etc. 

I don't know if this helps

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I don't know if this helps, but I just found an awesome quote on Facebook that I immediately wrote in my dream journal. It goes like this. Life is sweet if you know how to taste it. Life is bitter if you don't appreciate it. Just tell the insects "thank you for coming." I think I heard that on a Food Network television show.

Bonnie Smith